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Although he studied drums in the Navy School of Music in Washington, there has never been anything militaristic about Paul Motian's prolific work as a jazz drummer. In the mid-1950s, he played with a host of jazz stars including Stan Getz, George Russell and Thelonious Monk, but his major association was with pianist Bill Evans, both in Evans's trio and as a member of other groups, such as the quartet led by clarinettist Tony Scott.

With Bill Evans, he developed a way of playing that mirrored the pianist's phrasing and approach, often abandoning aspects of the drummer's traditional time-keeping role. He went on to prove that he is one of the finest trio drummers in jazz history, working with the free-jazz influenced group of Paul Bley and the more wide-ranging Keith Jarrett Trio. During the decade he played with Jarrett (1967-76), Motian developed a particular rapport with bassist Charlie Haden, in whose own groups he toured and recorded from time to time, from the 1960s to the 1990s.

From the late 1970s, Motian has mainly fronted his own groups, ranging from the excitement of his Electric Bebop Band (which pitted two guitarists against a saxophone player, backed by bass and drums) to more conventional jazz trios and quartets. His lomg-standing trio with saxophonist Joe Lovano and guitarist Bill Frisell is particularly noteworthy.

Paul Motian Band - Psalm (ECM, 1982)

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Paul Motian - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Ed Schuller - bass
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
Billy Drewes - tenor and alto saxophones



Paul Motian Trio - I Have The Room Above Her (ECM, 2004)

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Paul Motian - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone

download: pt.1, pt.2
Birth of a great new band, captured live at New York’s celebrated Village Vanguard, with repertoire emphasizing Paul Motian’s wonderful ballad writing. New Motian tunes are juxtaposed with “Bird Song” (from “Tati”) and “Drum Music” and “Abacus” (first heard on Paul’s now legendary album “Le Voyage”). A free exploration of Irving Berlin’s “Be Careful It’s My Heart” completes a programme distinguished by gloriously supple playing from all three participants who are in tune at a high level. Or, as the New York Times noted, reviewing the concerts from which this album was drawn: “The accumulated wisdom within the band was clear.”

новый альбом Поля Мотяна, представляющий собой импровизацию трио Motian-Potter-Moran, записанную в феврале 2009 года. на мой взгляд, попроще, чем альбом "I Have The Room Above Her", записанный с Ловано и Фрайзеллом, и, видимо, поэтому инет уже сейчас полон восторженных отзывов.

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Paul Motian Trio - Lost In A Dream (2010)
ECM note

Chris Potter - tenor saxophone
Jason Moran - piano
Paul Motian - drums

01. Mode VI (5:09)
02. Casino (8:05)
03. Lost In A Dream (6:39)
04. Blue Midnight (6:09)
05. Be Careful It's My Heart (2:58)
06. Birdsong (6:52)
07. Ten (4:29)
08. Drum Music (6:07)
09. Abacus (4:25)
10. Cathedral Song (6:29)

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Paul Motian Band
Garden of Eden
ECM 2006

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Paul Motian Trio - Sound Of Love (1997)
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Paul Motian - drums
Bill Frisell - guitar
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone

1. Misterioso (Monk)
2. Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love (Mingus)
3. Mumbo Jumbo (Motian)
4. Once Around The Park (Motian)
5. Good Morning Heartache (Fisher, Higginbottom, Drake)
6. Epistrophy (Monk, Ali Salaam)
7. Play (Motian)

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Artist: Paul Motian

Album: The Windmills Of Your Mind

Released: 2011

Style: Jazz

Format: MP3 320Kbps

Size: 119 Mb

01 – Introduction (1)
02 – Tennessee Waltz
03 – The Windmills Of Your Mind
04 – Let's Face The Music And Dance
05 – Lover Man
06 – It's Been A Long, Long Time
07 – Little Foot
08 – Easy Living
09 – I've Got A Crush On You
10 – Backup
11 – I Loves You Porgy
12 – Trieste
13 – If I Could Be With You
14 – Wednesdayў?Ts Gone
15 – I Remember You
16 – Introduction (2)


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