V.A. - Dark Was The Night [2009]
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Disc 1
01. Knotty Pine (Dirty Projectors and David Byrne)
02. Cello Song (The Books and José González) [orig. Nick Drake]
03. Train Song (Feist and Ben Gibbard) [orig. Vashti Bunyan ]
04. Brackett, WI (Bon Iver)
05. Deep Blue Sea (Grizzly Bear)
06. So Far Around The Bend (The National and Nico Muhly)
07. Tightrope (Yeasayer)
08. Feeling Good (My Brightest Diamond)
09. Dark Was The Night (Kronos Quartet) [orig. Blind Willie Johnson]
10. I Was Young When I Left Home (Antony and Bryce Dessner) [orig. Bob Dylan]
11. Big Red Machine (Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner)
12. Sleepless (The Decemberists)
13. Stolen Houses (Die) (Iron & Wine)
14. Service Bell (Grizzly Bear and Feist)
15. You Are The Blood (Sufjan Stevens)

Disc 2
01. Well-Alright (Spoon)
02. Lenin (Arcade Fire)
03. Mimizan (Beirut)
04. El Caporal (My Morning Jacket)
05. Inspiration Information (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings) [orig. Shuggie Otis]
06. With A Girl Like You (Dave Sitek) [orig. The Troggs]
07. Blood Pt 2 (Buck 65, Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti) [orig. The Castanets]
08. Hey, Snow White (The New Pornographers) [orig. Destroyer]
09. Gentle Hour (Yo La Tengo) [orig. Snapper]
10. Another Saturday (Stuart Murdoch)
11. Happiness (Riceboy Sleeps)
12. Amazing Grace (Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues)
13. The Giant of Illinois (Andrew Bird) [orig. Handsome Family]
14. Lua (Conor Oberst and Gillian Welch)
15. When The Road Runs Out (Blonde Redhead and Devastations)
16. Love vs. Porn (Kevin Drew)

4AD will be realeasing Dark Was The Night on February 17th. The compilation is filled with indie-tastic contributions and was produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National. The release will be available as a double-cd, triple-vinyl, and online download and all profits will benefit the Red Hot Organization, which is an international charity dedicated to fundraising and awareness for HIV and AIDS. The album will contain 32 exclusive tracks specifically recorded for the compilation. Let me just throw out a sampling of contributors to whet your indie appetite: Andrew Bird, Antony, Arcade Fire, Beach House, Beirut, Bon Iver, Jose Gonzalez, Cat Power, The Decemberists, Kevin Drew, Feist, Ben Gibbard, Grizzly Bear, Iron & Wine, My Morning Jacket, The National, The New Pornographers, Conor Oberst, Gillian Welch, Spoon, Sufjan Stevens, Yo La Tengo, and more.

part 2
А зачем было делать две одинаковые темы в двух разных разделах?
4AD records

egorrr А зачем было делать две одинаковые темы в двух разных разделах? 4AD records

сорри. сделал сначала в электронике а потом глаза протер.. и понял что не туда пишу.
вообще тут с V/A чет я не понял. поиска по лейблам не нашел. как то так.. blink.gif

Лейбл 4AD был основан в 1979 году Первым названием было Axis Records.К середине 1980-х годов лейбл приобрёл международную известность, и его визитной карточкой стала музыка таких групп, как Birthday Party, Cocteau Twins и Dead Can Dance.Во второй половине 1980-х годов продукция 4AD диверсифицировалась за счёт альтернативного рока, представленного на лэйбле такими группами как Throwing Muses, Pixies, Lush.В начале 1990-х годов был открыт филиал 4AD в Лос-Анджелесе (США). В 1999 году Иво Уоттс-Рассел продал свою долю в 4AD в выросшую из Beggar's Banquet Records фирму «Beggar's Group».Самым большим коммерческим успехом 4AD стал, к удивлению сингл 1987 года «Pump Up The Volume» группы M/A/R/R/S, выдержанный в стиле хаус/техно.

4AD - V.A. - Dark Was The Night [2009]
кстати дата выхода 17.02.2009

думаю предыдущие ссылки уже мертвы. ph34r.gif

Вообще грусная история с этим лейблом. На 4AD выпускались практически все кумиры молодости.
одни Dead Can Dance чего стоят - БОГИ !
Теперь лейбл ведет трудную борьбу за выживание.

