James Holden - Balance 005 [2003]
Label: EQ [Grey]
Format: 2xCD, Mixed
Released: 06 Oct 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Trance

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01. The MFA - The Difference It Makes (Original Mix) (6:26)
02. Meta.83 - Antrieb (1:53)
03. Jake Fairley - Oshawa (2:20)
04. Zeta Reticula - Tool 1 (1:19)
05. Petter - All Together (7:03)
06. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Bad Friday (1:46)
07. Zeta Reticula - Tool 3 (1:00)
08. Avus - Real (5:02)
09. DJ ESP - No Future (Soundburnt Mix) (2:14)
10. Jase From Outta Space - Do What You Want (Infusion's Sky Mix) (feat. Claire Sky) (7:35)
11. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Fluffy Mix) (3:16)
12. Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Original Mix) (8:50)
13. FortDax - Fortune Telling Fish, Curled To Suggest 'Home' (2:07)
14. PQM - You Are Sleeping (PQM vs. Luke Chable Vocal Pass) (6:33)
15A. Petter - These Days (Instrumental) (8:03)
15B. Baby Ford & The Ifach Collective - Bad Friday (Beats)
16. Herrmann & Kleine - Leaving You Behind (Without Knowing Where To Go) (5:46)

01. Meek - Happy (Original Mix) (4:49)
02. Meerkat - Colours (JH Re-edit) (1:28)
03. Avus - Your Body (Original Mix) (1:34)
04. Scape One - PFX Tokyo (0:58)
05. FC Kahuna - Hayling (Kosmas Epsilon Mix) (6:53)
06. Holden - The Wheel (Pass 1) (5:54)
07. Kotai + Mo - Black Acid (Part 1) (0:59)
08. Epsilon 9 - Lifeformation (Infernal Machine Mix) (6:53)
09. Carl A. Finlow - Ghetto Server (4:42)
10. Gill Norris - Forme (7:03)
11. Ficta - Eli (4:53)
12. Petter - Tonediary (5:55)
13. Form & Function - Wonderland (Original Mix) (5:38)
14. Meta.83 - End Titles (4:31)

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barey, great job for posting it!

I already had it on my comp and I wanted to recommend it for all trance fans and all electronic music fans in general.

It is the best Progressive house/trance cd there is. CD1 is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
CD2 is great as well. When I listened to it for the first times, I could not believe that such great music exists. Holden mixed the tracks fantastically and u could not select better tracks. All of them are SUPERB. No exceptions. In fact, they are so fukin superb that although I have it ripped, I will still buy the double cd album just to have it as an original. IT IS THAT FUKIN GOOD.

Get it ppl, hope the link works for u. If not, get it some other way, it will be worth it! thumb.gif
wicked album
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i will test, i dont know him
thanks !
Жжёшь... thumb.gif
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WOW havent heard anything that good in quite a while now. THANK YOU ! biggrin.gif kiss.gif
грузится неимоверно долго... apple.gif
нереально его еще куда-нить залить!?
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c-quence, я попозже 2ЦД компиляцией залью.

А пока что

James Holden - Essential Mix (2002.01.20) [165 mb]
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Похоже прощелкал клювом и не успел скачать...dry.gif
not working sad.gif
Please other link is not avaible
not working mad.gif
Эй, please, please ohmy.gif Перезалейте, кто-нить добрый человек!!! Качал на работе, не до качал, пришел домой, а ужо нету unsure.gif А ведь вещица thumb.gif оч хочется
хотелось бы канешна не компиляцией, а отдельными треками по возможности unsure.gif
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c-quence, тока компиляцией. sad.gif Какая разница. Всё равно резали компиляцию и выкладывали по-треково.
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