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Artist : VA-Moshi Moshi
Album : Singles Club 2006-2008
Genre : Indie
Source : CDDA
Label : Moshi Moshi Records
Date : 03-31-2008
Encoder : LAME 3.97 / -V2 --vbr-new
Quality : 197kbps 44100 kHz Joint Stereo
Tracks : 14
Time : 50:35 min
Size : 72.35 MB

1 Danananakroyd - Totally Bone 4:16
2 Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles 3:38
3 Rat: Att: Arg - Can We Fix It 3:51
4 Kate Nash - Caroline’s a Victim 2:54
5 Breakbot - Happy Rabbit 3:06
6 Slow Club - Because We're Dead 2:55
7 Pacific - Break Your Social System 3:36
8 Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle 4:42
9 Wave Pictures - We Dress Up Like Snowmen 3:59
10 Elle S’Appelle - Little Flame 2:53
11 Friendly Fires - Paris 3:59
12 Lykke Li - Little Bit 4:33
13 The Dells - Lazy 2:28
14 Team Waterpolo - Letting Go 3:45

To celebrate the label’s 10 year anniversary, Moshi Moshi have released this collection, which features all of the A sides from the first 14 releases from their Singles Club, from the last 18 months. And quite a collection it is too. If there is a common thread, it can perhaps be found in the determinedly eclectic, hard-to-pigeonhole sound that a lot of the bands herein put across, but you certainly couldn’t distill this into anything like an approved “Moshi Moshi sound”, nor would one want to. This is a great purchase to make if you are looking to discover some new bands to form an attachment to: it is reasonably likely that there is going to be something here that will make most listeners want to explore further.

Rather than talk in generalities, however, I’ve taken a more practical approach, and offer a short one- or two-line review of each track here. I’ve given them all marks (or half marks) out of ten, and the overall rating for the CD is the average of all of those scores.

Danananakroyd - Totally Bone
Ace crashing jerky part-shouty kick-off to the album. Like a more verbose and articulate iForward, Russia! – littering the track with uncommon multi-syllabled words like “emasculated” “dismember” “accolades” “plumage”. 7/10

Matt & Kim - Silver Tiles
A real highlight. A spiky electro track that builds in intensity and excitement as it goes on. 8.5/10

Rat: Att: Arg - Can We Fix It
The odd crooner vocal (which reminded me a bit of Alex Kapranos) is at odds with the busy backing, including some great wonky brass sounds. Lively, but uncategorisable. 6/10

Kate Nash - Caroline’s a Victim
Execrable. 0/10

Breakbot - Happy Rabbit
Starts out like a Spector outtake, then comes over all funk- and vocoder-ridden. 6/10

Slow Club - Because We’re Dead
Frisky alt.country boy/girl romp, like a less world-weary Broken Family Band (on a sugar rush). Lovely – another highlight, for me. 9/10

Pacific - Break Your Social System
A bit like Hot Chip at their most woozy and drowse-inducing. A little tame. 5/10

Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle
There’s almost too much, stylistically, thrown in here to the one track. This could be filed under “Overegged Retro”, along with MGMT’s weaker album moments, if such a genre existed outside of my own mind. 6/10

Wave Pictures - We Dress Up Like Snowmen
Another absolute corker from this most engaging of bands. A charming vignette, well told. Sample lyric: “You laid down your innocence / Though it is just half dead”. Brilliant old-style indie wordsmithery. 9/10

Elle S’Appelle - Little Flame
Continuing the “old-fashioned indie” segment of the compilation, this made me think of 80s female fronted bands like The Waitresses or even Altered Images, but in a good way. 8/10

Friendly Fires - Paris
Starts out like a nu-rave classic in the making, before developing into an uplifting ode to escapism: “One day we’re gonna live in Paris / I promise, I’m on it”. Not quite the best thing ever, as I was partially expecting from some of the press they’ve been getting, but exhilarating none the less. 7/10

Lykke Li - Little Bit
I’m afraid her breathy “ingenue” vocal does nothing for me. This track is mostly inoffensive, a little repetitive, but not one to love. 5/10

