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320 kbit/s

2009 - Man on the Moon: The End of Day

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Act I: The End of Day
01. In My Dreams (Cudder Anthem)
02. Soundtrack 2 My Life
03. Simple As...

Act II: Rise of the Night Terrors
04. Mr. Solo Dolo (Nightmare)
05. Heart of a Lion (Kid Cudi Theme Music)
06. My World (feat. Billy Cravens)

Act III: Taking a Trip
07. Day 'n' Nite (Nightmare)
08. Sky Might Fall
09. Enter Galactic (Love Connection Part 1)

Act IV: Stuck
10. Alive (Nightmare) (feat. Ratatat)
11. Cudi Zone
12. Make Her Say (feat. Kanye West & Common)
13. Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare) (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)

Act V: A New Beginning
14. Hyyerr (feat. Chip tha Ripper)
15. Up Up & Away (The Wake & Bake Song)

2010 - Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager (+ Digital Booklet)

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01. Scott Mescudi VS the World feat. Cee-LO
03. Don't Play This Song feat. Mary J. Blige
04. We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up)
05. Marijuana
06. Mojo So Dope
07. Ashin' Kusher
08. Erase Me feat. Kanye West
09. Wild'n Cuz Im Young
10. The Mood
11. MANIAC feat. Cage & St. Vincent
12. Mr. Rager
13. These Worries feat. Mary J. Blige
14. The End feat. GLC, Chip Tha Ripper & Nicole Wray
15. All Along
16. GHOST!
17. Trapped In My Mind
18. Maybe

2012 - WZRD (Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius) - WZRD

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01. The Arrival
02. High Off Life
03. The Dream Time Machine
04. Love Hard
05. Live & Learn
06. Brake
07. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (Feat. Desire)
08. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
09. Efflictim
10. Dr. Pill
11. Upper Room

2013 - Indicud (MP3, iTunes Version + Digital Booklet)

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1. The Resurrection of Scott Mescudi
2. Unfuckwittable
3. Just What I Am" (feat. King Chip)
4. Young Lady (feat. Father John Misty)
5. King Wizard
6. Immortal
7. Solo Dolo Part II (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
8. Girls (feat. Too Short)
9. New York City Rage Fest
10. Red Eye (feat. Haim)
11. Mad Solar
12. Beez (feat. RZA)
13. Brothers (feat. King Chip & A$AP Rocky)
14. Burn Baby Burn
15. Lord of the Sad and Lonely
16. Cold Blooded
17. Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) (feat. Michael Bolton & King Chip)
18. The Flight of the Moon Man

iTunes Version

2014 - Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon (MP3, iTunes Version + Digital Booklet)

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01. Destination: Mother Moon
02. Going To the Ceremony
03. Satellite Flight
04. Copernicus Landing
05. Balmain Jeans (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
06. Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now
07. Internal Bleeding
08. In My Dreams 2015
09. Return of the Moon Man (Original Score)
10. Troubled Boy

iTunes Version

2015 - Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven (MP3, iTunes Version)

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1. Edge of the Earth/Post Mortem Boredom [Explicit]
2. Confused! [Explicit]
3. Man in the Night [Explicit]
4. Screwed [Explicit]
5. Fade 2 Red [Explicit]
6. Adventures [Explicit]
7. Nothing [Explicit]
8. Amen [Explicit]
9. Handle with Care [Explicit]
10. Judgmental C**t [Explicit]
11. Séance Chaos [Explicit]
12. Fairy Tale Remains [Explicit]
13. Wedding Tux [Explicit]
14. Angered Kids [Explicit]
15. Red Sabbath [Explicit]
16. Fuchsia Butterflies [Explicit]
17. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven [Explicit]
18. Embers [Explicit]
19. Anomaly (Rehearsal Demo) [Explicit]
20. Return of Chip Douglas (Demo) [Explicit]
21. Trauma [Explicit]
22. Wait! (Rehearsal Demo) [Explicit]
23. Insides Out [Explicit]
24. Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven (Acoustic Demo) [Explicit]
25. Worth [Explicit]
26. Melting [Explicit]

iTunes Version

2016 - Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' (MP3, iTunes Version)

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Act 1: Tuned
1. Frequency
2. Swim in the Light
3. Releaser
4. By Design ft. Andre Benjamin
5. All In

Act 2: Prophecy
6. ILLusions
7. Rose Golden ft. Willow Smith
8. Baptised in Fire ft. Travis Scott
9. Flight at First Sight / Advanced ft. Pharrell Williams
10. Does It

