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the band comes from germany.
they describe their music as orgsamic melodic death for it is difficult to describe the kind of music they play.
just have a listen and decide on your own!

there are 2 great songs on myspace.

Nattaravnur @ MySpace
Nattaravnur @ lastFM

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full gig from emergenza-festival 09

01 - cryture
02 - mr hide
03 - forever is my pain
04 - as raven fell
05 - nephilim

mp3 (320 kbps)

i was at that show and to be honest, i didn't know the band, but i didn't really like their style. especially the vocals were pretty horrible
symphocore это моё любимое laugh.gif
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Как я понял, группа играет без басс-гитариста. Тему действительно в митОл бы.
По поводу впечатлений могу сказать, что на любителя. По мне, так никак.
at live shows there is a bass player, but they are looking for a new bass player to be a full member of the band.
nattaravnur - demo 2009

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01 As Raven Fell
02 Mr Hide
03 Cryture
04 Nephilim
05 Lucy

Ну чо, оргазм словил уже кто-то?
нужно больше хорошего
Yeah, I heart some reports concerning orgasms during live shows biggrin.gif
We are almost through with the recording of our upcoming LP.
We're going to upload a studio report and a videoblog the next days.
Hope you are looking forward to the release as much as we do.
Stay tuned for the new merch collection as well! there will be special bundles! wink.gif

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01 - intro
02 - nephilim’s rising
03 - cryture
04 - mr. hide
05 - as raven fell
06 - blood on the horizon
07 - wolves in the throne room
08 - eystrup


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