Лейбл 4AD выпустил бесплатный цифровой сборник произведений своих лучших музыкантов
Новый семплер представляет собой своеобразный годовой отчет. Лейбл неприкрыто хвастается тем, что в 2008 году ему удалось поработать с такими мощными инди-коллективами, как TV On The Radio, Deerhunter и Bon Ivor. Кроме того, в плей-листе замечена The Breeders, группа Кима Дила. И, хотя ее лучшие времена прошли и с уходом Тани Донелли она многое потеряла, все равно интересно взглянуть, чем сейчас занимается басист Pixies.

А вот и полный список треков:
1. TV On The Radio — Golden Age
2. Deerhunter — Nothing Ever Happened
3. Department Of Eagles — No One Does It Like You
4. Anni Rossi — Ecology
5. Stereolab — Neon Beanbag
6. Atlas Sound — River Card
7. It Hugs Back — Work Day
8. Minotaur Shock — My Burr
9. Johann Johannsson — Melodia
10. Bon Ivor — Skinny Love
11. The Breeders — Bang On
12. The Mountain Goats — Sax Rohmer #1

скачать с официального сайта 4AD

не грузанул я вас не? и еще скажите мне плз как под кат убирать текст?
Holy crap that second disc seems to drag on for five hours (especially the sleepy last five tracks or so), but despite the epic length of this project, it's a very solid compilation.

All of the best moments are on the first disc. People were surprised how Antony's voice complimented disco so much with Hercules & Love Affair, and it turns out he can also be an exceptional folk singer on the gorgeous "I Was Young When I Left Home". Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner's "Big Red Machine" perfectly balances strings accompanied by minimalist piano notes. The Books and José González breathe new life onto Nick Drake's "Cello Song". And everyone's favorite overachiever Sufjan Stevens absolutely nails Castanets' "You Are The Blood" while busing out the electronics. I hope this is the direction he goes on his next album.

The first disc also does contain one of the worst songs I've heard in a very long time. That would be the tortuous "Sleepless" by the Decemberists which drags on for a horrifying EIGHT minutes while bringing absolutely nothing new to the table.

The second disc, as noted earlier, is packed full of boring folky jams, but some of the standouts include the Sigur Ros-related "Happiness" by Riceboy Sleeps, which is 8 and a half minutes of ambient bliss (he could teach the Decemberists a thing or two about writing eight minute songs). TVOTR's Dave Sitek's "With a Girl Like You" sounds like it was probably recorded during the sessions for Scarlett Johansson's underrated album, and exposes his talent. The Arcade Fire track "Lenin" is good, not great, but it's always nice to hear anything out of their camp. Beirut and The New Pornographers also offer a few tracks that are solid and reassuring since I had started to grow tired of both band's sounds.

Everything from Cat Power to Kevin Drew on disc two is forgettable.

Despite the amount of filler found here, there is more than enough good music to go around to make this charity comp a worthy investment.
группа Кима Дила

Ким Дил, хотя это не сразу заметно, все же женщина wink.gif

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Artist: VA
Title: Dark Was The Night
Label: 4AD
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 173kbit av.
Time: 02:10:23
Size: 173.64 mb
Rip Date: 2009-02-14
Str Date: 2009-02-16

Track List:

Disc 1/2 :

1. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne - Knotty Pine 2:23
2. The Books Ft. Jose Gonzalez - Cello Song 3:54
3. Feist & Ben Gibbard - Train Song 3:02
4. Bon Iver - Brackett WI 4:03
5. Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea 3:46
6. The National - So Far Around The Bend 3:43
7. Yeasayer - Tightrope 3:18
8. My Bright Diamond - Feeling Good 3:53
9. Kromos Quartet - Dark Was The Night 3:51
10. Antony With Bryce Dressner - I Was Young When I Left Home 4:55
11. Just Vernon & Aaron Dressner - Big Red Machine 4:39
12. The Decemberists - Sleepless 7:53
13. Iron & Wine - Die 1:07
14. Grizzly Bear & Feist - Service Bell 2:23
15. Sufjan Stevens - You Are The Blood 10:14

Track List:
Disc 2/2:

1. Spoon - Well Alright 2:46
2. Arcade Fire - Lenin 4:07
3. Beirut - Mimizan 2:42
4. My Morning Jacket - El Caporal 3:33
5. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Inspiration Information 4:05
6. Dave Sitek - With A Girl Like You 3:26
7. Buck 65 Ft. Sufjan Stevens & Serengeti - Blood Pt 2 3:36
8. The New Pornographers - Hey, Snow White 4:25
9. Yo La Tengo - Gentle Hour 5:31
10. Cat Power - Amazing Grace 2:55
11. Riceboy Sleeps - Happiness 8:37
12. Stuart Murdoch - Another Saturday 3:34
13. Andrew Bird - The Giant Of Illinois 4:44
14. Conor Oberst With Gillian Welch - Lua 5:53
15. Blonde Redhead & Devastations - When The Road Runs Out3:28
16. Keven Drew - Love vs Porn 3:57

Release Notes:

Sat on this for over a month out of respect for the cause.

