Sam Crocker - Vocals
Kris Bosman - Guitar
Ross McDougal - Guitar
Josh Moffitt - Bass
Israel McDean - Drums

Band Bio

With such determination and drive it is easy to see how Antagonist is easily New Zealand’s most prominent and hardworking underground act. Since the release of there debut album “These Cities, Our Graves” (August 06).

‘Local Release that’s young energetic and killer’ Scott Kara – Time Out / NZ Herald

‘This album is not for the faint hearted’ Reon Subbaby – Waikato Times

‘Like the words, the music is to the point’ Dan Trevarthen – Real Groove Magazine

Antagonist has spent countless hours in the van touring the nation and then some. It is no wonder that this band has supported such acts as Hatebreed (USA), God Forbid (USA), Shai Hulud (USA), Darkest Hour (USA), Death by Stereo (USA), Throwdown (USA), Comeback Kid (USA), Parkway Drive (AUS), Carpathian (Aus) to name a few, not to mention being named ‘Main Support’ for the New Zealand leg of Taste of Chaos 2007 along with the main stage opening slot on the 2008 Big Day Out. Antagonist also featured on the hugely successful Taste of Chaos compilation with a release in both Australia and New Zealand.

Their motivation has not only seen them conquer our shores but also set their sights further ahead. Starting with Australia, Antagonist set on a successful debut tour July 06 which then saw them return for multiple visits including a 3 week comprehensive tour over September. Will they stop there!  ‘Hell No’ Plans are being made for further territories such as Japan, USA and Europe.

Antagonist live are a brutal combination of power and enthusiasm, members bouncing off each other, with engaging guitar breaks, epic melodic scales, brutal breakdowns and punk influenced groove held down by precise, technical drumming, solid bass lines and antagonising vocals.

October 8th 2007 saw the release of ‘Distance’ a teaser to the forthcoming album which is currently in pre-production.

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Band Sites:

Release October 8th 2007
Track Listing
1.These Cities, Our Graves (Vocal Remix)Vid Icon
3.Show Some Heart (Vocal Remix)
5.Hollywood (Vocal remix)


"These Cities, Our Graves"
Release August 7th 2006
Track Listing
1.These Cities Our Graves
2.The Walking Dead
download mp33.Hollywood
4.Show Some Heart (Go Vegan)
6.The Birth of Tragedy
7.Silver Bullets
8.Suicide Girls
9. Q. What Do You Call Getting A Handjob In The Back Of Mrs Calloways Jaguar?
A. A Fucking Lie


Antagonist - Distance

отличный качевый хк/мк! thumb.gif

зы сслыки на релизы взял из одноименной темы sad.gif
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неплохие ребята, поначалу понадеялся, что будет весь альбом хк, оказалось - опять металкорные примеси, вот если бы не это, засели бы у меня надолго в листе thumb.gif
первые две песни очень мощные, а также к концу понравилась Suicide Girls - как именно хардкор-команда они выглядят заметно выйгрышней.
понравился звук, тяжесть, все в принципе как надо, но вот эти металкор-куски сводят их к обычным проходным командам, имхо.
Вцелом, на четверку smile.gif
З.Ы. чей-то чистый вокал в какой-то из песен совсем убил biggrin.gif уж совсем не та опера

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Очень хороший металкорчег, очень нравится.

Ссылка на альбом 2006 - These Cities, Our Graves (в нормальном качестве, VBR):


Отличная группа, спасибо
everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

вот это пи**ат*е ребята, меня очень проперли. thumb.gif
предупреждение за мат. смотри внимательнее какие именно буквы ты замазываешь в слове.
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Read Only For What? Becon?
Anyone have their new CD 'We are the Dead' ?
они сменили название,прибавив A.D..новая страница на MySpace.там кстати новая песня с нового альбома WE ARE THE DEAD (06.1008).так что ждём релиза.

залить не могу но есть линк на http://nyxhxcx.blogspot.com/.качаем-наслаждаемся-говорим им спасибо.качество кстати 320кб/с если не врут конечно.

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вот тут например альбом их новый

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Artist: Antagonist A.D.
Album: We Are The Dead
Year: 2008
Rel. Date: 2008-10-16
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Trial And Error
Source: CD
Type: Album
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

New Zealands Antagonist are back with a new album
and new name: Antagonist A.D. Earlier this year,
Trial And Error Records re-released of 2006s
These Citys, Our Graves and the band hit our
shores twice to back it up supporting Parkway
Drive all over Australia on their June 2008 tour.
Throughout this period the band have been
completing their new album We Are The Dead.
Taking a different approach Antagonist A.Ds music
and message could be described as Modern hardcore
with old school ethics. Its raw metal core at
its purest and sincerest. Not watered down or
compromised in anyway. Antagonist A.D delivers the
frantic intensity of hardcore, while utilising a
heavier edge.
Lyrically the band speaks of the cancerous nature
of western culture, the infectiousness of apathy,
its symptoms & consequence, the exploitation of
animals across the world, for pleasure, science,
fashion or food. With topics ranging from social &
political commentary to the brutally honest
self-retrospect and analysis. Simply Antagonist
A.D are full of venom, conviction & passion. They
have built a loyal following over the years and
with all the parts finally falling into place for
their Sophomoric release Antagonist A.D are set to
grab the Australian heavy music scene by the

1. Twelve Twenty Two 2:10
2. Wolves & Cowards 2:02
3. No Regrets? 1:36
4. The Golden Years 2:06
5. This Gun 2:29
6. Beached 2:37
7. The Twilight Years 2:45
8. We Are The Dead 2:01
9. Celebrity 2:29
10. Misery 2:03


Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
неплохой альбом. на 8 баллов из 10))
Read Only For What? Becon?
альбом-то сладенький!
живенько и бодро звучит!
who shares wins
2Cristian, бля, Лёх, ты походу везде на фанках)) где не начну качать, ты откомментил уже)
ща альбом скачаю) послушал песенку одну, впёрло))
тоже поставлю 8 из 10, недурно
If it's my path i'll walk it, if it's what i want i'll go forward, if it's my pain i'll ignore it, if it's my faith i'll accept it !
залейте норм качество!
аполиты дрочат обеими
Не понравился альбом.
Совсем как-то мимо прошёл...

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