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Yes, Yes it does.
Josh Rabino.
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Pedro The Lion - Achilles Heel?
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Pedro The Lion - Control (2002)

1. Options
2. Rapture
3. Penetration
4. Indian Summer
5. Progress
6. Magazine
7. Rehearsal
8. Second Best
9. Priests And Paramedics
10. Rejoice

Seattle's Pedro The Lion (aka David Bazan) delivers Control, the band's third full-length album. This time around, Bazan has recruited the help of Seldom's Casey Foubert to share the burden, resulting in a collection of songs which play darker, fuller and sometimes much heavier than any of the previous releases. 2002.


One of my personal favorite cd's

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Pedro The Lion - Achilles Heel (2005)

1. Bands With Managers
2. Foregone Conclusions
3. The Fleecing
4. Discretion
5. Arizona
6. Keep Swinging
7. Transcontinental
8. I Do
9. A Simple Plan
10. Start Without Me
11. The Poison

Untested Link
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Pedro The Lion - Winners Never Quit (2000)

1. Slow And Steady Wins The Race
2. Simple Economics
3. To Protect The Family Name
4. A Mind Of Her Own
5. Never Leave A Job Half Done
6. Eye On The Finish Line
7. Bad Things To Such Good People
8. Winners Never Quit

Shame, delusion, and resignation are everywhere on Winners Never Quit. David Bazan's grim songs come off like allegories without the comfort of clearly stated life lessons. The listener is left to sort out the meaning or moral of gloom-ridden scenarios featuring troubled characters who live in America, the land of the winner. "To Protect the Family Name" is a painfully poignant depiction of a vulnerable drunk who's fallen off the wagon and is begging for another chance. Bazan's slow, almost slurred singing deftly places the listener in close proximity to the drunken protagonist. The drums have a murky sound quality that nicely reflects the song's theme and mood. Similarly, the title tune's enervated drumming matches the sentiment at hand. It closes out the album with just a glimmer of--for lack of a better word--hope, as Bazan sings, "Count it a blessing/that you're such a failure / your second chance might / never have come."



Control is just great!
As always, another piece of good music from you, mlkdecow07! smile.gif
And another great band from Jade Tree.
Thanks a lot, keep the good work! smile.gif

But it's a pity that bitrate is 160 kbps only sad.gif
It would be very useful if you'll post some info about bitrate of the albums you're uploading...

I usually do... this was a link I didn't personally upload or test. I can rip this cd or any of their other ones if you want. Just let me know which cd and what bitrate.
Winners Never Quit is only 21 Mb in size sad.gif
And Achilles Heel is 36 Mb...
And I hate low bitrate music, it's just impossible to listen to it...
I suppose both these albums are encoded in 128 kbps...

Sorry for bothering you so much smile.gif, but can you upload something form Pedro The Lion in at least 192 kbps?
It would be just perfect smile.gif

I don't know about exact albums, can you post just something?
Best in your opinion...
And the higher bitrate the better, but 192 is OK smile.gif
However if you rip CDs yourself, I prefer to have it in LAME --alt-preset standard, e.g VBR ~ 200 kbps...

Pedro The Lion - Control (2002)
Size: 60.6 MB
Bitrate: 192 [VBR] kbps mp3
Encoder: Lame


This is my personal favorite PTL cd, and definitely on my top CD's of all time list.

Also check out Headphones. Pretty much Pedro The Lion except with synth instead of guitars.
Thank you very-very-very much smile.gifsmile.gif
I like this CD too. Very sad but beautiful...

About Headphones - I'll check these guys too, thanks for pointing out.

After listening to Controls several times, I like this band more and more!
Could you upload some other album when you'll have free time?
Again: best in your opinion after Controls smile.gif

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Pedro The Lion - It's Hard To Find A Friend (1998)
Size: 55 MB
Bitrate: 192 [VBR] kbps mp3
Encoder: Lame 3.95
Record Label: Jade Tree

1. Of Up And Coming Monarchs
2. The Longer I Lay Here
3. Big Trucks
4. Suspect Fled The Scene
5. Bad Diary Days
6. The Longest Winter
7. When They Really Get To Know You They Will Run
8. Of Minor Prophets And Their Prostitute Wives
9. The Bells L
10. Secret Of The Easy Yoke
11. The Well
12. Promise

can you please upload {Winners Never Quit} in 192 kbps? It would be just great! rolleyes.gif

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