The Dells - Lazy
A grime rant, that rings true, about laziness vs ambition. The engaging and honest words (“time is here / be the best / now prove it”) work well with the chosen beats, samples and cowbells (always good) that help convey the sense of urgency. 7/10

Team Waterpolo - Letting Go
This is a great album closer, despite borrowing heavily from Franz Ferdinand’s “Do You Want To” (which it betters). It may not be big or outlandishly clever, but it’s an infectious electro-pop gem, nonetheless. 8/10



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Label: Moshi Moshi Records
Catalog#: -
Year :2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Soul , Funk ,Disco , Lo-Fi , Nu Jazz
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Size: 177 mb


01 United_Future_Organization_-_Sixth_Sense-(Takemura_Remix)
02 Shakkazombie_-_Kokoro_Warp-(4_Hero_Friday_Nite_Remix)
03 Gagle_-_Practice_&_Tactix-(Soljazz_Mix)
04 Calm_-_Simple_Chords-(Straight_Mix)
05 United_Future_Organization_-_Listen_Love-(Voruba_Soul_Remix)
06 Jazztronik_-_Rita
07 Yukihiro_Fukutomi_-_Complete_Communion
08 Bird_-_Mind_Travels-(Instrumental)
09 Mondo_Grosso_-_Don't_Let_Go
10 Earth,_Wind_&_Fire_-_Can't_Hide_Love-(Masters_At_Work_Remix)
11 Forse_Of_Nature_-_Loop_Addiction
12 Organlanguage_-_De-tuned_Atmosphere
13 Ken_Ishii_-_Awakening

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Artist: VA
Title: Moshi Moshi Singles Club Volume Two
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 189kbit av.
Time: 00:52:11
Size: 74.11 mb
Rip Date: 2010-03-25
Str Date: 2010-05-03

Track List:

01. Florence And The Machine - Kiss With A Fist 2:14
02. James Yuill - No Pins Allowed 3:51
03. Casiokids - Grnt lys i alle ledd 4:59
04. Still Flyin' - Good Thing Its A Ghost Town Around Here 4:59
05. The Cocknbullkid - I'm Not Sorry 3:18
06. Fanfarlo - Drowning Men 3:53
07. Diskjokke - Rosenrd 5:02
08. Bless Beats - Sex In The City 3:16
09. Kindness - Swinging Party 4:05
10. The Drums - Let's Go Surfing 2:56
11. Mirrors - Into The Heat 3:51
12. Samuel And The Dragon - Diamonds On A Boat 4:09
13. Signals - Silverfish 2:34
14. Summer Camp - Ghost Train 3:04

Release Notes:

Moshi Moshi is arguably the UKs premier tastemaker label. Friendly
Fires, Florence & The Machine and Kate Nash (to name but three) have
all passed through the doors of their indispensable tastemaker series
the Moshi Moshi Singles Club, and the second volume of their Singles
Club rounding up their latest 7s - is released on May 3rd.

Born out of a love for the 7 back in 2006, the Moshi Moshi Singles
Club has been instrumental in launching the careers of an impressively
diverse range of artists. And whether viewed as the launch pad for the
UKs leading alternative pop stars, or simply an unfailing one stop
shop for the true music-lover, the success of the Moshi Moshi Singles
Club is unparalleled.

As co-founders Stephen Bass and Michael McClatchey explain, We've
always had an attachment to the 7" as a format. Releasing 7"s was how
we started out and doing one-off's has a kind of instantaneous charm
that appeals to us. We find something we like and we can have it in the
shops on a nice-looking piece of vinyl within a matter of weeks. Doing
the singles club has given us an opportunity to work with a whole range
of wonderful artists we wouldn't otherwise have dealt with. And for
that reason it will always have a special place in our hearts".






