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The Constantines: Steve Lambke, Doug MacGregor, Bry Webb, Dallas Wehrle. The Constantines have done their homework. Of the many influences laced into their fiery, raw-edged second full-length for Sub Pop Records, one can hear the Pixies, the Fall, the Replacements, and Sonic Youth. It is ironic that a band so firmly entrenched in rock's tradition would announce in their opening song, "Arizona," that they "want the death of rock & roll," but the Constantines have blended their influences in a compelling, authoritative way. The overall punch delivered by this album confirms they've come to plant a flag of their own. With their raw-throated vocals, guitars that alternately chime and crash, and songs that range from potent garage rock ("No Ecstasy") to driving thrash ("Steal This Sound") to surprisingly intimate ballads ("Saint You"), the Constantines push the right rock buttons. The group is versatile within the realm of their heavy, tightly unified sound: They don't miss a beat skipping from the math-rock drone of "Young Offenders" to the angular, nervous blues of "Justice" (complete with a minimalist synth line). Even given the glut of young, post-punk-inspired bands that flooded the scene in the early 2000s, the Constantines' brand of rock--smart, razory, and honest--shines with attitude and conviction
The Constantines-Tournament of Hearts

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Constantines - Tournament of Hearts [2005]

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1. Draw Us Lines
2. Hotline Operator
3. Love In Fear
4. Lizaveta
5. Soon Enough
6. Working Full-Time
7. Good Nurse
8. Thieves
9. You are A Conductor
10. Windy Road
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Constantines - Constantines (2001)

192 kBs



"Arizona" – 4:15
"The Long Distance Four" – 2:23
"Some Party" – 3:19
"Young Offenders" – 3:44
"Justice" – 4:14
"Seven A.M." – 4:04
"No Ecstasy" – 2:09
"Hyacinth Blues" – 3:25
"St. You" – 3:23
"The McKnight Life" – 2:46
"Steal This Sound" – 3:24
"To the Lullabies" – 2:30
"Little Instruments" – 3:19

Constantines - Shine A Light (2003)

192 kbps



"National Hum" – 2:49
"Shine a Light" – 4:47
"Nighttime Anytime (It's Alright)" – 4:13
"Insectivora" – 3:56
"Young Lions" – 3:50
"Goodbye Baby & Amen" – 4:57
"On to You" – 4:36
"Poison" – 3:36
"Scoundrel Babes" – 2:44
"Tiger & Crane" – 3:13
"Tank Commander (Hung Up in a Warehouse Town)" – 4:02
"Sub-Domestic" – 3:36
Scheduled for an April 15th release, the track listing for Kensington Heights as of now (Arts & Crafts usually have their albums ready months in advance, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is final) is as follows:

01. Hard Feelings
02. Million Star Hotel
03. Trans Canada
04. Shower of Stones
05. Our Age
06. Time Can be Overcome
07. Brother Run Them Down
08. Credit River
09. I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song
10. New King
11. Life or Death
12. Do What You Can Do


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ARTIST: Constantines
TITLE: Kensington Heights
LABEL: Arts and Crafts
GENRE: Indie
BITRATE: 194kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 48m total
RELEASE DATE: 2008-04-29
RIP DATE: 2008-04-04

Track List

1. Hard Feelings 3:25
2. Million Star Hotel 4:42
3. Trans Canada 3:03
4. Shower of Stones 3:05
5. Our Age 3:39
6. Time Can Be Overcome 5:45
7. Brother Run Them Down 3:36
8. Credit River 2:44
9. I Will Not Sing a Hateful Song 4:05
10. New King 4:14
11. Life or Death 4:53
12. Do What You Can Do 4:51

Release Notes:

The Constantines maintain a feverishly partisan dedication to the wild delirium
of rock n rollair punchingly anthemic.-NME
Its a little hard to put ones finger on just why I thought they were so so
good: They hold back, hinting at a blow-out that only occasionally comes made
all the more satisfying by its infrequency, riling up the crowd by rolling
through their terse tunes with only a little added live muscle, and letting Webb
do his thing all over them. When they go for it, its astonishing - Pitchfork
(SXSW Review by Paul Thompson)
The Constantines are the children of Fugazi, stepbrothers to Make-Up and Trail
of Dead, the grand-kids of Springsteen and Strummer. They call what they do soul
music, not because of what it sounds like, but where it hits you.- EYE Weekly

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Constantines - Tournament of Hearts в высоком битрейти никто не имеет???

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Constantines Ft. Feist - Islands In The Stream



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Tournament Of Hearts (2005)

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