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Stray From The Path - Our Oceania
label: Five Point Records
release date: 2nd August, 2005

01. The Life You live
02. Casual Converstations
03. Solace
04. Appendix I: If there is Hope
05. Thick and Thin
06. A not so Modern Parasite
07. Appendix II:..it lay in the proles
08. The Great Exodus
09. Formaldehyde Kiss
10. A Tri-Colored Goldmine
11. CODA: The Nightbirds


pass: ourpath

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line up:
Ed Edge - vocals
Tom Williams - guitar
John Kane - guitar/vocals
Justin Manas - drums
Frank Corerria - bass

short info:
March 2001 saw the beginning of Stray From The Path, one of Long Island's most recent ground breaking hardcore/metal bands to come out of the new music breeding ground. Stray From The Path strive at making their own brand of chaotic metal, fused with hardcore, jazz, and a multitude of other intricate styles. Among many other strong attributes, SFTP’s addictive unpredictability boldly distinguishes them from many other bands out today. Stray From The Path played their first show after only a month of rehearsals, and soon after found themselves filling opening slots for bands such as Sky Came Falling, As I Lay Dying, A Life Once Lost, Curl Up And Die, Misery Signals, Between The Buried And Me, On Broken Wings, and many other national recording acts. This large-scale exposure helped SFTP garner a steady following within the local scene. Soon after, in October of 2003, Stray From The Path went into the studio with Joe Cincotta and Terrance Hobbs of Suffocation to record their debut full length, 'Audio Prozac' under Pride Recordz. After playing extensively over the following 8 months to support their record, Stray From The Path has signed with Five Point Records and are proud to announce they will be releasing their 2nd full-length album,"Our Oceania" on Five Point Records in the spring of 2005. Needless to say, expect the unexpected.

band's website: www.strayfromthepath.net
label's website: www.fivepointrecords.com
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всем пока. у меня новая жизнь.
can anyone suggest other "Solace" un "Formaldehyde Kiss" style bands?
i can read russian, but can't speak (write) in it.
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great band! тусуеца у меня в плеере с начала выхода альбома. очень круто и необычно.
всем пока. у меня новая жизнь.
re-up again please? it'd be nice to listen to this, sounds interesting...thank you in advance smile.gif
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а у когонить есть 1ый альбом?

а у когонить есть 1ый альбом?

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