ESL Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

Beat / Downtempo / Label / Lo-Fi / Trip-Hop / USA / Label owned by Thievery Corporation
Label run by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation.
About ESL Music
On one fateful evening of exotic grooves and cocktails over a decade ago at the legendary 18th Street Lounge, Rob Garza and Lounge co-conspirator Eric Hilton met and redefined themselves as the international DJ and production duo Thievery Corporation. In the process they created one of the world's most influential record labels: ESL Music. Originally established to deliver the sounds of Thievery Corporation to the world, unencumbered by rigid major label boundaries, ESL Music quickly expanded its artist roster to encompass the duo's globally oriented tastes.

From the outernational sounds of Thievery Corporation, the mod-breakbeats of Ursula 1000 and Chris Joss, the spy film and near eastern polyrhythms of Thunderball and The Karminsky Experience, the ethereal soundscapes of Blue States, the sinister atmospherics of Sofa Surfers, to the Latin soul and Afrobeat rhythms of Federico Aubele, Natalia Clavier, Joe Bataan and Ocote Soul Sounds, ESL Music continues to offer exquisite sonic temptations for the discriminating ears of the music aficionado.

VA-Thievery Corporation And Revolution Present Departures-CD-2000
Highlights from the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music archives, personally selected by The Thievery Corporation.
Bitrate 320 kbps, single mp3 + cue file
1 Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due 5:50
2 Ursula 1000 - Mr. Hrundi's Holiday (Karminsky Experience Mix) 5:18
3 Thievery Corporation - Coming From The Top 4:35
4 Avatars Of Dub - 3KDub 5:19
5 Thunderball - Pop The Trunk 5:19
6 Desmond Williams - Comeback Dub 4:41
7 Thunderball - This Girl 5:24
8 Desmond Williams - Theme From A Dream 5:00
9 Thievery Corporation - Assault On Babylon 4:24
10 Ursula 1000 - Chase Sequence #3 2:08
11 Avatars Of Dub - Sexelevatormuzik (Thievery Corporation Mix) 5:16

VA-Compliments of ESL Music (Sampler)-Promo CD-2002
Bitrate 320 kbps, unmixed
1. Nicola Conte / Bossa Per Due 5:50
2. Thievery Corporation feat. Bebel Gilberto / So Com Vocé 2:47
3. Blue States / Your Girl 5:02
4. Desmond Williams / This Morning 4:40
5. Farid / More Wax 6:09
6. Ursula 1000 / Jackie Go! 4:34
7. Thunderball / Vai Vai 4:46
8. Thievery Corporation vs. Nicola Conte / Bossa Per Due 5:40
Thunderball-Domino (Remixes)-Promo CDM-2003
Bitrate 320 kbps
01 Domino (Thunderball 'To Vienna With Funk' Mix) 5:38
02 Domino (JonH And Raskal Mix) 7:32
03 Domino (Americruiser Mix) 8:22
04 Domino (Stone 'Domino Effect' Mix) 4:28

Thunderball-Stereotonic-Promo CDS-2002
Bitrate 320 kbps
01 Thunderball-Stereotonic (Original)
02 Thunderball-Stereotonic (Stereo Beats Mix)
03 Thunderball-Stereotonic (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)

Ancient Astronauts - We Are To Answer (2009)

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Quality,Size & Link:

Quality:320 CBR kbps
Size:112 mb

Ancient Astronauts - We Are To Answer (2009)

Возможно это лично мое, но с годами мне как-то кажется что лэйбл ESL стал несколько однообразен. Смесь хип-хопа, даунтемпо, лоу-фай, d&b, брэйкс... Слушая в авто сборку Thievery Corporation And Revolution Present Departures и альбом Ancient Astronauts отметил для себя, что саунд за последние 10 лет практически не изменился. Может это и хорошо... музыка качественная, конечно, и имеет свое лицо, это плюс.
Кстати, любители ESL обязаны послушать релизы на Grand Central (есть соответствующий топик на форуме), у них много сходств.
VA-Compliments Of ESL Music-CD-1999
Bitrate 320 kbps, unmixed
1 Thievery Corporation - Incident At Gate 7 6:32
2 Liftoff - The Collector 5:42
3 Red - Squealer 6:28
4 Avatars Of Dub - Sexelevatormuzik (Thievery Corporation Remix) 5:20
5 Stereolab - Tickertape Of The Unconscious (Thievery Corporation Remix) 4:13
6 Ursula 1000 - Mr. Hrundi's Holiday 4:20
7 Armando Trovaioli - Sessomatto 3:26
8 Mo' Horizons - Foto Viva 5:54
9 Thunderball - This Girl 5:27

