Бутлег, но все-же.... (хотя может просто инфы я никакой не нашел)... я думаю, пригодиться многим....

VA - 2007 - Money Music

CD1 - Cars and Technics
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01 - Spin Doctors - Two Princes (Peugeot 407).mp3
02 - Raja Mushtaq - The Sculptor (Heaven Is A Place On Earth) (Peugeot 206).mp3
03 - Moby - In My Heart (Nokia N90).mp3
04 - Dabrye - Hyped-Up Plus Tax (Motorolla).mp3
05 - Stereo Total - I Love You, Ono (Sony Cybershot).mp3
06 - Vangelis - Ask The Mountains (Ariston).mp3
07 - Nada Surf - Hi-Speed Soul (Braun).mp3
08 - Fall Out Boy - Heartbeats (Sony Bravia).mp3
09 - Cure - Pictures Of You (HP).mp3
10 - Black Keys - Girl Is On My Mind (Sony Ericsson Cybershot K800).mp3
11 - Des'ree - You Gotta Be (Ford Focus).mp3
12 - Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again (Megafone).mp3
13 - Jane Birkin - Je T'aime Moi Non Plus (Megafone).mp3
14 - Queen - A Kind Of Magic (MTS).mp3
15 - Perry Como - Magic Moments (MTS).mp3
16 - Blur - The Universal (MTS).mp3
17 - Peggy Lee - Fever (MTS).mp3


CD 2- Eat and Drink
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01 - Harry Belafonte - The Banana Boat Song, Day-O (Coca-Cola).mp3
02 - Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Coca-Cola).mp3
03 - Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream, Holidays Are Coming (Coca-Cola).mp3
04 - One Track Mind - I Like You (Coca-Cola).mp3
05 - Crystal Method - Name Of The Game (Nemiroff).mp3
06 - Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes (Nemiroff).mp3
07 - Fatboy Slim - Wonderful Night (Miller).mp3
08 - Miller - Let It Snow (Miller).mp3
09 - Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You (Pringles).mp3
10 - Ateed - I Want It All (Pringles).mp3
11 - Morcheeba - The Sea (Juice YA).mp3
12 - Slow Train Soul - In The Black Of Night (Juice YA).mp3
13 - Frankie Valli & 4 Seasons - Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You (Carlsberg).mp3
14 - Queen - Love Of My Life (Carlsberg).mp3
15 - Blur - Song 2 (Tuborg).mp3
16 - Real Tuesday Weld - Bathtime In Clerkenwell (J7).mp3
17 - Marcelo D2 - Qual (Brahma).mp3
18 - KC & Sunshine Band - That's The Way I Like It (Orbit).mp3
19 - Clinic - D.P. (Mentos).mp3
20 - Propellerheads - Crash (Carlsberg).mp3
21 - Countdown - Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Mini-Bikini).mp3


CD3 - Hygiene and Perfume
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01 - Reactor - Feeling The Love (Axe Touch).mp3
02 - Dr. Alban - It's My Life (Tampax).mp3
03 - John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air (Sunsilk).mp3
04 - Shocking Blue - Venus (Gillette Venus).mp3
05 - Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil (Oriflame).mp3
06 - Natasha Thomas - Save Your Kisses For Me (Lacoste).mp3
07 - Johnny Guitar Watson - Superman Lover (Axe Click).mp3
08 - Room 5 - Make Luv (Axe Pulse).mp3
09 - Nina Simone - Don't Let Me Be Misundertood (Dior Jador).mp3
10 - The Lovin' Spoonful - Summer In The City (Gilette).mp3
11 - Shivaree - John 2 14 (Kenzo).mp3
12 - Angie Stone - More Than A Woman (Kotex).mp3
13 - Bumcello - Death In Brest (Lacoste).mp3
14 - Spandau Ballet - Gold (Alldays).mp3
15 - Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Oriflame Dermo-Adapt).mp3
16 - Transplants - Diamonds And Guns (Garnier Fructis).mp3
17 - Horrorist - One Night In NY City (Armani).mp3
18 - M.O.P. - Cold As Ice (Aquafresh).mp3


Три диска, сборка из, почти всех, популярных реклам.
Качать можно отдельно.
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Агенство: 180 Amsterdam
Город: Amsterdam
Продакшн-студия: Park Pictures
Рекламодатель: adidas
Бренд: adidas
Рекламная кампания: Impossible is Nothing
Дата первой публикации: 5.2.2004
Рынок: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey
Страна производитель: Netherlands
Язык: English
Ключевые слова: Forever sport.
Награды: The One Show, 2004 (Silver) for Consumer TV: Campaign (Commercials of Varying Lengths) Cannes Lions - International Advertising Festival, 2004 (Gold Lion Campaign) for Corporate Image London International Awards - LIA, 2004 (Winner) for Television/Cinema: Corporate Epica, 2004 for Clothing & Fabric Eurobest, 2004 (Gold) for Clothing, Footwear & Accessories International ANDY Awards, 2005 (Bronze) for Institutional / Corporate Art Directors Annual Awards, 2005 (Silver) for TV: Spots of Varying Length - Campaign Art Directors Annual Awards, 2005 (Silver) for TV & Cinema Crafts: Special Effects - Single EURO EFFIES, 2005 (Gold) for Corporate

