Grime is musical offshoot of the early 21st century UK Garage scene that developed in London's East End between 2002-2004. In contrast to its more soulful progenitor, Grime can often be dark and aggressive. Grime has roots in both hip-hop and electronic music and is characterised by rapid and rhythmic rhyming over sparse break beats, futuristic bleeps and guttural bass growls. Grime resisted attempts to classify or pidgeon-hole it for a long time, but in the past has also gone by the names sublow, 8bar or eskibeat. It has also led to an instrumental sub-genre Dubstep

Two figures stand out as being instrumental in the birth of the genre now known as Grime. Both members of the "Roll Deep Crew", Dizzee Rascal and Wiley publicised the genre with their albums "Boy In Da Corner" and "Treadin' On Thin Ice".

two Grime sets can be downloaded at

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i have both Dizzee Rascal cd's
some more info


dizzee and Wiley albums may soon be placed here for download.
if you want them wink.gif
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Can you upload both of them, please...
Fucky Да...
lil bit later
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tyler durden
Thanx, Man!.. thumb.gif
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Showtime ~ Dizzee Rascal
картинка, оставленная пользователем

1. Showtime
2. Stand Up Tall
3. Everywhere
4. Graftin'
5. Learn
6. Hype Talk
7. Face
8. Respect Me
9. Get By (feat. Vanya)
10. Knock, Knock
11. Dream
12. Girls (feat. Marga Man)
13. Imagine
14. Flyin'
15. Fickle

s7.funkyfiles.com/music/Hiphop/dizzee rascal - showtime.rar
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че никому не понравилось чтоль?
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да понравилось канешна. я вот shystie скоро выложу, тоже grime так сказать, и run the road ломпиляцию =) а диззи и вилли уже есть просто, но спасибо всё равно
On my room ceiling, I got mad mirrors built in
So when I fuck you you're gon' feel like you're at the Hilton
=) у меня run the road тоже стоит в очеред в сусле.. только никак не выкачать ))
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anyone interested in Dizzee Rascal-Boy In Tha Corner?
Yep! But I have a favour to ask of you - don't upload it on s7.funkyfiles!!! It doesn't work for me... sad.gif
Fucky Да...
s7.funkyfiles is far too hit and miss but this i a ru site after all, and we cannot expect all releases to be accessable....
i will use www.bonpoo.com

Dizzee Rascal-Boy In Tha Corner

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1. Sittin’ Here
2. Stop Dat
3. I Luv U
4. Brand New Day
5. 2 Far (Feat. Wiley)
6. Fix Up, Look Sharp
7. Cut ‘Em Off
8. Hold Ya Mouf (feat. God’s Gift)
9. Round We Go (Ain’t No Love)
10. Jus’ A Rascal
11. Wot U On?
12. Jezebel
13. Seems 2 Be
14. Live O
15. Do I

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Wiley - treddin on thin ice (2004)

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1. The Game
2. Pick U R Self Up (feat. Breeze, J2K & Riko)
3. Wot Do U Call It?
4. Eskimo (Interlude)
5. Goin' Mad
6. Doorway
7. Special Girl (Feat. Kano)
8. Avalanche (Interlude)
9. Reasons
10. Got Somebody
11. Pies
12. Ice-rink (Interlude)
13. Next Level (feat. J2K, Tinchy Stryder & Kano)
14. Treddin' On Thin Ice
15. I Was Lost.

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