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Artist: Silver Columns
Title: Yes, And Dance
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: 182kbit av
Time: 00:37:00
Size: 50.79 mb
Rip Date: 2010-04-09
Str Date: 2010-05-24

Track List:

01. Cavalier 3:42
02. To Wake You 3:14
03. Yes, And Dance 3:07
04. Always On 3:40
05. Brow Beaten 4:33
06. Columns 4:43
07. Warm Welcome 4:02
08. It Is Still You 1:38
09. Heart Murmurs 4:16
10. Way Out 4:05

Release Notes:

It's unlikely and exciting that Adem and Johnny Lynch are the artists
behind the Scottish electro duo Silver Columns, who dropped a few
veiled singles last year before revealing their identities. Adem's
Homesongs was a critical success that won him Nick Drake comparisons,
and Johnny Lynch writes mellow electro-folk under the name Pictish
Trail. You wouldn't expect these artists to write bangers, but then
it's sometimes exhilarating to see such reinvention -- Hercules and
Love Affair is testament enough to that. And anyway, this kind of music
has never stayed still. Yes, and Dance is Silver Columns' debut album








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Artist : Silver Columns
Album : Yes And Dance
Label : Moshi Moshi
Source : CDDA
Playtime : 37:02 min
Size : 48,4 MB
Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Ripper : HNW
Supplier : HNW
Rip date : May-27-2010
Store date : May-31-2010
Rip tool : EAC
Encoder : Lame 3.90
Year : 2010
Genre : Dance

Track List:

01. Cavalier 03:43
02. To Wake You 03:14
03. Yes And Dance 03:07
04. Always On 03:38
05. Brow Beaten 04:34
06. Columns 04:44
07. Warm Welcome 04:02
08. It Is Still You 01:38
09. Heart Murmurs 04:17
10. Way Out 04:05
37:02 min

Release Notes:

You'll read many reviews of this record emphasising the 22=5 surprise of
The Pictish Trail and Adem teaming up to produce sleek disco music. In
actual fact, Adem has long been associated with London laptop stars like
Four Tet and Hot Chip, while Johnny Lynch is certainly no studio slouch.
It's best to forget Silver Columns' respective CVs and enjoy Yes And Dance
for what it is: a giddy, carefree rush of electro-pop. Brow Beaten and
Cavalier, which have been bubbling up online for months now, are both
unpretentious, wonderfully camp dancefloor hits like Hercules & Love
Affair interlaced with Mr Hopkinson's Computer. But there's subtlety to be
found in more meditative cuts like Heart Murmurs and Columns, and fresh
adrenalin to be extracted from the robotic title track and the warp-speed
It Is Still You. Day jobs? Silver Columns may have to give them up for the
time being, anyway.

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Artist: The Drums
Title: The Drums
Label: Island
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: VBRkbit av.
Time: 00:43:18
Size: 56.71 mb
Rip Date: 2010-06-04
Str Date: 2010-06-08

Track List:

01. Best Friend 3:26
02. Me And The Moon 3:12
03. Lets Go Surfing 2:55
04. Book Of Stories 3:38
05. Skippin' Town 3:22
06. Forever And Ever Amen 4:27
07. Down By The Water 3:26
08. It Will All End In Tears 3:44
09. We Tried 3:46
10. I Need Fun In My Life 3:27
11. I'll Never Drop My Sword 3:47
12. The Future 4:08

Release Notes:

The New York quartet The Drums are perhaps the highest profile
exponents of the current trend of American indie bands attempting to
re-deploy the sounds and attitudes of the British new-wave era.

The New York quartet The Drums are perhaps the highest profile
exponents of the current trend of American indie bands attempting to
re-deploy the sounds and attitudes of the British new-wave era.

They're less slavish than some their appropriation of nimble Johnny
Marr-esque arpeggiated guitar figures, skeletal New Order-style rhythm
patterns and undulating synth lines is harnessed here to a pop
sensibility that draws on even earlier modes. The careering bassline of
last year's breakthrough single "Let's Go Surfing" evokes the hedonist
thrust of some 1960s garage surf-band, heading pell-mell in their
woodie to catch a wave, while at the opposite extreme, the slow,
impassioned love song "Down by the Water" has the earnest naivete of
classic girl-group pop from that same era.

