Solefald - Red for Fire : An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1

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1. Sun I Call
2. Survival Of The Outlaw
3. Where Birds Have Never Been
4. Bragi 01:18
5. White Frost Queen
6. There Is Need
7. Prayer Of A Son
8. Crater Of The Valkyries
9. Sea I Called


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on italian metal magazine it's rated 9,5/10 ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif

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Yes reup please !!! Thx
How could I miss this?
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Solefald - Red for Fire : An Icelandic Odyssey Part 1


1. Sun I Call 06:19
2. Survival Of The Outlaw 06:37
3. Where Birds Have Never Been 05:55
4. Bragi 01:18
5. White Frost Queen 06:57
6. There Is Need 05:53
7. Prayer Of A Son 01:47
8. Crater Of The Valkyries 08:21
9. Sea I Called 05:34
Total playing time 54:20

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Solefald The Linear Scaffold 1997


1. Jernlov
2. Philosophical Revolt
3. Red View
4. Floating Magenta
5. The Macho Vehicle
6. Coutryside Bohemians
7. Tequila Sunrise
8. When the Moon is on the Wave

Total playing time: 39:18





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have somebody more stuff from this great band?
Yeah, is there anybody who can upload more? biggrin.gif
Post-Black metal?sounds interesting,gotta check them out,thx for sharing.
The Norwegian duo Solefald plays what its members have described as "radical designer rock & roll" and, more abstractly, "red music with black edges." A more precise, technical term for their music might be post-black metal, as they have used their initial foundation in that genre as a jumping-off point toward developing their own, harder-to-categorize sound. In this sense, they are somewhat comparable to fellow Norwegian acts such as Arcturus, Dodheimsgard, and Fleurety, who have followed roughly similar paths over their careers. For their part, Solefald has peppered their metal-based music with reggae and electronic/dance rhythms, punk rock-style guitars, a heavy use of keyboards (beyond what is typical for black metal), and even occasional rap-like vocals (most notably on 1999's Neonism). Their lyrics also go beyond the genre's norms, touching on themes involving consumerism, fashion, and modern urban life in general — as opposed to Satanism, Norwegian folklore, forests, and wolves, etc. — often expressing a sarcastic sense of humor in the process.

Solefald - Neonism

1 Fluorescent 5:20
2 Speed Increased to Scaffold 8:27
3 CK II Chanel N*6 3:31
4 Proprietors of Red 6:33
5 A Motion Picture 1:55
6 Omnipolis 5:36
7 Backpacka Baba 5:24
8 Third Person Plural 4:03
9 04.34 PM 3:22
10 The New Timelessness 6:00


Ссылка: - Neonism.part2.rar.html

BTW:Can anybody upload In Harmonia Universali or the last 5 tracks of In Harmonia Universali?I only have 1-5

Part2 link doesnt work smile.gif
I just uploaded this,guess the server has something wrong today,try tomorrow.
I emailed simple upload team,this is their reply


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seems the 2nd part can be downloaded only 2-4 days later. dry.gif

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