Forseti - Windzeit

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01 - Verzweiflung
02 - Welkes Blatt
03 - Sturmgeweiht
04 - Letzter Traum
05 - Wind
06 - Windzeit
07 - Herbstabend
08 - Einsamkeit
09 - Abendrot
10 - Black Jena

Pass: usual...

someone has "Erde" and "Jenzig" ?

wonder how many ppl will reply saying 'the pass doesnt work!'

thanks for the album thumb.gif
but i cant get these [spread-it] links to start...i get to the download page, but then cant get any transfers to start...oh well
Either the archive is corrupt, or the service you used has terrible problems transferring files without fucking them up. I've tried every possible combo of as the password (lower and uppercase) and I also tried usual... and Pass: usual... just in case, and it always returns an incorrect password.

BTW, I'm getting Erde right now from the ed2k, and Jenzig is also there but with just 1 source...
Pass is MFXxX, as usual ,means same password as always by my uploads wink.gif
Damn, thanks man.

Truly essential music. They remind me of Sol Invictus but singing in German. Awesome album.

I tried to upload Erde twice (once to Zup and then to RS and both services failed on me, POS free servers). Erde is just as good or better than Windzeit, which is to say a lot. Do you have access to the exchange server so I can upload it there for you? I have excellent speed but these wanker free services died on me half way through a 71MB upload (192CBR) ?
new for me!!!!!! TNX!!!!! thumb.gif
Look Inside Yourself........
i think youve the same probleme as me with internet connection. (from time to time my w-lan connection breaks... sad.gif ) , if not you could try megaupload, there still none upload failed for me.

I will ask Veseliy if you could use his ftp...
I don't know MetalFreakXxX, as it had never happened to me before. I think that RS servers are getting hammered, and they will give priority to Premium users. Normally I upload without problems to RS, but yesterday it was impossible. I upload most of my stuff to the exchange FTP, but it's not my ftp so I can't make decisions at all there, I'm just happy I have access and can share my stuff there.

The Jenzig download is almost over too (not sure if it is the CD or the EP as it is an archive, but for the size of it, ~41MB, I'd say it's either the EP or the CD ripped at 160 or lower). Megaupload is way too slow for me (I guess it's regional) to upload, and YSI dies within a few hours as 25 people will jump on it, and then the cries start "re-up please" and so on.

Let me know as I want you to listen to Erde and Jenzig as well.
the fastest service for me is:

other: (upload dont work for me there, but is said to be very fast)

If Veseliy responses i will tell you.
Forseti - Erde

картинка, оставленная пользователем


This time around it worked. The Jenzig rip was awful, so I will keep on looking for that one.

Password: 4FS.


Thanks thanks biggrin.gif I complete my metal discography tongue.gif , thanks for your up !
do youve good jenzig rip?

So sorry bro' but I don't have this album. Before your share I didn't know this band... but I will try to find the album you want on P2P and share after (if I find it, of course) wink.gif


I've searched but I can't find it on my Peer to Peer.. sorry , but if one day I catch jenzig I'll up promise tongue.gif

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