But it's perhaps album opener "Best Friend" that best demonstrates
their favoured tropes: the terse, mechanistic beat, as if programmed on
some primitive drum-machine, underpins a jaunty African guitar twinkle
in the fashionable Vampire Weekend manner, with Jonathan Pierce's
somewhat epicene vocal style bringing suitably dramatic emotion to a
lyric about a deceased friend. Often throughout the album, Pierce will
effectively abandon words for strings of wordless scat passages that
serve to throw the focus back on to the melodic hooks which,
fortunately, are the band's most agreeable aspect.

Time and again, though, I found my attention distracted by the brittle
artifice of The Drums' music: it often seems as if their primary
intention is the creation of an excessively synthetic sound, the sonic
equivalent of fake E-number food flavourings.

There's a similar sense of disingenuous innocence about some of
Pierce's lyrics, a strategy seemingly designed to lure the listener
into deceptive acceptance of more complex positions. His relationships
are rarely smooth sailing: in "Book of Stories" he concedes, "I thought
my life would get easier/ Instead, it's getting tougher without you";
while his dispassionate attitude to another's misery in "It Will All
End in Tears" is just a hard-hearted response to deceit: "I don't feel
sorry when you cry... because your eyes are always saying goodbye."
Many of the album's best lines are the result of this sort of
observational acuity, most notably the tragically cooling romance
sketched in "Me and the Moon": "It's another night with that look in
your eye... but you still sleep with your back to me."

It's claimed that seven of the album's 12 songs were recorded the very
first time that Pierce visited fellow Drums founder Jacob Graham at the
latter's Florida base a prodigious spurt of inspiration reflected in
their shared summer theme with the more melancholy remainder
triggered later by what the singer refers to as his "winter of
discontent". If that's true, they probably needn't worry about coming
up with enough material for That Difficult Second Album; but next time,
they might try polishing the songs a bit more.










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Artist: Summer Camp
Title: Young (EP)
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: VBRKbps
Time: 18:57
Size: 25.2 MB
Rip Date: 2010-09-16
Str Date: 2010-08-24

Track List:

01. Round The Moon 03:31
02. Was It Worth It 03:02
03. Veronica Sawyer 03:19
04. Why Don't You Stay 03:28
05. Ghost Train 03:02
06. Jake Ryan 02:35







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Moshi Moshi Mix I: TROPHY WIFE


1. Plaid - Porn Coconut Co
2. Floating Points - K&G Beat
3. Spank Rock - Bump
4. Metro Area - Miura
5. Thom Yorke - The Eraser (XXXChange Remix)
6. Esben & The Witch - Marching Song (Trophy Wife Remix)
7. Kelis ft. Andre 3000 - Millionaire
8. Studio - Out There
9. Azzido Da Bass - Dooms Night
10. Joakim - I Wish You Were Gone
11. Darc Mind - Outside Looking In


PlayStation:4 Pro, VR, 3, Vita. Xbox:One X, 360. Nintendo:Switch, Wii U, Wii, New 3DS XL, DS.
Teeth - Whatever (Advance) [2011]

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Label: Moshi Moshi
Catalog#: -
Released: 2011
Genre: Electronic
Source: CD
Quality: VBR V0 Kbps
Size: 58 mb

02. U R 1 2:55
03. Care Bear 3:01
04. Dead Boys 2:24
05. Time Changes 3:20
06. This Time 3:17
07. Pill Program 3:10
08. See Spaces 4:27
09. Flowers 3:20
10. Street Jams 2:31

Filesonic: http://www.filesonic.com/file/1757390931/
Uploaded.to: http://ul.to/v2xpjjb3
Wupload: http://www.wupload.com/file/119971898/

Teeth - Care Bear (Promo CDM) [2011]

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Label: Moshi Moshi
Catalog#: -
Released: 2011
Genre: Electronic
Source: CD
Quality: VBR V0 Kbps
Size: 30 mb

01. Care Bear 3:02
02. Care Bear (Dreamtrak Diamond Dub Remix) 6:13
03. Care Bear (Extreme Animals Remix) 3:11
04. Care Bear (LOL Boys Remix) 4:49

