E:\MP3\Art Brut - Bang Bang Rock And Roll 2005\
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-01-Formed a Band.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-02-My Little Brother.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-03-Emily Kane.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-04-Rusted Guns of Milan.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-05-Modern Art.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-06-Good Weekend.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-07-Bang Bang Rock & Roll.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-08-Fight!.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-09-Moving to L.A..mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-10-Bad Weekend.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-11-Stand Down.mp3
Art Brut-Bang Bang Rock & Roll-12-18,000 Lira.mp3
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настоятельно всем рекомендую! сам скачал уже давно через ed2k... и вот на они форуме. круто!
what do you think about it? the more i listen the more i like!
Prestigiazione.it - where Magic happens.
what do i think.... its very very very cool! ...

My little brother just discovered Rock & Roll
He's only 22 and he's out of control

He no longer listens to A-sides
He made me a tape of bootlegs and B-sides
And every song on that tape, every single song says
I want our parents to worry about us
All we ever want is our parents to worry about us
It's what anybody really wants
спасибо, хороший альбомчик thumb.gif
ракенрол? blink.gif
so dark the con of man
great cd!

great rock from the UK
Could somebody tell me the password?

Stupid NOOB!
Yeah, that's what I call intelligent. Gon on, teach me more.
Could someone give new link? plz
COLD, You broke me from the very first night,
I'd love You 'til the day that I die,
I'm far too comfortable this time...
COLD, I love You from the very first night,
You broke me 'til the day that I die
I'm far too obvious this time...
перезалейте плиз
Link rolleyes.gif please.
yeah could someone be so nice and reupload "bang bang rock & roll" ???
вот здесь есть, правда битрейт низкий - 80 kbps

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