Executive Креативный директор: Peter McHugh, Lee Clow
Креативный директор: Richard Bullock
Associate Креативный директор: Dean Maryon
Арт-директор: Dean Maryon
Копирайтер: Richard Bullock
Режисcер: Lance Acord
Главный оператор: Lance Acord
Producer: Deannie O'Neil
Executive Producer: Jackie Kelman-Bisbee
Продюсер агенства: Cedric Gairard
Agency Executive Producer: Peter Cline
Руководитель группы по связям с рекламодателями: Guy Hayward, Nathan Plowman, Melina Polly, Helen Maton
Редактор: Eric Zumbrunnen
Под редакцией: Work
Компьютерная графика: Digital Domain, Fred Raimondi
Музыка: Ren Klyce
Звуковое оформление: Mit Out Sound
Актеры: Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali
Супервайзер рекламодателя: Uli Becker
Business Affairs Manager: Chris Barrand

Обыскался я уже искать эту музыку unsure.gif
Поможет кто-нибудь найти? А то скоро конец света, а я так и не смог найти музыку из ролика и послушать её в нормальном качестве sad.gif
Очень бы хотелось узнать исполнителя песенки из рекламы Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.
Если знаете, пишите в личку желательно smile.gif
8 месяцев - ни одного ответа?

"фанки уже не торт" (с)?
напиши имэйл в 180 Amsterdam

Помогите пожалуйста найти музыку smile.gif

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Помогите пожалуйста найти музыку

Capito – Italia Beats XCD-215

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Рекламируют на Bridge TV воду Evien , что за музыка там , подскажите пожалуйста
hi all! i'm looking for the Shaft in Africa ost in 320/Flac, hope someone can help!
Блин, что ж такое-то... До сих пор не нашёл sad.gif

разворачиваешь ВСЕ каменты под видео, ctrl+f и ищешь слова "song" или "music"

какая-то тема для ленивых походу)
Celestail, вот спасибо, мил человек! А где её можно скачать? smile.gif
в последней рекламе петелинки музыка дико похожа на музыку из хатико

подскажите, что за трек в ролике?

сам нашел

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Entertainment: Music from the Motion Picture Sound (2015)

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Скрытый текст / Hidden text
Experience the soundtrack to Neil Hamburger’s existential dread. The Entertainment is the unnervig film account of a traveling comedian lost on the brink. A broken, aging comic tours the California desert, cast away in a sea of third-rate venues, novelty tourist attractions, and self-serving attempts to reach his estranged daughter. By day, he drags across the barren landscape, inadvertently alienating every acquaintance. At night, he seeks solace in the animation of his onstage persona. Fueled by the promise of a lucrative Hollywood engagement, he confronts a series of increasingly surreal and volatile encounters.
This sonic companion to Entertainment comes straight from the record collection top-secret Neil Hamburger alter ego Gregg Turkington, an avid…
…gatherer of privately pressed curios and the self-proclaimed #1 fan of Frank Sinatra Jr. Joining the Son of the Chairman of the Board on this limited edition LP is a cast of downtrodden personalities, including a emphatically Los Angeleno nun, a Italian-language folkie whose guitar laments the Vietnam war, and a Columbus, Ohio, civil rights activist and record man. Included are interstitial dialogue snippets, one of which lets co-star John C. Reilly supply a bizarre rendition of Away in the Manger.

1. Entertainment – Everybody’s Alright [00:34]
2. Pompeo Stillo & the Companions – He Was a Guitar Player and Now Plays Machinegun in Vietnam [02:49]
3. Bill Moss – Number One [02:57]
4. Entertainment – A Professional Loser [01:31]
5. The Extentions – This Love of Mine [03:04]
6. Entertainment – It’s Been a Long, Long Day [00:21]
7. Devora Clemmons – Animals in the Zoo [04:37]
8. Entertainment – Cousin John Sings Christmas [00:55]
9. Entertainment – Sweet Dreams [00:26]
10. Frank Sinatra Jr. – Black Night [04:21]
11. Entertainment – Yellow Rims [00:32]
12. Insight Out – It Makes You Feel So Bad [02:38]
13. Nun-Plus – Los Angeles [04:07]
14. Entertainment – Should I Be Concerned? [00:52]
15. Bob Desper – It’s Too Late [05:11]
16. Entertainment Choir – Ave Maria (Daughter of My Dreams) [04:32]

Uplo Flac
Turbo Flac

Federico Jusid - Misconduct OST (2016)

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1. Overture (05:19)
2. What Comes Next Is Our Secret (04:19)
3. Fistfight At The Church (02:43)
4. In Eleven Hours (02:46)
5. It's Just Us (02:13)
6. Open The Door! (02:35)
7. How Far Are You Willing To Go? (02:16)
8. Harder! (02:27)
9. You Think You Have The Complete Picture, But You Don't (01:40)
10. Take His Head And Put It On The Wall (02:24)
11. Wanna Go On A Date? (02:33)
12. Leave No Trace Behind (02:34)
13. At Least You Are Rich (02:55)
14. There Is No Truth In The Law (01:54)
15. Hunting Ben (01:26)
16. There Is No Right Or Wrong, Only What's True (02:00)
17. Desperate Questions (04:34)
18. How I Built My Reputation (03:09)
19. I Took Actions With My Own Hands (02:17)
20. Act As Normal As Possible (01:01)
21. Amy's Chase (01:39)
22. Why Did You Never Mention Emily? (02:07)
23. The Art Gallery (00:55)
24. Lust (03:13)
25. Head Trip (04:28)

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Artist: Federico Jusid
Title: Misconduct Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Released: 2016
Source: WEB
Genre: Soundtrack
Size: 136.4MB
MPEG 1.0 layer 3
44100Hz Stereo


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