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Danger at Sea EP (2006)
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1. Bur Oak
2. In Our Talons
3. Knives, Snakes & Mesquite
4. La Denigracion
5. My Oldest Memory
6. The Ticonderoga

Hymns For a Dark Horse (Burly Time Records, 2007)
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1. Hooves
2. In Our Talons
3. Human Hands
4. Dark Horse
5. Bur Oak
6. My Oldest Memory
7. The Marbled Godwit
8. Slow Down
9. The Ticonderoga
10. Olive Hearts
Bowerbirds' accordionist Beth Tacular paints-- sometimes on paper, sometimes on craggy bits of salvaged wood-- strange, whimsical landscapes, littered with critters and berries and plants and airplanes and skyscrapers and unicorns and feathers. Tacular's visual art (already beloved by plenty) is packed with big, gnawing oppositions-- industry vs. ecology, urban vs. rural, fantasy vs. truth, man vs. earth-- and Bowerbirds' tingly indie-folk is no less dynamic or indicting.

Tacular, along with partner/guitarist Phil Moore and multi-instrumentalist and producer Mark Paulson, churns out deceptively pleasing folksongs about plants and animals and the unforgivable things we do to them. Even in a post-Al Gore America (where Wal-Mart's gone green-- sorta-- and hybrid cars are as much of an it-accessory as Goyard totes), it's still awfully hard for a sweet-faced North Carolina couple to clutch their instruments to their chests and coo bits like, "It takes a lot of nerve to destroy this wondrous earth" without making everyone squirmy. But Bowerbirds' pro-Earth proselytizing is more endearing (and inspiring) than precious or cloying, and if anything, all that earnestness will just make you adore them more (and, maybe, think a little bit harder about the interstates slicing up your hometown forests).

Snatching their name from an Australian chirper (bowerbirds are most famous for the inverse relationship between a male's plumage and its ability to construct a mate-attracting nest), Bowerbirds' debut long player (released by Pitchfork writer Grayson Currin's label) will likely garner loads of comparisons to Devendra Banhart and Vetiver, but their brand of folk is more Appalachian than British (Carter Family over Bert Jansch), and less concerned with psychedelia than melody (think gypsy-influenced Sufjan Stevens). Opener "Hooves" starts small and modest, with Moore mewing about his mom over spare acoustic guitar ("Back when I was born on a full moon/ I nearly split my momma in two"), before the vocals double, drums kick up, and Tacular's accordion starts to whine: the track is somehow quiet and jarring at the same time, and invites all kinds of twee analogies (a family of deer darting through a clearing! Thunderclaps at night! Rainbows!).

"In Our Talons" is equally mesmerizing, jazzy and rich, with lyrics both gentle and barbed ("We're only human/ This at least we've learned"), while "The Marbled Godwit" is Bowerbirds' most classically freak-folk moment (and most Newsom-inspired title?), with acoustic guitar, high, meandering vocals, and cutting violin. Hymns strongest tracks-- "Slow Down", "In Our Talons", "Dark Horse"-- manage to be both hypnotically pretty and a little bit weird, characteristics of the very best kind of Americana music. Bowerbirds do for backyards what the Hold Steady's done for parking lots-- translated place into sound.

Pitchfork - Rating: 8.4
Bowerbirds-Hymns For A Dark Horse-(Reissue)-2008-SSR

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: Bowerbirds
TITLE: Hymns For A Dark Horse
LABEL: Dead Oceans
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 169kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 49min total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-00-00
RIP DATE: 2008-09-12

Track List:

1. Hooves 2:40
2. In Our Talons 3:53
3. Dark Horse 3:19
4. Bur Oak 4:33
5. My Oldest Memory 5:00
6. Marbled Godwit 4:31
7. Slow Down 4:00
8. Slow Down 3:54
9. Ticonderoga 4:30
10.Olive Hearts 5:29
11.La Denigracion 3:17
12.Matchstick Maker 4:40

Release Notes:

Originally released in July 2007 on Burly Time Records, now reissued in an
expanded form featuring 2 bonus tracks.



