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23 февраля 2007
 18:13   Crippled (Alt.Metal / Hard Rock)
official site: http://www.crippledmusic.com/ (seems to be down)

Crippled is a 5 piece hard rock band from SE Washinton, the Walla Walla area to be more exact. This is our story…

Crippled "officially" started when Nate and Tim started jamming in Tim's basement a couple of years ago. Nate's previous band had started to dissolve, and Tim's band had recently parted ways due to relocations and such. They started working on and changing up some of the songs Nate had written with his previous band, (Deus ex Machina) and also focused on writing new material. After several months of just the two of them, Kevin was added to the lineup. Kevin brought new life and energy to the songs that Nate and Tim had already laid out and Crippled was one step closer to being a real band... more at garageband.com

listen here:


if anyone is interested i can up the songs "enough" and "what have i become", anyone has more?

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