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The Thirst are a rock band based in Brixton, London. The band consists of brothers Mensah and Kwame Cofi-Agyeman, Mark Lenihan and Marcus Harris. Mensah received an electric guitar from his parents around the age of 13, and after a few years he decided to get his brother, Kwame, saving for a bass guitar from 'cash converters'. This inspired friends Mark and Marcus to complete the band by purchasing a rhythm guitar and drum kit respectively. The main inspiration behind starting the band was their strong musical upbringing and appreciation as well as the need to stay away from the life of street crime in London. "I [Mensah] started playing now and again and got these three round just smoking and trying to stay off the road. My mum allowed us all to come round her house and chill out. She’d rather that than us hanging on the corner smoking weed."Their musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, punk, drum n bass, and local hip-hop

While working with renowned producer, Jake Fior (The Libertines), The Thirst have released The Thirst EP (23 July 2007) and the "Ready To Move" single (29 October 2007) featuring B-side, "On The Brink".


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Artist: The Thirst
Title: Sail Away
Label: Wooden
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 200kbit av.
Time: 00:06:42
Size: 9.99 mb
Rip Date: 2008-05-08
Str Date: 2008-00-00

1. Sail Away 2:42
2. Sail Away (David E Sugars Morning Jim Remix) 4:00




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Artist: The Thirst
Title: On The Brink
Label: Wooden
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 203kbit av.
Time: 00:35:22
Size: 54.76 mb
Rip Date: 2008-05-31
Str Date: 2008-06-02

1. They Don't Know 2:15
2. Watch Me Now 2:38
3. Ready To Move 3:52
4. Sail Away 2:43
5. My Everything 3:39
6. I'm Falling 3:57
7. Acre Lane 2:49
8. I Believe 3:04
9. All Mine 3:03
10. On The Brink 2:56
11. Don't Waste Your Time 4:26

Release Notes:

The Thirst are one of London's up and coming talents - they
are many things all at once: vibrant, original and hugely
(though by no means objectionably) commercial, and, as a
result of this, The Thirst are destined for great things.

Consisting of brothers Mensah and Kwame Cofie-Ageyman,
together with school friends Marcus Hariss and Mark Lennihan,
their sound is an eclectic mix of punk rock, reggae and ska.
After gigging throughout Brixton, they've built up a strong
fan-base, and recently signed a record deal with Ronnie Wood's
record label.

Unlike countless album where a handful of good tracks are
surrounded by mediocre filler, On The Brink is consistently of
a strong and satisfyingly high quality. The highlights include
Sail Away, a stunning song about typical urban life in London.
It may highlight the Dark side of living in the city, yet
also celebrates and accepts the home that they grew up in. The
erratic drum beats and Cofie-Ageyman's infectiously energetic
voice give the track a really addictive edge.

My Everthing opens with Cofie-Ageyman's mellow voice sat
alongside gentle, melodic guitar riffs - lively, resonant and
meaningful, as it was inspired by a documentary on HIV. Acre
Lane makes for a more cheery singalong though, and there's
some furious acoustic fingerwork and explosive drumming on I

The last track on the album meanwhile, Don't Waste Your Time,
is a memorable mix of ska, dub and reggae, bringing to minds
such legendary names as Bob Marley, The Specials and The Jam.

The real charm of The Thirst lies in their down to earth
music, confronting real issues, surburban life, youth culture
and London in general - on this album, they pay tribute to
these roots. It's a debut album which is confident and strong
throughout. Just like their name, they will leave you craving



веселая музыка, занятно слушается
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очень заинтриговала группа. обязательно скачаю.
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чето не вставило )
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ох черт возьми, пересплушивал около четырех раз альбом. да, в группе нет ничего сверхнеординарного, но ужасно цепляет. возможно влияние на это оказывают отголоски некого "этнического" звучания и попросту не банальный поход к инди-року. вообщем, лучше один раз услышать, чем десять раз прочитать отзывы.
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Они порвали Bloc Party по количеству нигеров в команде!!! biggrin.gif
Если серьезно: один из лучших релизов года. wink.gif

лучше один раз услышать, чем десять раз прочитать отзывы.
убеждаюсь в этом снова и снова
разгильдяи! biggrin.gif
веселый альбом. и действительно не банальный подход к индихроку
кстати, на гластонбери выступали в этом году

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да, альбом что надо. сразу же попал в первую десятку наиболее часто прослушиваемых!
they are amazing!
love them

do you have any gig recordings?
жаль что только один альбом((

Новое видео на новую песню.
Если кому интересно, могу выложить 3 новые песенки: Could This Be Real, Release и Set It All Right rolleyes.gif
Новый альбом. Качаем на халяву.Классный!

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Laugh with the Sinners EP (2011) 278 kbps

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Track List:

01 I Swear
02 Set It Alight
03 Back To The Start
04 The Dance (Interlude)
05 Music Sounds Better
06 Damn Girl
07 Could This Be Real
08 There She Goes
09 Dance, Dance (Outro)



zonT, если можно , выложи Release пжлст

Лови. wink.gif


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