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потрясающая группа. дебютник мне оч-чень крепко мозг вынес. In Our Talons, The Ticonderoga, Olive Hearts - настоящие шедевры.

чтобы не превращать пост в хвалебную оду: видео совместного выступления группы с еще одним видным деятелем нынешнего фолка, Bon Iver.

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Artist: Bowerbirds
Album Title: Upper Air
Genre: Indie
Year: 2009
Source: Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR / 44.1KHz / Joint-Stereo


01^ House of Diamonds
02^ Teeth
03^ Silver Clouds
04^ Beneath Your Tree
05^ Ghost Life
06^ Northern Lights
07^ Chimes
08^ Bright Future
09^ Crooked Lust
10^ This Day



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Bowerbirds - Upper Air

Rip Info:
Artist: Bowerbirds
Album Title: Upper Air
Catalog Num: Record Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Indie
Year: 2009
Source: Encoder: Lame 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR / 44.1KHz / Joint-Stereo

Track List:
01^ House of Diamonds
02^ Teeth
03^ Silver Clouds
04^ Beneath Your Tree
05^ Ghost Life
06^ Northern Lights
07^ Chimes
08^ Bright Future
09^ Crooked Lust
10^ This Day


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Artist: Bowerbirds
Title: Upper Air
Label: Dead Oceans
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 169kbit av.
Time: 00:39:07
Size: 49.39 mb
Rip Date: 2009-06-12
Str Date: 2009-07-06

Track List:

01. House Of Diamonds 2:58
02. Teeth 4:10
03. Silver Clouds 4:30
04. Beneath Your Tree 3:40
05. Ghost Life 5:24
06. Northern Lights 2:54
07. Chimes 4:18
08. Bright Future 4:01
09. Crooked Lust 4:04
10. This Day 3:08


Release Notes:

Upper Air is the sophomore effort from North Carolina's folk duo of
Phil Moore and Beth Tacular. The popularity of their first record
effected a lot of change for the group: they've signed to Dead Oceans,
and with the label's support have toured with the likes of Bon Iver,
Phosphorescent, and John Vanderslice. The inspiration for these songs
comes from their near-constant touring, and as such, they stray from
the backwoods, nature-inspired sounds and imagery of their debut and
show signs of an evolution toward a fuller array of instrumentation and
a more confessional lyrical basis.
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"the Bowerbirds will release their 3rd album 'The Clearing' in March"

уже скоро.

есть первый сингл с альбома:
The Clearing (2012)
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CBR 320 || 99 mb

01. Tuck the Darkness In
02. In the Yard
03 Walk the Furrows
04. Stitch the Hem
05. This Year
06. Brave World
07. Hush
08. Overcome With Light
09. Sweet Moment
10. Death Wish
11. Now We Hurry On

[] || [] || []
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ARTIST: Bowerbirds
TITLE: The Clearing
LABEL: Dead Oceans
BITRATE: 227kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 46min total
RELEASE DATE: 2012-00-00
RIP DATE: 2012-03-06


01. Tuck The Darkness In 4:50
02. In The Yard 4:07
03. Walk The Furrows 3:54
04. Stitch The Hem 4:09
05. This Year 3:37
06. Brave World 4:28
07. Hush 4:03
08. Overcome With Light 3:09
09. Sweet Moment 2:40
10. Death Wish 4:16
11. Now We Hurry On 6:49

Societies sometimes sing their best songs for centuries. Consider that
antediluvian American lament "Goodbye, Old Paint," or the worn murder
ballads of the Appalachians, which still send shivers down spines and
inspire new renditions, variations and song cycles. Ancient as they may
be, these tunes still resonate emotionally, echoing some feeling each of
us has likely felt

