Little Brother - The Way You Do It[2003]

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still digg'n 4 dope
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Сольник Big Pooh'a
rapper big pooh - sleepers
Original Release Date: February 8, 2005
1. Wake Up
2. I Don't Care
3. Strongest Man
4. Heart of the City
5. Every Block
6. Just Friends
7. Live Life
8. My Mind Listen
9. Dash's Interlude
10. Scars
11. Between the Lines
12. Jungle
13. Now
14. Fever


Альбом раненный и там всего 4 трэка sad.gif
перезалей плиз
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исправил - пробуй ... smile.gif

still digg'n 4 dope
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Little Brother - The Listening (2003)

1. Morning
2. Groupie Pt.2
3. For You
4. Speed
5. Whatever You Say
6. Make Me Hot
7. The Yo-Yo
8. Shorty On The Lookout
9. Love Joint Revisited
10. So Fabulous
11. The Way You Do It
12. Roy Lee, Producer Extraordinaire
13. The Getup
14. Far Away From Me
15. Nobody But You
16. Home
17. Nighttime Maneuvers
18. The Listening

Уже качаю tongue.gif
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anybody have some mirrors?
super ! chiuvaki, prosto super, tema super, muzyka super ir voobshe sovsem nedavno xotel zakidyvat. ty operedil
vot, jesli ktonibud interesujetsia imi i ix xebroj , justu ligue.
mogu zakinut paro kompiliacij ir albomov ix beatmakera 9th wonder + remixovyje albomy na NAS "god son" .
+ jeschio albom odnogo iz nich i vmestes Nikolay "foreighn exchange - connected"

vot jeschio pravda ischiu albom odnogo ich koresha
joe scudda, jesli jest , byl by primnogo blagodaren i podelilsia by vsem chto imeju sam.

kogo nibud interesujet?
Thanx! Man! Good stuff!.. thumb.gif
Fucky Да...
мне нравица, но не скажу, что бомба
я сначала глазам своим не поверил, но, чёрт возьми, это так! ты сегодня сделал репост моего поста ... я не верю, что так бывает!!! (с)
Чувак ты супер
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davai zalivai, ja vo vtornik zalju paru relizov;] t.k. segodnia pjanka;DDD
Мерси, никогда о них не слышал, скачал - понравилось
Ждемс... smile.gif
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меня тошнит от вашего рэпа
мысли набычены
vot poka oznakomtes s saitikom
a ja seichias zalivaju dlia vas mixtapekit Justus League. chast pervaja
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Artist: Justus League
Title: Vol. 1: NC State of Mind
Genres: Compilation
THE NEXT CHAPTER IN THE JUSTUS LEAGUE SAGA - HIPHOPSITE EXCLUSIVE: Just as a Tribe Called Quest is to The Native Tounges or Method Man is to the Wu-Tang Clan - Little Brother is to the Justus League. Produced almost entirely by 9th Wonder (and featuring tracks from Big Dho, Edgar allen Floe, Khrysis, Nicolay and Slopfunkdust), this insane DOUBLE CD spotlights the entire Justus League crew over 34 tracks including new, exclusive and never-before-heard material from Little Brother, Cesar Comanche, The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y., and more. If you liked Little Brother's 'The Listening,' Cesar Comanche's 'Paper Gods,' and 9th Wonder's 'God's Stepson,' this is the next shit!! And it's another exclusive - it even says so on the cover!!
Shipping Time: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Details: CD Details

Mix CD

Disc 1
1. "Intro" (prod. 9th Wonder)
2. "Altitudes (Flyin' High)" Little Brother (prod. 9th Wonder)
3. "The Rock" L.E.G.A.C.Y. (feat. Sean Boog; prod. 9th Wonder)
4. "Wrong Religion" Cesar Comanche (prod. Khrysis)
5. "Median Alleviates the Drama" Median (prod. 9th Wonder)
6. "Numbers" L.E.G.A.C.Y./Chaundon (prod. Big Dho)
7. "The Blah Blah" Away Team, The (prod. Khrysis)
8. "Streetwise" Edgar Allen Floe (prod. 9th Wonder)
9. "State Of The Art" Edgar Allen Floe (prod. 9th Wonder)
10. "More" L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. 9th Wonder)
11. "Give A Little Bit" Median (feat. Joe Scudda; prod. 9th Wonder)
12. "Nic's Groove" Foreign Exchange, The (Phonte + Nicolay) (feat. Little Brother; prod. Nicolay)
13. "Drought of 2002 (Remix)" Cesar Comanche (prod. 9th Wonder)
14. "Gotta Get Dat (The Ambition Suite)" Little Brother (feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y.; prod. 9th Wonder)
15. "On" Away Team, The (feat. Cesar Comanche; prod. Khrysis)
16. "Two Extremes" Median (prod. 9th Wonder)
17. "Moonlight" Undefined/Edgar Allen Floe (prod. Edgar Allen Floe)
18. "Whatever You Say (Sloppy Chulo's Dirty Pornstar Remix)" (prod. Slopfunkdust)

