Lush Life
This Nearly Was Mine
It Could Happen To You
My Ship
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Monk's Mood
Someone To Watch Over Me
Armando's Rhumba
Blues For Art
Stella By Starlight
I Want To Be Happy
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Чик Кориа - одна из наиболее знаковых фигур среди джазменов последних десятилетий. Никогда не удовлетворяясь достигнутыми результатами, Кориа всегда всецело увлечен сразу несколькими музыкальными проектами, и его музыкальная любознательность никогда не знает предела. Виртуозный пианист, который вместе с Хэрби Хэнкоком и Китом Джарретом был одним из самых топовых стилистов, появившихся после Билла Эванса и МакКой Тайнера, Кориа - также и один из немногих "электро-клавишников", имеющих оригинальный и узнаваемый стиль исполнения. Помимо этого, он - автор нескольких классических джазовых стандартов, таких как "Spain," "La Fiesta" и "Windows."
do you know where i can find more mp3 of chick i have lots of albums on vinil and tapes and i would like
all that stuff on mp3,first of all secret agent and chick corea electric band.
Thank you for really beautiful music.

I have Chick Corea Elektric Band "Beneath The Mask" 1991 CD.

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I shall try to share it on on next Monday/Tuesday wink.gif
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thanks i'll be waitin'
Chick Corea Elektric Band "Beneath The Mask" 1991
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VBR 320kbps
46.74MB in RAR archive, CD covers included.

Track listing:
1. Beneath The Mask 3:33
2. Little Things That Count 3:50
3. One Of Us Is Over 40. 4:57
4. A Wave Goodbye 4:46
5. Lifescape 5:12
6. Jammin E. Cricket 6:54
7. Charged Particles 5:21
8. Free Step 7:47
9. 99 Flavors 3:56
10. Illusions 9:46

Chick Corea, keyboards
Frank Gambale, guitar
Eric Marienthal, Sax
John Pattituci, Bass
Dave Weckl, Drums

For their last record together, the Chick Corea Elektric Band returned to the funky backbeat style that dominated their LIGHT YEARS album in 1987. BENEATH THE MASK, however, portrays a much tighter, more seasoned ensemble that had spent many years touring together and performing extremely complex music from previous efforts. The group's sound had evolved, too, from heavily synthesized sounds in the mid '80s to a more natural vibe on MASK, with more acoustic instruments and Corea's more delicate synth tones. The playing on this record is as astounding as always. The Weckl/Patitucci rhythm machine is in full gear on driving numbers like the opening title track and "One Of Us Is Over 40." Shades of the creative ensemble arrangements from EYE OF THE BEHOLDER appear on the dynamic "Lifescape" and the explosive "Charged Particles." Also, gentler works like "A Wave Goodbye" and "Free Step" offer a tasteful change of pace. MASK closed the book on Corea and his charges--a legendary unit that defined high-quality electric jazz in the digital era.


Enjoy biggrin.gif

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Кто может - грабит, кто не может - ворует. (Д.И. Фонвизин)
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Free Musiq
Chick Corea - Tap step (1978)
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1. Samba L.a. 5:55
2. Embrace 5:57
3. Tap Step 8:05
4. Magic Carpet 6:42
5. The Slide 6:52
6. Grandpa Blues 4:06


Press Play On Tape

Album: Return to Forever
Re-date: 1972
Label/Catalog: ECM/ 811-978-2

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The legendary first lineup of Chick Corea's fusion band Return to Forever debuted on this classic album (titled after the group but credited to Corea), featuring Joe Farrell on soprano sax and flute, the Brazilian team of vocalist Flora Purim and drummer/percussionist Airto Moreira, and electric bass whiz Stanley Clarke. It wasn't actually released in the U.S. until 1975, which was why the group's second album, Light as a Feather, initially made the Return to Forever name. Nonetheless, Return to Forever is every bit as classic, using a similar blend of spacy electric-piano fusion and Brazilian and Latin rhythms. It's all very warm, light, and airy, like a soft breeze on a tropical beach -- hardly the sort of firebrand approach to fusion that Miles Davis, Tony Williams, and the Mahavishnu Orchestra were exploring, and far less rooted in funk or rock. Corea also bathes the album in an undertone of trippy mysticism, not only in the (admittedly dated) lyrics, but in his cosmic keyboard wanderings, which remain melodic and accessible through most of the record. There's one genuine pop song in the groovy samba "What Game Shall We Play Today," and while "Sometime Ago" has similar elements, it's part of an ambitious side-long medley that features a stream-of-consciousness intro and a jubilant, Spanish/Mexican-style closing section called "La Fiesta," complete with castanets and flamenco modes. The title track is another multi-sectioned work, featuring Corea and Purim in wordless unison on two different, catchy themes, plus breezy work from Farrell and lots of Brazilian-flavored rhythmic interplay. And the dreamy, meditative "Crystal Silence" is an underrated gem waiting to be rediscovered. Certainly, this edition of Return to Forever wasn't inclined toward high-voltage jazz-rock (as the next one was), but this group's two albums still stand as some of the most imaginative and distinctive early fusion recordings. ~ Steve Huey, All Music Guide.


1 Return To Forever 0:12:06 Corea
2 Crystal Silence 0:06:59 Corea / Potter
3 What Games Shall We Play Today? 0:04:30 Corea
4 Sometime Ago/La Fiesta 0:23:13 -"-

Chick Corea: electric piano;
Joe Farrell: flutes, soprano sax;
Flora Purim: vocal, percussion;
Stanley Clarke: electric bass, double bass;
Airto Moreira: drums, percussion.


password: FunkySouls.Com

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Free Musiq


I always was a great fan of RTF, thanks alot!
time will tell
Danke schön!!!

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