This is my first contribution, so I hope every is correct (to understand russian language is not easy for an italian guy).

I offer you Enrico Rava 2004 album, the first for ECM for 30 years:

"Easy Listening"

This album was voted last year as best record by italian magazine "Musica Jazz".
Hope you like.

Enrico Rava - trumpet
Gianluca Petrella - trombone
Stefani Bollani - piano
Rosario Bonaccorso - double-bass
Roberto Gatto - drums

please someone upload a new album "The Words And The Days"

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Enrico Rava - New-York Days (ECM, 2009)

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Enrico Rava - trumpet
Larry Grenadier - double bass
Mark Turner - tenor saxophone
Stefano Bollani - piano
Paul Motian - drums



прекрасная пластинка со звучанием исиэмовской тёплой прохлады.
Enrico Rava - Easy Living (2004) [FLAC] {ECM 1760}

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Genre: Jazz
Label: ECM
Release date/year: Mar 16, 2004
Time: 54:47
Format, bitrate, size: FLAC/ 315 Mb
Format, bitrate, size: mp3@CBR320/ 129,3 Mb

Enrico Rava (trumpet)
Gianluca Petrella (trombone)
Stefano Bollani (piano)
Rosario Bonaccorso (bass)
Roberto Gatto (drums)

1. Cromosomi
2. Drops
3. Sand
4. Easy Living
5. Algir Dalbughi
6. Blancasnow
7. Traveling Night
8. Hornette & The Drums Thing
9. Rain

rar 3% for recovery, no password

part 1 190.73 MB -
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mp3 129.3 MB -

scans 56.77 MB -

Many thanks for original ripper who kindly let to share this excellent album!
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Enrico Rava Quintet - Tribe
ECM note

Enrico Rava - trumpet
Gianluca Petrella - trombone
Giovanni Guidi - piano
Gabriele Evangelista - double-bass
Fabrizio Sferra - drums
Giacomo Ancillotto - guitar*

01. Amnesia*
02. Garbage Can Blues
03. Choctaw
04. Incognito
05. Cornettology
06. F.Express*
07. Tears For Neda*
08. Song Tree*
09. Paris Baguette
10. Planet Earth
11. Tribe
12. Improvisation

такой сексуальный фьючеджаз
итак, вот он, концерт равы, на котором он исполнил музыку майкла джексона:

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Enrico Rava - On the Dance Floor

1. Speechless (6:37)
2. They Don't Care About Us (7:55)
3. Thriller (6:17)
4. Privacy (5:43)
5. Smile (3:29)
6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You / Smooth Criminal (9:13)
7. Little Susie (3:53)
8. Blood On The Dance Floor (5:05)
9. History (8:08)

narod / mfire

лучшее, что было выпущено памяти джексона
Mille Grazie!
Спасибо за релиз, альбом великолепен как минимум.Flac бы еще раздобыть.
перезалейте плз на другие серваки.
шикарный альбом в память Джексона. спасибо! еще бы остальные альбомы увидеть)
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Enrico Rava ‎– Il Giro Del Giorno In 80 Mondi thumb.gif

Recorded in February 1972 at Fonit-Cetra Studios, Turin
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Album: Tribe
Artist: Enrico Rava Quintet
Year Of Release: 2012
Genre: Jazz, ECM
Format: mp3 320

Скрытый текст / Hidden text
1 Amnesia
2 Garbage Can Blues
3 Choctaw
4 Incognito
5 Cornettology
6 F. Express
7 Tears For Neda
8 Song Tree
9 Paris Baguette
10 Planet earth
11 Tribe
12 Improvisation



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Artist : Enrico Rava
Album : Rava On the Dance Floor
Label : ECM Records
Genre : jazz
Street Date : 2013-01-08
Quality : 242 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4 -V0
Size : 103.11MB
Time : 56:20 min
Url :


1. Speechless 6:37
2. They Don't Care About Us 7:55
3. Thriller 6:17
4. Privacy 5:43
5. Smile 3:29
6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You/Smooth Criminal 9:13
7. Little Susie 3:53
8. Blood On The Dance Floor 5:05
9. History 8:08

This live album breaks with Enrico Ravas own traditions. In his ECM albums,
all the way back to 1974s The Pilgrim And The Stars, Rava has set his own
compositions in the foreground. Not this time. Nor does he pay tribute to
aspects of jazz history. Instead, on Rava on the Dance Floor the great
Italian trumpeter (b. 1939) enthusiastically turns his attention to the
musical universe of the late Michael Jackson. And in this unexpected
context, drawing also upon the energy of the Parco della Musica Jazz Lab
band, he delivers impassioned and extroverted trumpet playing.

Rava acknowledges that he had paid scant attention to Michael Jackson during
the singers earthly existence, and it wasnt until June 2009 and the days
after Jacksons death that Enrico, curiosity piqued by the intensity of the
media coverage, began to listen to his music in earnest, finding himself
more and more attracted by its range of possibilities.

What finally convinced me, he says, was the contagious riff of Smooth
Criminal. The fact is that, from a certain moment on, Michael Jackson simply
invaded my life. My wife and I bought all the Jackson discs and videos we
could find. And my long and dull road trips were transformed into
enthusiastic listening sessions. It became clear to me that for years I had
ignored one of the great protagonists of 20th century music and dance. A
total artist, a perfectionist, a genius. I was especially knocked out by the
film This is it, which documents the rehearsals for that extraordinary show.
How amazing to see that 50-year old Peter Pan, so fragile and vulnerable,
transformed into a benevolent but absolute authority on stage, in control of
every small detail, correcting a spotlight, the emphasis of a bass note, a
dancers step, or the length of a musical pause.

Challenging conventional pop wisdom, Rava considers the later Jackson albums
to be the better ones, with History and Invincible as particular favourites.
He praises the call-and-response of Stranger In Moscow and the melody of
Speechless, considers Little Susie a masterpiece, and endorses also Jacksons
affection for the Charlie Chaplin tune Smile.

I felt the necessity to delve deeper into Jacksons music by adding something
of myself to it. In Mauro Ottolini I found the ideal partner for the
arrangements. The band could only be the PMJL. And the place the Auditorium
Parco della Musica di Roma, where everything got its start. (It was after a
concert at the Auditorium that Rava had first learned of Jacksons death).

The PMJL Parco della Musica Jazz Lab is an ensemble produced by the
Foundation Musica per Roma with a focus on young jazz talents. Its projects
to date have all been directed by Enrico Rava, and the line-up on Rava On
The Dance Floor includes pianist Giovanni Guidi from Enricos regular quintet
(as heard on the recent Tribe album).

Arranger Mauro Ottolini has released a number of albums as a leader, and has
played with international musicians including Carla Bley, Bill Frisell and
Maria Schneider.

ifolder / turbobit
Enrico Rava - My Songbook (2016)

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1. Choctaw (7:01)
2. Espejismo Ratonera (5:50)
3. Cromosomi (8:05)
4. Cornette (8:07)
5. Song Tree (4:08)
6. Overboard (8:15)
7. Sola (5:29)
8. Water Kite (7:09)
9. The Fearless Five (6:32)

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