Some informations about band.

Have someone "Strange In Stereo" or other albums ?
In The Woods... - Strange In Stereo - 1999

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In The Woods... - Omnio - 1997

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IN THE WOODS isn't melancholic Gothic-Metal...

At this time i listen to the 2 first album... and it doesn't sounds like gothic-metal... it's atmospheric black metal...
The best example for Gothic-Metal i think, are the Paradise Lost releases from 1991-1995...

if someone appreciated the
IN THE WOODS - 1995 - Heart Of The Ages
IN THE WOODS - 1996 - A Return To The Isle Of Man

i can upload...

btw. although many thanks for your upload... i like their sound... thumb.gif

Please , upload this albums. thumb.gif

Thank in advance smile.gif
Please , upload this albums.

Yea,I also want to have these albums,so if u can,upload them please.

Upload your
In The Woods... - 1999 - Strange In Stereo
256 kbps, 118 Mb

1. Closing In
2. Cell
3. Vanish in the Absence of Virtue
4. Basement Corridors
5. Ton
6. Generally More Worried Than Married
7. Path of the Righteous
8. Dead Man's Creek
9. Titan Transcendence
10. Shelter
11. By the Banks of Randemonium

In The Woods - A Return To The Isle Of Men (1996)
re-released demo + bonus tracks

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Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart Records

1. The Wings Of My Dreamland
2. Tell De Dřde
3. In The Woods...
4. Creations Of An Ancient Shape
5. Wotan's Return
6. HEart Of The Ages
7. ...And All This From Which Was And Will Never Come Again... (Child Of Universal Tongue)

Total time: 59:07

Christian Botteri - bass, vocals
Christopher Botteri - guitar
Bjřrn Harstad - guitar
Anders Kobro - drums
Synne Larsen - vocals
Oddvar Moi - guitar
Jan Kennet Transeth - vocals


Thx for the share.. I was still missin' this one smile.gif
In The Woods - Three Times Seven A Piligrimage (2000)
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1.Seed of sound
4.Empty room
5.Let there be more light
6.Child of universal tongue
7.Soundtrax for cycoz (1st ed)
8.White rabbit
9.Mourning the death of aase
10.If it's in you

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I'll try to upload it tomorrow to other server not this shit...
Otherwise try .. tommy also had some troubles with his Apostasy share, with yousendit though, but worked perfectly smile.gif
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my laziness doesn't allow me to divide archive, so I've uploaded it to megaupload wink.gif

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