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Artist: Psyclon Nine
Album: Inri
Genre: Dark Wave
Style:Electronica-Black Metal
Date: 2005-04-26
Label: Metropolis Records

1. Behind A Serrated Grin
2. Feeding, The
3. Lamb Of God
4. Hymn to The Angels, Decent
5. Rape This World
6. Feeble Mind, The
7. Requiem For The Christian Era
8. Faith: Disease
9. Harlot
10. Unfortunate, The
11. Nothing Left
12. You Know What You Are


If ever there was electro with the attitude of black metal, this is it. Fortunately, it lacks the instrumental bombast of such violent music. Here, the attack is in the lyrics and vocals, both of which I'll address momentarily. Instrumentally you're facing a blend of standard electro industrial with melodic but dark songwriting and beats that dwell in a large mid-range. There's a tad of distortion but its fairly sleekly textured. However, there are guitars in places and though not of the extreme metal intensity they do (when coupled with the vocals ... which I'm getting to) tend to call to mind heavy metal. It is ironic though that at least once I was made to think of electronically oriented pop from the 80s. But that didn't last long. I was soon thrust back into the electro world where wicked vox delivered their dark message to me. While raspy vocals (told ya!) are anything but uncommon in electro-industrial, it is a bit strange for them to be this high pitched and hissy; it may be this as much as anything that made me think of black metal. But, of course, there are also the, uh, irreverent lyrics, which summon sacrelige on a par with many anti-Christian metal bands. Churning with cynicism and hostile unbelief, written with a sharply poetic pen, Psyclon Nine makes a strong point that will require the open-minded to appreciate. Fortunately for me I like shocking, iconoclastic ideas, and the music ain't too shabby either.

Psyclon Nine: ner0 (vocals, guitar, programming); Eric Gottesman (strings, synthesizer, bass guitar, programming, background vocals); Josef Heresy (synthesizer). Additional personnel: P.J. (guitar); Marisa Lenhart (background vocals). Producers: Marshall Carnage; Eric Gottesman

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0. Divine Infekt
1. Tyranny
2. Clinik
3. Slaughter
4. Resurrekt
5. Payback
6. Genocide
7. Rusted
8. So Be It
9. As You Sleep
10. Divine Infekt: Tactical Sekt ,Un. Version


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Thank U for this link =)
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Psyclon8 Style-Dark Electro,EBM причем тут Black metal? Приставка metal здесь вообще неуместна
...с рапиды все удалино... может кто перезалить..?
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oops... please reupload Psyclon Nine - Divine Infekt 2003 unsure.gif biggrin.gif
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1. Bellum in Abyssus
2. Parasitic
3. Better Than Suicide
4. Anaesthetic (For the Pathetic)
5. Room
6. Flesh Harvest
7. Scar of the Deceiver
8. CRWN Thy Frniatr
9. Visceral Holocaust
10. Proficiscor of Terminus Vicis
11. Purging (A Revelation of Pain)

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