John Abercrombie Timeless

John Abercrombie el g
Ian Hammer kb
Jack DeJohnette dr

1 Lungs 12:11
2 Love Song 4:36
3 Ralph's Piano Waltz 4:56
4 Red and Orange 5:24
5 Remembering 4:34
6 Timeless 11:57

ECM, 1974

198 kbps, 61 MB

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ECM RECORDS, ECM 1117 / 230 117(LP)

Produced by Manfred Eicher

Recorded November 1977 at Talent Studio, Oslo
Engineer: Jan Erik Kongshaug

John Abercrombie: electric guitar, acoustic guitar

TRACKS (total time 44:33) :

1. Parable (10:38)
2. Memoir (3:10)
3. Telegram (4:32)
4. Backward Glance (4:32)
5. Ghost Dance (6:58)
6. Paramour (3:49)
7. After Thoughts (3:19)
8. Evensong (7:35)

All compositions by John Abercrombie

mp3 192Kbps
.rar 61 MB

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1974 - Crosswinds
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password: vms
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JOHN ABERCROMBIE TRIO - Speak of the Devil - 1994

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Recorded July 1993
ECM 1511

EAC rip LAME mp3 @320
.rar 76.2 + 71.8 M


1 Angel Food 7:56
2 Now And Again 6:17
3 Mahat 8:28
4 Chorale 8:21
5 Farewell 6:16
6 BT-U 6:22
7 Early To Bed 8:20
8 Dreamland 9:13
9 Hell's Gate 7:07

John Abercrombie - guitars
Dan Wall - Hammond B 3 organ
Adam Nussbaum - drums
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John Abercrombie - Cat 'n' Mouse - 2000

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Recorded December 2000
ECM 1770

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.rar 76.2 + 54.7 M

John Abercrombie unveils a band comprised of old friends, and increases the improvisational quotient in his new music on "Cat 'n' Mouse", which extends the experimental spirit of the "Open Land" session. This time, the emphasis is placed on string sounds, and the interaction of Abercrombie's guitar, Mark Feldman's violin, and Marc Johnson's double-bass. Drummer Joey Baron adds drive and an edgy intensity to the music.

01 A Nice Idea
02 Convolution
03 String Thing
04 Soundtrack
05 Third Stream Samba
06 On The Loose
07 Stop and Go
08 Show Of Hands

John Abercrombie - guitar
Mark Feldman - violin
Joey Baron - drums
Marc Johnson - double-bass
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Good one, once again... I should have posted it myself... but I've encoded it in vbr 185kbs, so it's good that you've done it, and not me dry.gif dry.gif
John Abercrombie Timeless-1975

1 Lungs 12:11
2 Love Song 4:36
3 Ralph's Piano Waltz 4:56
4 Red and Orange 5:24
5 Remembering 4:34
6 Timeless 11:57
John Abercrombie Timeless-1975:
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John Abercrombie - Timeless - 1974 @320

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Gateway (John Abercrombie, D.Holland, J.Dejohnette) - 1975 @320

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John Abercrombie - guitar
Dave Holland - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums

Recorded at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany in March 1975. On GATEWAY, their first recording together, this trio of innovators did more than just cement the image of a group sound that would endure some twenty years hence. In the first days of Manfred Eicher's label, they helped define some of the parameters of what would become one of ECM's signature guitar sounds. On "May Dance," a simple modal theme soon gives way to expressive, telepathic free improvisations, as DeJohnette's crystalline cymbal textures shade in and around the beat--playing in and out of time; meanwhile, Holland's muscular lines anticipate and support each complex rhythmic variation. Abercrombie extends on their tumultuous dialogue with a canny array of textures, harmonic contrasts and polytonal melodic lines. On "Unshielded Desire" the drummer engages Abercrombie in a furious dialogue, while on DeJohnette's "Sorcery 1" the trio moves from roiling waves of sound to a fat, rocking vamp worthy of Jimi Hendrix's Experience.

