K-Def Presents Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" (2006)
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Former member of hoodie clad heads fave RealLive and Marley Marl disciple K Def steps up and out with a tight little set of instrumentals and beats! The beatmaker who's behind a slew of fat tracks for everyone from Tragedy Khadafi to the Lords Of The Underground to ODB delivers a snapping beat collage, segues together in mixtape fashion, with nice vocal snippets and interludes woven throughout, and 42 beats in all!

1. Intro
2. Doing iz
3. Under the Moon
4. Yeah Def
5. Skit (Buy this)
6. Everybody Wanna Be
7. Ike Replay
8. Axel Replay
9. Porter Attack
10. Galt is Loose
11. The Godfather
12. Skit (Lude)
13. Have A Clue
14. Fat Al and Def
15. The Sanfrancisco Maniac
16. Horn Experience
17. Farewell Jack
18. Skit (Niggaz)
19. The Witch
20. Im the King
21. Oohhh We Man
22. Must Be the Vibes
23. Action Theme
24. Short Eyed Replay
25. Skit (the Lighter)
26. Rough Silver Coin
27. Time of My Life
28. Ester is Cool
29. The Symph
30. Take A Drive
31. Anybody Got Budd
32. Nutbag
33. Fly by Ghost
34. Enchanted Chant
35. Like A Circus
36. Buck Wilin
37. Run form the Cops
38. Blind Run
39. Stickem Ep
40. The Final Thrill
41. Do it Ghetto
42. The Outro


PS: Хороший инструментальный альбом в традиционных рамках жанра
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K-Def-Beats From The 90's (2008)
Artist: K-Def
Album: Beats From The 90's
Genre: Instrumental Hip-Hop
Quality: VBR / 44.1 KHz / Joint-Stereo
Source: CD
Rip. Date: 08/20/2008
Total Time: 53:48
Total Size: 67,8 mb
01. Been There
02. Ain't No Crime
03. Monty
04. Dramaz
05. For Da Family
06. Crusading
07. Inner City Blues
08. Jam On It
09. Mont Man
10. Ron Beat
11. Spinner
12. Getting Hot
13. Take Your Time
14. Turtle Man
15. Been There Part 2
16. Urbiank



Pass: funkysouls.com
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The Program (K-Def & Dacapo) - The Article EP (2008)

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The Program consists of legendary DJ/Producer K-Def, and rapper Dacapo (Dave Cazeau). The groups sound is reminiscent of early 90?s hip hop, combining the strong soulful and jazzy beats of K-Def with the lyrics of Dacapo, whose rhymes typically come from a sociological perspective, and avoids the use of profanity. K-Def, easily one of the most slept on producers of his time, has a style of production that is rare, complementing the lyrics of each song. The professional sound of the production helps to make each record stand out, demanding full attention. Both members have a strong bond to the roots of the music that they produce, and will come to be viewed as the next step after groups such as Gang Starr, Pete Rock/C.L. Smooth, and the like.

01. The Article
02. Gotta Get Da Cash
03. Day Dreaming
04. Fallen
05. Beggin Street
06. Life Goes On
07. Free Speech
08. Article (Instrumental)
09. Gotta Get Da Cash (Instrumental)
10. Life Goes On (Instrumental)
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The Program (K-Def & Dacapo) - The Article EP (2008)
K-Def Presents Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" (2006)
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The Program (K-Def & Dacapo)

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reup 'The Program' please
instrumental hip hop its the best music xD
reup 'The Program' please

K-Def-Beats From The 90's (2008)

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>в твоих базарах дыры как в сыре, через них я вижу солнце его затмить тебе не по силе ©

>new moves. new style. old music. old skool
K-Def-Beats From The 90's (2008)


cut it up fresh
K-Def Presents Willie Boo Boo "The Fool" (2006)

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"Когда в мире царит спокойствие, благородный человек не расстается со своим мечом."
(С) У Цзы

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"If enemy is in range, so you are."
(С) Infantry Journal

K-Def-Beats From The 90's vol 2


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