Fatt Snak (Fatt Matt and Snak the Ripper)

Hip-Hop / Canada / Camobear records
Voted sexiest Vancouver rap duo of the year (2007), Fatt Matt and Snak, are two twin brothers that have joined talents to form... FATT SNAK. Besides being unquestionably the most rugged, grimey, filthy muther fuckers around, Fatt Matt and Snak also obtain street credits across canada dating as far back as 1992. Snak, a ten year vancity graffiti personality, is also said to be known as being the craziest cracka commin out of the downtown eastside... While Fatt known accross Canada for his work with Low Pressure Records, has been running Halifax's highly controversial under ground donair meat dens since the late 1980's.


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1 You Can't Stop FattSnak
2 Animals (Featuring Cons)
4 Beer Day (Situations)
5 Light The Wick
6 Food
7 Liquor (Featuring Kaboom)
8 Smokes (Featuring Kaboom)
9 Grass (Featuring Chadio)
10 The Motive (Featuring Cee!!!!!!!!)
11 They Will Learn (Featuring Dvice)
12 Innercity Goblins
13 No Love
14 Where The Weed At (Featuring Manik, Cee!!!!!!!! and Lil Ales)
15 All Day Every Day
16 Starving (Poad) (Featuring Manik)


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Anyone else get this when using the brainwash link?
"Read this palm you gypsy bitch!"
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очень смешной вокалец. хехе
ага)) ноу лав чудесная песенка biggrin.gif
tuck your head between your legs, now pray
Snak the Ripper

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2.Im Still #1 (moves)
3.Fatt Matt (aidan)
4.Openin Act (moves)
5.Go Home (aidan)
6.Cousin (moves)
7.End Of The World Party w.Kaboom (moves)
8.Rooster (kevarnold)
9.Stomp (aidan)
10.Hustle (d-rec)
11.Little Flight (aidan)
12.Lonely Girls (rob banks)
13.Ohh Yeah (aidan)

music.brainwash.net.ru/dzr/C/fatt matt 2005 - life is.rar
First leaked track of his upcoming album "Sex Machine" coming out June 1st on Camobear Digital


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Waterfall Inside Me
реп как реп
I'm not uploader
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Title [Sex Machine ]
Artist [Snak The Ripper ]
Label [Camobear ] Genre [Hip-Hop ]
Quality/Size [44.1 @VBR 54,2 MB] Ripped [09-16-2009 ]
Grabbed from [CDDA ] Enc [Lame 3.97 ]
Website [n/a ]

Track Time Title

01 03:24 Sex Machine Intro
02 02:59 Nothing Less
03 02:32 Live Fast Die Young
04 02:46 Dead and Gone
05 03:47 Thats Fine
06 02:52 You Cant Hide Feat Ra The Rugged Man
07 02:38 The Rap Biz Feat Young Sin
08 03:19 Off The Chain
09 03:49 Robo Caps Feat Chadio
10 02:49 Lazy
11 03:16 Take That Shit
12 02:43 Hit That Shit
13 02:20 Locally Famous
14 02:43 Hate Me
15 03:57 Flames Feat Val Halla
15 45:54 min

Release Notes

Snak The Ripper is back with a brand new full length, full
of sex-crazed rhymes from one of Canadas finest. Get horny
[ifolder.ru] | [multiupload.com]
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очень похож на dilaayO
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картинка, оставленная пользователемЗависимые скотопи*орасы, рабы своего *уя, ссу вам в е*ла и умываться водой будете только когда я вам разрешу, а до тех пор сидите в стойле и воняйте молча.


Snak The Ripper – White Dynamite (2012)

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Жанр: Underground Hip-Hop
Год издания: 2012
Битрейт аудио: VBR kbps
Размер: 98 мб

6-й студийный альбом!!!


01. White Dynamite
02. Follow The Bullet
03. Vandalize Shit feat. Onyx
04. Forgotten
05. You Don’t Know Me
06. Bombay Dreams feat. Bishop Brigante
07. Dirty Young Man
08. Zero Tolerance feat. Madchild
09. When She’s High
10. Yup
11. Sky Is Falling
12. Burn feat. Eliza
13. Until Yer Dead
14. Strangers feat. Young Sin & Evil Ebenezer
15. Famous And Broke
16. Lung Butter

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Title : White Dynamite
Artist : Snak The Ripper
Label : CamoBear Records
Genre : Hip-Hop
Quality/Size : 44.1 @VBR 94,4 MB
Ripped : 07-07-2012
Grabbed from : CDDA
Enc : Lame 3.98
Website : n/a

01 03:21 White Dynamite
02 03:14 Follow The Bullet
03 04:35 Vandalize Shit Ft. Onyx
04 02:55 Forgotten
05 03:04 You Don't Know Me
06 02:42 Bombay Dreams Ft. Bishop Brigante
07 02:45 Dirty Young Man
08 03:48 Zero Tolerance Ft. Madchild
09 03:24 When She's High
10 03:16 Yup
11 02:45 Sky Is Falling
12 03:14 Burn Ft. Eliza
13 02:47 Until Yer Dead
14 02:58 Strangers Ft. Young Sin & Evil Ebenezer
15 02:38 Famous and Broke
16 04:12 Lung Butter

Totals 16 51:38 min

Release Notes:

Snak The Ripper is back with his third studio album, WHITE
DYNAMITE. His biggest release to date, White Dynamite boasts
features from underground legends such as Onyx, Madchild,
Eliza, Bishop Brigante, Young Sin and Evil Ebenezer. Expect
nothing but top-notch, filthy production from Stuey Kubrick,
N-Jin, Sapient of Sandpeople, Rob The Viking, Moka Only and
more. These 16 tracks truly show Snak's versatility and
griminess to the max.

Production by:

1. Stuey Kubrick
2. Sapient
3. Vokab
4. N-Jin
5. Stylust
6. N-Jin
7. Makem Def
8. Sapient
9. Moka Only
10. Rob The Viking
11. White Hot
12. Sapient
13. N-Jin
14. Snow Goons
15. Cityreal
16. Stylust


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