1.Back-Woods Song
3.May Dance
4.Unshielded Desire
6.Sorcery 1


Gateway II (John Abercrombie,D.Holland,J.Dejohnette) - 1977 @320

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John Abercrombie - guitars
Dave Holland - bass
Jack DeJohnette - drums

John Abercrombie, Dave Holland and Jack Dejohnette reunited in the second offering of the Gateway trio. The music on this CD is more intriguing than their first offering, and is glued together more closely than before. Dejohnette's rolling drums is met with Holland's thoughtful and bold bass lines, providing a rich landscape for Abercrombie's lucid lines on the guitar.    The magic between the three players is obvious from the first track "Opening": thumping bass and drums underlying Abercrombie's avant-garde guitar improvisations slowly but surely building in collective improvisation. In "Sing Song", one of my favourite tunes, Abercrombie's craftily contructed melodic lines is counterbalanced by Holland's warm embrace on the bass, giving a very sentimental dialog rounded up with Dejohnette's lyrical lines on the drums.    This album is a glimpse at the future of jazz from the 70's: very sparse structures building itself through contructive communication between the players in real-time. Simply a timeless classic that I keep finding myself back to again and again.    Bassist Dave Holland and drummer Jack DeJohnette have often worked together since their early work with Miles Davis, and they're one of the most accomplished rhythm sections in jazz--fluent, inventive players who add something special to every situation they're heard in. The Gateway trio with guitarist John Abercrombie, though, is one of their most effective vehicles, with an open sound that reveals every detail and encourages an interactive approach. Each member is a gifted improviser, and they're willing to trust spontaneous forms, setting this 1977 session in motion with the extended "Opening," a long group improvisation launched by DeJohnette's detailed drumming. The interplay is just as arresting on the more formal pieces. Abercrombie's "Sing Song" floats at a medium tempo, and the guitarist plays with singing and sustained clarity before Holland solos with a forceful precision. Holland's "Nexus" is an accelerated stream of particles in motion, while "Reminiscences," with almost acoustic guitar, and "Blue," with DeJohnette on piano, are reflective moments enlivened by the same close listening.

1. Opening (16:19)
2. Reminiscence (4:36)
3. Sing Song (6:57)
4. Nexus (7:58)
5. Blue (8:14)

Gateway II
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Abercrombie, Erskine,Mintzer, Patitucci - The Hudson Project - 2000

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mp3 @ 128 kbps
rar 68 MB
Review by Ed Kopp     
In 1998, the D'Addario Company hired four respected jazz veterans — Bob Mintzer (tenor sax), John Abercrombie (electric guitar), John Patitucci (acoustic and electric basses) and Peter Erskine (drums) — to conduct a series of concerts/clinics together. The four adopted the group name the Hudson Project, and their final engagement was recorded and is now available on video and CD. The sound is impeccable on this 48-track digital recording, and the music weaves many  textures, reflecting the talent and experience of four exemplary jazzers. The music is loose but sophisticated, falling somewhere between free fusion and modern mainstream jazz. While the solos are sometimes longer than you'd hear at a typical club performance, the    playing is highly accomplished. Each musician contributes a pair of tunes, with Abercrombie's offerings the only pieces never recorded elsewhere.  Mintzer's two songs are the CD's high points. The opener, "Runferyerlife,” is a furious bop excursion that has Abercrombie's slinky guitar ricocheting off Mintzer's racing sax. The CD closes with Mintzer's “Modern Day Tuba,” a lively modern jazz workout with intense playing by all four players. Prominent here is the polyrhythmic performance by Erskine and the wildly intricate guitar solo by Abercrombie. Abercrombie's composition “Little Swing” tends toward the thoughtful, while his tune “That's for Sure” is influenced by country music. The catchy track “Cats + Kittens” is fueled by Erskine's funky second-line drumming, while Patittuci's “The Well” is a lyrical, almost spiritual piece. Despite the impromptu feel of the proceedings, all four musicians coordinate well together. Abercrombie's free guitar work is a nice complement to Minter's straight-ahead blowing, and Patittuci and Erskine show why they're regarded as two of the most accomplished players on their respective instruments. Here's hoping this ad hoc supergroup decides to reunite in the not-too-distant future.
any chance of reupping "JOHN ABERCROMBIE: CHARACTERS" pls?

John Abercrombie - Cat 'n' Mouse - 2000
JOHN ABERCROMBIE TRIO - Speak of the Devil - 1994 are down

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