Ancient Astronauts - Classic EP (2009)

Released:14.July 2009
Style:Funk/Soul/Hip Hop
Quality:CBR 320 kbps
Size:25 mb

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Tracklist & Links:

1.Classic (with The Pharcyde) (12" Remix) (3:23)
2.Classic (with The Pharcyde) (DJ Brace Remix) (3:12)
3.What We Came For (5:02)


VA-ESL Remixed The 100Th Release Of ESL Music-CD-2006
Bitrate 320 kbps unmixed
Discogs info:
Label:Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Catalog#:ESL 100
Format:CD, Compilation
Released:14 Nov 2006
Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul
Style:Trip Hop, Downtempo, Funk
1 Thievery Corporation - A Gentle Dissolve (Shawn Lee Ping Pong Orchestra Remix) 3:48
2 Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Tamarindio (Thievery Corporation Remix) 4:24
3 Thievery Corporation - Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus Remix) 4:01
4 Thunderball - Stereo Tonic (Boca 45 Remix) 4:48
5 Chris Joss - Wrong Alley Street (Part 1) (Fort Knox Five Remix) 3:35
6 Joe Bataan - Chick-A-Boom (Chris Joss Remix) 5:17
7 Karminsky Experience Inc., The - Belly Disco (Beatfanatic Remix) 4:19
8 Thievery Corporation - The Heart's A Lonely Hunter (Louie Vega Remix) 4:16
9 Thunderball - Road To Benares (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix) 5:51
10 Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Divinorum (Quantic Remix) 5:08
11 Karminsky Experience Inc., The - Exploration (Medeski Martin & Wood Mix) 4:40
12 Ursula 1000 - Boop (Skeewiff Remix) 5:01
13 Blue States - Golden Touch (Connie Price & The Keystones Mix) 5:02
14 Federico Aubele - Diario De Viaje (Calexico Mix) 5:15
Kabanjak - Tree of Mistery 2010

Title Of Album: Tree of Mistery
Year Of Release: 19-10-2010
Label: Eighteen Street Lounge Music
Genre: breakbeat, hip hop, downtempo
Quality: mp3
Total Length: 47:17 min
Bitrate: 320 kbs
Total Size: 103 mb

1. Lullaby Of Leaves
2. Blind Lights
3. Evaflow
4. Don't Worry - Kabanjak & Sitali
5. High Priest
6. Follow The Storm
7. Man Who Spoke Flames, The
8. Rhythm - Kabanjak & Azeem
9. Rubicon
10. Baby Don't You Know - Kabanjak & Rykarda Parasol
11. I Don't Want To Work Today
12. I Am A Tree




VA - Babylon Central (Soundtrack) 2010

Title Of Album: Babylon Central Soundtrack
Year Of Release: September,2010
Label: Eighteen Street Lounge Music
Genre: reggae,soul,nu jazz
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbs
Total Size: 156,8 mb


1. Leaving Babylon - Bad Brains
2. Light it Up - Martin-EZ, feat. Don Wayne
3. Hung Up on my Baby - El Michels Affair
4. Freedom (Zombie Dance Remix) - Nostalgia 77
5. 79 Rock - The Revolutionaries
6. Rockers Galore - Western Roots
7. Coming From the Top - Thievery Corporation
8. East on West - Povo
9. Hang on in There - Mike James Kirkland
10. Come Live with Me - Dorothy Ashby
11. Finito - Tony Hatch
12. Paz - Troubleman
13. Promise Me - Bias
14. Shiva (Govinda Remix) - Thievery Corporation
15. The Putney - Butch Cassidy Soundsystem
16. I Chase the Devil - Max Romeo
17. Amerimacka (TC Remix) - Thievery Corporation




VA - Sound of Rhythm & Culture 2010

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: Sound of Rhythm & Culture
Year Of Release: September,2010
Label: Eighteen Street Lounge Music
Genre: broken beat,nu jazz,nu soul
Quality: mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 149 mb

Rhythm & Culture-проект,основанный Farid Nouri(один из основателей лэйбла Eighteen Street Lounge Music ) и Thomas Blondet ,модный вашингтонский DJ,кроме них участвуют такие личности,как трио Second Sky, Zeb и Nickodemus плюс приглашенные музыканты,вписывающиеся в формат .Стоит добавить,что материал выполнен в лучших традициях ESL и насыщен яркими композициями и эклектичным звучанием.

