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Cold Cave - Love Comes Close-2009-CRUELTY

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Release Info

Artist: Cold Cave
Album: Love Comes Close
Label: Heartworm Press
Size: 40,1 MB
Source: CDDA
Playtime: 31:29 min
Genre: Electronic
Release: Sep-28-2009
Encoder: LAME V3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
Quality: VBRkbps 44,1Hz Joint-Stereo

Release Notes:
The deadpan vocals on "Love Comes Close" deliver lyrics that
are really only a cut above excessively melodramatic high
school poetry, but the great thing about music is that you
don't have to be Pablo Neruda in order for your content to
seem meaningful, as long as you can come up with a good beat
which Cold Case does. "Love Comes Close" does sound a little
bit like like New Order doing Q Lazzarus, but that's a combination
so obvious and brave that the band deserves some applause for
that alone. There's more where "Loves Comes Close" came from:
Cold Case has a collection of singles coming out on What's
Your Rupture?.


01 03:44 Cebe and Me
02 04:26 Love Comes Close
03 02:57 Life Magazine
04 02:53 The Laurels of Erotomania
05 03:44 Heaven Was Full
06 04:05 The Trees Grew Emotions and Died
07 01:49 Hello Rats
08 04:02 Youth and Lust
09 03:49 I.C.D.K

Wesley Eisold не перестает удивлять...не ожидал я услышать такого проекта с его участием...хотя в свое время с XO Skeletons было тоже самое )...все же он гениален...

что касаемо самого проекта и самого альбома - очень самобытный мрачноватый синтпоп...нравится...альбом прослушал на одном дыхании и остался очень доволен услышанным
Cold Cave features members of Xiu Xiu, Parts & Labor, and Prurient, but is probably most notable for its leader, Wesley Eisold, who you may know from Xo Skeletons, Some Girls, and a little band called American Nightmare.
anyone have the new EP Death Comes Close?
thumb.gif waiting this ep too....
Cold Cave - Death Comes Close EP [2009]

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Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Indie / Synthpop
Country: USA
Format: mp3
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Time: 00:15:12
Size: 27 mb

01 Love Comes Close
02 Double Lives In Single Beds
03 Theme From Tomorrowland
04 Now That I'm In The Future

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Cold Cave - Love Comes Close (Matador Edition)

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album: Love Comes Close (Matador Edition)
format: mp3
bitrate: CBR 320 kbps


Cebe And Me
Love Comes Close
Life Magazine
The Laurels Of Erotomia
Heaven Was Full
The Trees Grew Emotions And Died
Hello Rats
Youth And Lust
Double Lives In Single Bed
Theme From Tomorrowland
Now That I'm In The Future




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