Members: Andreas Stobernack, Dirk Mitlehner

AGF / Kyborg - Constant Variable 192 CBR
картинка, оставленная пользователем
Label: Neue Berliner Initiative
Catalog#: nbi 004
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: Germany
Released: 07 Nov 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal


A1 Kyborg  Trocken
A2 Kyborg  Vier
A3 AGF  Untek
A4 Kyborg  Schwingen
B1 AGF  Dornauge
B2 Kyborg  Sloop
B3 Kyborg  Komm
B4 Kyborg  Nokturne
B5 AGF  Dip Sub

+ some compilation tracks:

Kyborg - Mod 128 CBR
from 2000 - Various - The Cozmick Suckers Volume Silver

Kyborg - Harz 128 CBR
from 2002 - Various - The Cozmick Suckers Volume Black And White

Kyborg - Minimal Explanation 256 CBR
from 2004 - Various - Shitkatapult 50 - Special Musick For Special People

Может у кого найдутся две 12" выпушенные на Raster-Noton (к тому времени бывший Raster Music)?

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this is a nice introduction, thanks!
never heard about this r-n project.
So... maybe someone got 2 Raster Music releases?

vyr001 - Kyborg - S/t (12", 1995)
vyr009 - Kyborg - Swing (12", 1997)
1997 - Kyborg - Swing (Raster-Noton, vyr009)
discogs / 192 CBR

Kyborg (Andreas Stobernack, Dirk Mitlehner)

Kyborg are Andreas Stobernack and Dirk Mitlehner are from East Berlin. In 1995 they founded the Kyborg club, one of the very first techno-lounges, at a time when such locations were still far from appearing in chic Berlin tourist guides.It was then, when they released two brilliant 12''es on the today highly acclaimed minimalist conceptual label Raster Music. Three years later they moved to their present club which is today known for their open approach comprehending the whole range of experimental electronics without any econmic pressure behind the scenes. The two Kyborgs focus on plurality, dynamics, change and manipulation of identities and glitches and at the same time they re-define and re-shape them. Taking a closer look at all their past activities you must not wonder why 'Bask' is only their third release in several years. Andreas and Dirk organised and took part in innumerable events, festivals and radio shows all over Berlin. And finally, they've done it! Yes, their own label NEUE BERLINER INITIATIVE has seen the light of day. After the first release (a documentation of musicians invited to their club, including Produkt, Trike, Kein Babel, Farben, Move D, Shir Khan, Kyborg, Salon Samtbody, Norbert Grandl), they now bring you some of the cosiest and most elegant beats ever (do we still have to name it 'minimal techno'?). On top, Kyborg asked Sarah Marrs (maybe known for her short membership in Tarwater) to give her voice to four of the six tracks featured on 'Bask'. It may sound more normal than how it actually reaches your ears. Miss Marrs' voice is full of weird deepness: sometimes she sighs like GPO, sometimes she hollers like Alan Vega or burps with a voice that must have been heavily mistreated with sandpaper over the last few decades. Kyborg and neue berliner initiative - names to keep in mind. They are in charge of the beat that you can't escape, the beat that makes you move even when lazily hanging out in your new GDR furniture.

1996 Kyborg - Kyborg - 12'' Raster Music Vyr001
1997 Kyborg - Swing - 12'' Raster Music Vyr009
1999 Kyborg+Agf - Constant Variable 1 - 12'' Neue Berliner Initiative 01
1999 Kyborg+Sarah Marrs - Bask Ep - Cd Neue Berliner Initiative 02
2000 Agf, Kyborg, Sarah Marrs, Peabody & Sherman - Tschikago 2.001 - Lp Crosstalk Cross 03

1999 - Kyborg & Sarah Marrs - Bask (nbi 002)
discogs / 320 VBR

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