The best songs of North Carolina's Bowerbirds have always seemed equally
eternal. Coruscated by Beth Tacular's bird song and Phil Moore's
environmentalist empathy, "In Our Talons" was, at its core, a quest for
solidarity in a world of closing shadows. "Northern Lights" painted a
pained portrait of love shrouded in doubt as perfectly as Cash, Dylan or
Cohen ever have. These felt like more than songs; they felt like

But those recordings were made on the quick and the cheap, with
nylon-stringed guitars, fiddle lines and drum patterns that became
comfortable. You could imagine these songs as old stateside standards
because, really, that's how they sounded--campfire anthems sung by a
couple clinging to very deep love

The Clearing is the third album by the Bowerbirds, and as is often the
case for bands that have found steady success, they had more time and
better resources to make it. This is a bigger record, then, with bolder
sounds and a broader scope. "Tuck The Darkness In" surges in its final
two minutes with a wall of electric guitars and drums. "Hush" plays hide
and seek with restless vibraphones, pianos and drums, Beth's voice again
providing a core of resilience in an otherwise ominous atmosphere

Thing is, these songs don't cede to the increased production demands
The guitars and strings, codas and bridges simply make these thoughts
more urgent, more vital and more necessary, but not one bit less
permanent. Though "Walk the Furrows" is more complicated than anything
the Bowerbirds have ever recorded, the kernel of the song--a new creed
for retrenched domesticity in a world flooded with temptation and
distraction--feels like bedrock

The Clearing is more than a third record for the Bowerbirds. Between
2009's Upper Air and this one, Beth nearly died after a mysterious
illness that put her in the hospital. They rescued and adopted a dog
that ran beneath their tour van's tires. Beth and Phil even ended their
long relationship but began it again after realizing that, despite their
own shortcomings, they didn't want to be with anyone else. Mostly
though, they returned to their cabin in the woods of North Carolina to
nest--to make soup and walk dogs, to make art and write songs, to
realize that this was their life and find contentment in it

For the Bowerbirds, The Clearing represents the perfect realization of a
fresh, timely outlook. Here, there's acceptance with ambition, patience
with aspirations, understanding with intelligence. On The Clearing, Phil
and Beth sing of the best and most important moments of their life and
in turn, create new ones. In this blistering world, these songs are the
rarest sort of balm

The Clearing was recorded with Brian Joseph in Wisconsin's treasured new
studio, April Base, and with the help of some righteous microphones in a
tiny, battered North Carolina cabin built by freed slaves during
Reconstruction. The Clearing was mixed by Nicolas Vernhes in New York's
Rare Book Room. The Clearing is available on Dead Oceans starting March
6, 2012--and, subsequently, forever. --Grayson Currin

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ничтячок так повыли хлопцы, по-нашенски, по-хипстерски
Неплохой лайв для французского Soul Kitchen, был сыгран в апреле:

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Artist: Bowerbirds
Album: Becalmyounglovers
Bitrate: 248kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.100 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Psychic Hotline
Genre: Indie
Size: 68.92 megs
PlayTime: 0h 36min 46sec total
Rip Date: 2021-05-24
Store Date: 2021-04-30

Track List:
01. SBSF 3:03
02. Seems Impossible 3:54
03. Pennies 3:33
04. The Rules 3:23
05. Revel Revel 3:52
06. All This Rain 3:00
07. Moon Phase 3:03
08. The Party 3:30
09. Can U Beleeb 2:20
10. Treasure 1:59
11. Sweet Dissonance 2:05
12. Every Life 3:04

Release Notes:
becalmyounglovers is the fourth LP by Bowerbirds and their first LP since
2012s The Clearing. Bowerbirds is now the solo project of Phil Moore
following the break-up of the three-piece and Moores long-term relationship
with former Bowerbird Beth Tacular. The LP is dominated by the changes in
Moores life told via his acid folk-meets-sunshine pop stylings.

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