1. "Styles" L.E.G.A.C.Y. (feat. Big Pooh; prod. 9th Wonder)
2. "Let Off A Round" Away Team, The (prod. Khrysis)
3. "Pest" Cesar Comanche (prod. Big Dho)
4. "Love Is" Little Brother (prod. Khrysis)
5. "Comfortable" Median (prod. 9th Wonder)
6. "Love Changes (Darlin, Darlin)" Big Pooh (feat. Joe Scudda; prod. 9th Wonder)
7. "Panthers (Handzup)" L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. 9th Wonder)
8. "On the Line" Away Team, The (feat. Chaundon/Big Pooh/Joe Scudda)
9. "Light It Up (Nicolay's Candlelit Wonderland Remix)" Little Brother (prod. Nicolay)
10. "The Righteous Way to Go" Edgar Allen Floe (prod. 9th Wonder)
11. "Relectric Elaxation (Go Hard)" Median (prod. 9th Wonder)
12. "Son of Sam" L.E.G.A.C.Y. (prod. 9th Wonder)
13. "You Don't Know Me" Big Pooh (feat. Joe Scudda; prod. Big Dho)
14. "Phonte Shoutro"
15. "Whatcha Like" Little Brother (prod. 9th Wonder)

HHS Rating: @@@@ of 5
HipHopSite Review

Since Little Brother's been likened to A Tribe Called Quest, comparing their Justus League crew to the legendary Native Tongues is no surprise. However, no current cliques are remotely close to being as forward thinking and melodic as the squad that boasted the Jungle Brothers and De La Soul as members. Despite unreasonable comparisons, Justus League is varied and formidable, anchored by underground supermen Little Brother. This plentiful double disc set serves as the ideal clan introduction, highlighted by 9th Wonder, Little Brother's soul searchin' production whiz who concocts 19 of the far reaching set's 30 plus beats.

After checking this compilation, something slaps you in the dome like boos at a Dixie Chicks gig-- 9th Wonder's upper echelon skills. He's one of indie rap's most gifted and prolific producers, and his immense talent behind the boards often dwarfs those of other Justus League knob twisters. Check the melodic strings on "Drought of 2002 (Remix)" or the haunting, Blue Note -esque vocal sampling on "Give A Little Bit", or try the crispy hi-hats of "Two Extremes" for just a few fantastic sounds laid down by a beatsmith that's seems heavily influenced by ATCQ's Ali Shaheed Muhammed and Pete Rock (the latter is an admitted Little Brother fan).

Among joints 9th Wonder didn't create, Cesar Comanche solidly deconstructs the relentless pursuit of chedda on "Wrong Religion". A chunky bassline and not much else back him, making the Khrysis formed track a bit hollow. Rebounding on "The Blah Blah", Khrysis centers his

blia na yousendit uzhe 2 chiasa nikak nemozhet vylozhyt, menia chestno govoria ochen silno zajabalo zhdat.
mozhet u kogo nibud jest resurs kuda mozhno vsio xzakinut?

terpenije na nule.
a jeschio relizov navernoje shtuk 5-6 , kotoryje by xotelos vylozhyt.
nu s justus league mixtapeom problemka kakaja to;/
nu vot imeju dlia vas
Away Team - National Anthem
1. "And Now Folks"
2. "The Competition"
3. "Likka Hi (Last Call)"
4. "The Shinin'"
5. "Come On Down" (feat. Smif N Wesson)
6. "The Blah Blah"
7. "So I Tells the Bitch Right"
8. "Fuck You"
9. "Let Off A Round"
10. "Me And My Fellows"
11. "Make It Hot" (feat. Phonte/Joe Scudda)
12. "The End Of The Day"
13. "Upnatem"
14. "One-N-Only (feat. Phonte)"
15. "Always Be Around"
16. "On The Line" (feat. Big Pooh/Chaundon/Joe Scudda)
17. "Caution (Bonus Track)"
18. "Lights Out (Bonus Track)"


eto chiast justus league. ix albomchik dlia vas. ochen xoroshaja vesh.

te 2va sbornika poprobuju zakinut jeschio razok.

jesli komu nibud nado konechno?????
xotelos by otzyvov. peace

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