Produced by both Aaron and Bryce Dessner from The
National (with the charity's founder, John Carlin, its
executive producer), 'Dark Was The Night' is nothing
short of exceptional. Reading like a Who's Who of
Independent music and sounding even better, the vast
majority of the contributors hail from North America and all
have gone beyond the call of duty to help make this record so

+ For those unaware, The Red Hot Organisation is an
international charity dedicated to raising funds and
awareness for HIV and AIDS. After twenty years, their
founding principle is still at the very core of everything
they do; even without a cure, AIDS remains a preventable

Furthermore, the charity comes with a strong track record in
using music as a great vehicle to raise both money and
awareness for their cause. They have worked with many greats
in their time including U2, George Michael, Madonna,
Nirvana, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Sonic
Youth, My Bloody Valentine and Wu Tang Clan. 'Dark Was
The Night' is the next installment in an already esteemed
series. In addition, it not only helps to mark their
twentieth year but is also their twentieth compilation
to date.

Made in the name of the AIDS charity, The Red Hot
Organization, 'Dark Was The Night' rounds up a stellar cast of
musicians to create the most exciting charity compilations in

CD1_  http://ifolder.ru/11634231
CD2_  http://ifolder.ru/11634232



Это сообщение отредактировал Blast40185 - 16.04.09 в 14:14
не грузанул я вас не?

да конечно нет, спасибо за проделанную большую работу !!! да и ещё можно )) супер-певицу St. Vincent тоже можно выложить )
in muzik with different beatz we all trust
Dark Was The Night at 320kbps


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отличный сборник, случайно откопал у себя, 2 дня уже слушаю...

- вот если кому-то интересно, запись концерта Dark Was The Night. тем, кто сюда заходит, наверное не стоит объяснять, какую ценность это представляет wink.gif

Цитата: (gde.takoi.ya)

- вот если кому-то интересно, запись концерта Dark Was The Night. тем, кто сюда заходит, наверное не стоит объяснять, какую ценность это представляет wink.gif

http://dimarchuk.blogspot.com/2010/12/dark...ht-concert.html , запостил вот
а не подскажите где Tune-Yards найти? они же тоже с 4AD...
все идет хорошо, но почему-то на *уй

On my wishlist sad.gif i cannot find it for download
Westernsynthetics - No Holiday (SUBDUB 005) [2011]

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Label: 4AD
Catalog#: CAD3119CD
Released: July 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dubstep
Quality: 320 cbr (cd)
Total Size: 83 mb

Tracklist :
01. Witch Hunt (01:47)
02. Natalia's Song (04:04)
03. Alothea (02:49)
04. Black Orchid (01:34)
05. Riding With Death (02:03)
06. Vortex (01:58)
07. Things Fall Apart (02:51)
08. Salamander (00:52)
09. Lucifer (00:57)
10. Digital Rain (03:29)
11. Vanquish (00:59)
12. A Devil Lay Here (02:52)
13. Florence (01:40)
14. Haunted (02:18)
15. Basquiat (02:16)
16. Mozaik (03:12)

The Big Pink - Future This - 2012
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Artist: The Big Pink
Title: Future This
Label: 4AD
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: LAME 3.98
Size: 98,56 mb
Play Time: 00:44:33 min

01. Stay Gold
02. Hit The Ground (Superman)
03. Give It Up
04. The Palace
05. 1313
06. Rubbernecking
07. Jump Music
08. Lose Your Mind
09. Future This
10. 77

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Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Mature Themes - 2012
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Artist: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Title: Mature Themes
Label: 4AD
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Encoder: FhG
Size: 119 mb
Play Time: 00:50:54 min

01. Kinski Assassin 2.59
02. Is This The Best Spot? 1.47
03. Mature Themes 2.47
04. Only In My Dreams 3.12
05. Driftwood 4.22
06. Early Birds of Babylon 5.15
07. Schnitzel Boogie 4.35
08. Symphony of the Nymph 4.35
09. Pink Slime 2.11
10. Farewell American Primitive 2.55
11. Live It Up 4.03
12. Nostradamus & Me 7.25
13. Baby 4.49

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