Filesonic: http://www.filesonic.com/file/1757347291/
Uploaded.to: http://ul.to/9fq81xaz
Wupload: http://www.wupload.com/file/119968702/
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Artist: Teeth
Title: Whatever
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Electronic
Bitrate: 245kbit av
Time: 00:31:12
Size: 57.77 mb
Rip Date: 2011-08-25
Str Date: 2011-09-19

Track List:

01. Confusion 2:47
02. U R 1 2:55
03. Care Bear 3:01
04. Dead Boys 2:24
05. Time Changes 3:20
06. This Time 3:17
07. Pill Program 3:10
08. See Spaces 4:27
09. Flowers 3:20
10. Street Jams 2:31

Release Notes:

Teeth have announced the release of their debut album Whatever through
Moshi Moshi Records on 19th September 2011 and the release of the
single, Care Bear, on 12th September 2011. They are also set to play a
launch party for the album on the 21st September 2011

The London based electronic punk trio, rose to infamy at breakneck
speed since their forming in 2008. Consisting of composer Ximon Tayki
vocalist Veronica So, and drummer Simon Whybray, Teeth enraptured a
global audience with jubilant, no-rave jams and hacker dance anthems
The new single Care Bear is true to the band's spirit, a slice of lo-fi
electro noise-pop with riot-grrrl vocals emulating the hi-NRG of their
raucous stage tearing live shows




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Artist: Idiot Glee
Album: Paddywhack
Label: Moshi Moshi Records
Playtime: 35:59 min
Genre: Indie
URL: http://www.myspace.com/idiotglee
Rip date: 2011-08-12
Street date: 2011-05-15
Size: 59.71 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 222 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

Track List:

01. It ( 2:07
02. Let's Get Down Together ( 3:34
03. Don't Go Out Tonight ( 4:24
04. All Packed Up ( 2:58
05. Trouble At the Dancehall ( 2:37
06. Deep Descent ( 2:06
07. I Want the Night to Stay ( 2:21
08. F.O.E ( 3:05
09. Don't Drink the Water ( 3:25
10. Happy Day ( 4:08
11. Welcome Back ( 2:03
12. In the Sadist's Garden ( 3:11

Release Notes:

"Is there anyone awake/ I am the only one who believes in staying up late
asks James Friley (a.k.a. Idiot Glee), and there is something about this line
that encompasses Idiot Glee's music. The sentiment, in itself, is not uncommon
I can't help imagining the myriad teens from Pump Up The Volume, each
individual in the darkness connected, an imaginary community, through
Christian Slater's anti-authoritarian angst though Slater's anger and teen
horniness are little in evidence. And so one is tempted to answer, Of course
there are others staying up late, James but instead of singing songs that
sound like doo-wop drenched in purple drank, they're chugging brews (Friley,
as a Mormon, doesn't drink), hooking up, and/or dancing to Beyonc. Friley,
unfortunately, may not be above making mildly homophobic quips in Vice
magazine interviews, but this adolescent sensibility, more akin to Happy Harry
Hard-On, doesn't make itself felt in the music

However, it's precisely at this juncture, between the universal and the
particular, that Friley's music reveals its originality. At times in the
lyrical content a teen simplicity is apparent ("no one messes with my girl"),
but there are also some beautifully original moments. Opener "It," for
example, calls to mind a "Boys Don't Cry" sung from beyond the grave ("So it
goes, only when you cry/ But I don't, that's 'cause I'm a guy"), while album
standout "Trouble At The Dancehall" is reminiscent of Nick Cave's "John Finn's
Wife" as read through the sonic aesthetics of a beat-driven "Christina the
Astonishing." Indeed, speaking of Cave, there is something of the Biblical
gothic here, the hushed echoes of the chapel and the intimacy of communion,
which one is tempted to ascribe to Friley's Mormonism, though this may be an
unwarranted association of stereotypicality. And that darkness, undertones of
the apocalypse read through a lulling lens, is manifest in tracks like "In The
Sadist's Garden," with its troubling of identity and subjectivity, its lyrical
and musical evocation of the garden as the realm of both innocence and
corruption or "Don't Drink The Water" with its inevitable Jim Jones
associations (subtle here as they were not on Cults' recent debut