Act 3: Niveaux de l’Amour
11. Dance 4 Eternity
12. Distant Fantasies
13. Wounds
14. Mature Nature
15. Kitchen

Act 4: It’s Bright and Heaven is Warm
16 Cosmic Warrior
17. The Guide ft. Andre Benjamin
18. The Commander
19. Surfin ft. Pharrell Williams

iTunes Version

A Kid Named Cudi (2014) (Mixtape)

Kid Cudi – A Kid Named Cudi (2014) (iTunes)

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1. Intro [Explicit]
2. Down Out [Explicit]
3. Is There Any Love [Explicit]
4. Cudi Get [Explicit]
5. Man On the Moon [Explicit]
6. The Prayer [Explicit]
7. Embrace the Martian [Explicit]
8. Maui Wowie [Explicit]
9. 50 Ways To Make a Record [Explicit]
10. Whenever [Explicit]
11. Pillow Talk [Explicit]
12. Save My Soul [Explicit]
13. Tgif [Explicit]
14. Cudi Spazzin’ [Explicit]
15. Cleveland Is the Reason [Explicit]
16. Heaven At Night [Explicit]

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Plain Pat & Emile Presents a KiD named CuDi (2008)

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Artist : KiD CuDi
Album : Plain Pat & Emile Presents a KiD named CuDi
Year : 2008
Genre : Hip-Hop
Bitrate : VBR ~201K/s 44100Hz Stereo

10 Deep sponsors the new mixtape from Kid Cudi. Presented by Emile and Plain Pat, who produced a lot of the mixtape. Cudi is a dope artist and currently is signed to A-Trak’s label. 10 Deep had a large success with their last mixtape with Wale. This one seems to be getting a big buzz just as well. The mixtape is dope, Cudi definitely has some skills and could be pretty popular soon. The mixtape release party is tonight in lower Manhattan, I will be there so if you’re there let me know. Alright, check out Kid Cudi. Always a free mixtape download over here. The home of free mixtapes. Tracklist and downloads after the jump. Get Right…

Website: Kid Cudi

Track Listing
01. Intro
02. Down & Out
03. Is There Any Love? (Feat. Wale) (Produced by Emile)
04. CuDi Get
05. Man On The Moon (The Anthem) (Produced by NOSAJTHING)
06. The Prayer (Produced by Plain Pat)
07. Day N Nite (Produced Dot Da Genius)
08. Crookers - Embrace The Martian (Feat. KiD CuDi)
09. Maui Wowie
10. 50 Ways The Make A Record (Produced by Emile & Plain Pat)
11. Whenever
12. Pillow Talk
13. Same My Soul (The CuDi Confession)
14. T.G.I.F. (Feat. Chip The Ripper)
15. CuDi Spazzin'
16. Cleveland Is The Reason (Produced Dot Da Genius)
17. Heaven At Nite

Total Playing Time: 49:41

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: o
Plain Pat and Emile Presents KiD CuDi - a KiD named CuDi

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взято с http://www.kidcudi.com/


спасибо, приятненький микстейп...
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Забавный кид кстати... Лупе второй наверное где-то, возможно.
Лупе второй наверное где-то, возможно.

угу... похожи они чем то....
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кид кади очень крутой.
ждем альбома, микстейп охренительный.
Лупе второй наверное где-то, возможно.

маловероятно, не тот калибр
Artist: Kid Cudi Vs. Crookers
Title: Day 'N' Nite
Label: Fools Gold
Genre: House
Bitrate: 192kbit av.
Time: 00:44:15
Size: 63.71 mb
Rip Date: 2008-11-28
Str Date: 2008-00-00

1. Day 'N' Nite (Radio Edit) 2:45
2. Day 'N' Nite (Club Mix) 4:43
3. Day 'N' Nite (Bimbo Jones Vocal Mix) 8:13
4. Day 'N' Nite (Mobin Master Remix) 7:38
5. Day 'N' Nite (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) 7:18
6. Day 'N' Nite (Agent X Remix) 5:12
7. Day 'N' Nite (Original Mix) 3:43
8. Day 'N' Nite (Crookers 'At Nite' Dub) 4:43

трек со всевозможными сэплами из песен канье:
KiD CuDi - Sky High
подает шикарные надежды
будем ждать альбом ph34r.gif
> i say is that spanish? she say yea, i say kosher
А клип есть у кого в хорошем качестве?
да клипов бы в хорошем качестве какие есть smile.gif
Поёт отвратно )

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