02-Second Sky-Under The Line
03-Farid-Side Car92010 vocal mix) feat.Sarah Vertino
04-Thomas Blondet-Havana 2AM
05-Second Sky-Too Far
06-Farid-Sound Champion feat.Zeebo
07-Nickodemus-2 Sips & Magic(Thomas Blondet & Second Sky Remix)
08-Thomas Blondet-Dub Steppa feat.Subatomic Sound System
09-Farid-Freedom(Panic on The Dancefloor mix) feat.Sitali
10-Thomas Blondet-Samba Soul
11-Farid-Balearic Express feat.Sarah Vertino
12-Zeb-The Rude Boy Style
13-Thomas Blondet-the Way We Go feat.E-Ball




Second Sky - The Art of Influence (2011)

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Artist:Second Sky
Title Of Album:The Art of Influence
Year Of Release:2011
Label:Rhythm And Culture Music
Bitrate:320 kbps

Second Sky is the trio of co-conspirators Billy Medina, Wes DiIorio and William Lascek-Speakman. Together, they are remixing the traditional idea of a musical group: crossfading organic and electronic, live and studio, while recombining classic genres for a completely new and eclectic sound. Based in Dub and Trip-Hop, Second Sky blends elements of Soul, Pop, Arabic, Afrobeat, and Indian music styles (among others) into something that always manages to come out sounding distinctly like Second Sky.

This fusion comes naturally to Billy, William, and Wes, who revel in the sounds of classic Bollywood soundtracks and early electronic music. The subsequent effect is a sonic world of sultry beaches, thrilling car chases, exotic scenery, and lost scenes from imaginary films. Ultimately, the band looks to share it's love of all forms of music with their friends and audiences worldwide; creating more than a sound, but a complete experience through rhythm and culture.


1. Dragonfly
2. Under the Line
3. Sundowner
4. Too Far
5. A Hundred Million Sounds
6. Connect
7. Hourglass
8. The Others
9. The Art of Influence
10. You Should Know
11. Messenger



как саунд ?
В Second Sky - The Art of Influence (2011) много индийских мотивов. В целом музыка изрядно позитивная. Но я люблю, когда вместо такого медленного пацифистского ритма наигрывают жесткий break-beat в 130-140 ударов/мин.
Ocote Soul Sounds - Taurus (2011)

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Artist:Ocote Soul Sounds
Title Of Album:Taurus
Year Of Release:2011-05-30
Label:Eighteen Street Lounge Music
Bitrate:VBR kbps
Total Size:65 mb

After winning a Grammy Award in 2011 and backing the Tony Award winning broadway show Fela! with their respective bands Grupo Fantasma and Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Adrian Quesada and Martin Perna return to their sun-soaked Latin-psychedelia project Ocote Soul Sounds with their fourth studio album, Taurus. Like its bullish namesake, their latest album smashes through sonic barriers with a heavy and dynamic mix of pan-Latin flavour, conscious political attitude, afrobeat and hip-hop rhythms. Taurus was produced by Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation at the Washington DC based ESL Music Studios and features vocal collaborations with fellow ESL Music regulars Natalia Clavier, Sitali, Verny
Varela and Chico Mann.

Tracklisting :

01. Primavera 3:31
02. Pirata 2:23
03. En El Temblor 3:36
04. Pathways 2:37
05. STTP (Speak Truth To Power) 4:57
06. Cumbia La Magdalena 3:33
07. Pan Y Circo 5:55
08. Agua Santa 4:07
09. Tumba del Payaso 2:33
10. Contigo Jamas 4:32
11. Nessuno 4:12
12. Guantanamo 5:47



В качестве 320 kbps можно ознакомиться ЗДЕСЬ
The Funk Ark - From The Rooftops (2011)

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Artist:The Funk Ark
Title Of Album:From The Rooftops
Year Of Release:14-06-2011
Label:Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Bitrate:320 kbps
Total Size:91 mb

Recorded at ESL Music Studios in Washington DC by Thievery Corporation’s sound engineer Christopher “Stone” Garrett, From the Rooftops is the funk-tastic debut album from ESL Music’s newest artist signing The Funk Ark! Fronted by keyboard savant and long-time ESL Music session player Will Rast, the album delivers a healthy dose of vintage afrobeat, Latin, and funk stylings. Recalling the best of Afrika 70, the JB’s and the Fania Allstars all at once, The Funk Ark is your new one-stop shop for booty-shaking vintage grooves.


1. A Blade Won't Cut Another Blade
2. Diaspora
3. Funky DC - feat. Asheru & Sitali
4. El Beasto
5. Carretera Libre
6. Horchata
7. Katipo (The Spider)
8. From The Rooftops
9. Pavement
10. Power Struggle


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