Friley has taken the sound of his debut EP the four songs of which all
appear on Paddywhack and maintained that arresting, zombie barbershop
quartet aesthetic, while also extending it into new developments, intervening
piano lines and looped organ riffs, with which it blends in ways that never
jar (your preserves). He cites Pet Sounds as a central influence, and this can
be heard in the beautiful 60s harmonies and precise, echoing production, but,
without wanting to suggest a stereotyped darkwave sound, "Pet Sematary Sounds
might be more appropriate. There is a sense both of harmony in the broadest
sense a textural and gently mouldering oneness as well as a charmingly
nave solitude that brings to mind the classic figure of the outsider artist
It's in the integration of these tendencies, the tender cultivation of
tendrils connecting internal and external, the sacred and profane, that
Friley's nightbloom shyly emerges and thrives.

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Artist: Slow Club
Title: Paradise
Label: Moshi Moshi
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 236kbit av.
Time: 01:02:26
Size: 111.03 mb
Rip Date: 2011-09-10
Str Date: 2011-09-12



01. Two Cousins 3:50
02. If Were Still Alive 3:17
03. Never Look Back 4:30
04. Where Im Waking 3:43
05. Hackney Marsh 3:52
06. Beginners 4:15
07. You, Earth Or Ash 4:27
08. Gold Mountain 3:23
09. The Dog 2:42
10. Horses Jumping 10:59


01. Half Drunk 4:03
02. Palms 3:02
03. Two Cousins (Acoustic) 2:45
04. Never Look Back (Acoustic) 3:26
05. Two Cousins 1999 4:12

Release Notes:

Being a product of the age it was written, Slow Clubs 2009 debut, Yeah
So, dealt with the all too familiar space between adolescence and the
oncoming storm of adulthood. A boy-girl duo who played a flower-adorned
chair live, they were the polar opposite of what was coming out of
post-Arctic Monkeys Sheffield. Slow Club were fun, cute, whimsical and
all manner of other words just shy of twee – and they hate being
called twee.

Paradise, however, is where the duo grows up. Two years on, it stumbles
out of a trivial, self-indulgent teenage malaise (where sexual
adventure was priority for most) and carries itself with a sense of
perspective that only adulthood can give – a darker, more thoughtful
view of the world. For instance, on the poignant You, Earth or Ash, a
song about Rebecca Taylors granddad, her melancholic vocals
(beautiful, as always) evoke an awareness of mortality for those around
her; singing "and I know, soon youll go," her voice seemingly breaks
under the weight of premature grief. Whereas even love-wise (an
inspiration every band draws from) Slow Clubs lyrical output is
glossed with a more mature and detached sense of sauce, with Taylor
crooning on Where Im Waking: "I can see you looking at me / You got
the brains Ive got the body".

Iing at me / You got
the brains Ive got the body".

Its the latter, along with songs such as If Were Still Alive and The
Dog, that provides Paradise’s most frantic and poppy moments, with
producer Luke Smith (of the defunct Clor, and producer of Foals’ last
LP) firming up the bands penchant for ramshackle drums, rattling
guitars and startlingly impressive two-part harmonies; a
thrown-together machine that if, not held together properly, would
easily fall apart. Of course, thats not to say that, musically, this
record couldnt have been made by anyone else – its not sonically
unique. Yet theres a charm here. A personality and identity that,
whilst subdued compared to their live shows, bleeds through the cracks
to make this album not only a snapshot of burgeoning adulthood, but
also of Slow Clubs singularly impressive songwriting ability.

Limited Edition version which comes with a bonus CD of great extra
tracks, enjoy!

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The Wave Pictures - Long Black Cars (2012)
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VBR V0 || 56 mb

01. Stay Here & Take Care of the Chickens
02. Eskimo Kiss
03. Never Go Home Again
04. My Head Gets Screwed On Tighter Every Year
05. Cut Them Down In the Passes
06. Hoops
07. Spaghetti
08. Give Me a Second Chance
09. The West Country
10. Come Home Tessa Buckman
11. Seagulls
12. Long Black Cars

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