John Surman - Adventure Playground CD

Genre: Jazz, Free Jazz, Instrumental, Reed
Release Date: 09/1992
Label: ECM

John Surman (soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet);
Paul Bley (piano);
Gary Peacock (bass);
Tony Oxley (drums).

Recorded at Rainbow Studio, Oslo, Norway in September 1991.

-------------------- СКАЧАТЬ John Surman -------------------- (зеркало) (зеркало)

    1. Only Yesterday
    2. Figfoot
    3. Quadraphonic Question
    4. Twice Said Once
    5. Just For Now
    6. As If We Knew
    7. Twisted Roots
    8. Duet For One
    9. Seven
Album Review: Down Beat (4/93, p.51) - 4 Stars - Very Good - "...the music is reflective and intense....The true marvel of this disc is Tony Oxley. With his tailor-made drum kit, it is uncanny how hard Oxley manages to swing sans meter..."
Musician (6/93, p.92) - "...British reedman Surman finds himself in heady company...Bley's moody, minor modes and probing voicings set the tone here, and Surman responds with rich lyricism..."

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1973, Morning Glory (Terje Rypdal - John Taylor)
John Surman: soprano sax, bass clarinet
John Taylor: keyboards
Terje Rypdal: guitar
John Marshall: drums
Chris Laurence: bass
Malcolm Griffiths: trombone.
Download John Surman Morning Glory : Depositfiles | Letitbit | Turbobit

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1987, Private City
Download John Surman Private City: Depositfiles | Letitbit | Turbobit

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1990, Road To Saint Ives
Download John Surman Road To Saint Ives: Depositfiles | Letitbit | Turbobit

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2000, Coruscating
Download John Surman Coruscating: Depositfiles | Letitbit | Turbobit

All in 320 kbps
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У Славы Полунина в "Snowshow" его трек был. Cильно.

John Surman - Way Back When (2005)
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1. Way Back When (Part 1)
2. Way Back When (Part 2)
3. Way Back When (Part 3)
4. Way Back When (Part 4)
5. Owlshead
6. Out and About
нет ни у кого трек Edges of Illusion?
John Surman - Edges of Illusion


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John Surman - A Biography Of The Rev. Absalom Dawe (1995)
ECM note

John Surman - alto and bass clarinets, soprano and baritone saxophones, keyboards

01. First Light (2:45)
02. Countless Journeys (7:34)
03. A Monastic Calling (5:55)
04. Druid's Circle (2:46)
05. 'Twas But Piety (7:23)
06. Three Aspects (2:53)
07. The Long Narrow Road (2:51)
08. Wayfarer (9:31)
09. The Far Corners (6:37)
10. An Image (1:25)


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John Surman - The Spaces In Between (2007)
ECM note

John Surman - soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet
Chris Laurence - double-bass
Rita Manning - violin
Patrick Kiernan - violin
Bill Hawkes - viola
Nick Cooper - cello

01. Moonlighter (6:25)
02. You Never Know (5:30)
03. Wayfarers All (6:02)
04. Now And Again (7:31)
05. Winter Wish (4:34)
06. The Spaces In Between (8:18)
07. Now See (3:11)
08. Mimosa (4:41)
09. Hubbub (3:56)
10. Where Fortune Smiles (4:39)
11. Leaving The Harrow (6:48)


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John Surman
Brewster's Rooster
ECM 2009

John Surman baritone and soprano saxophones
John Abercrombie guitar
Drew Gress double-bass
Jack DeJohnette drums

Saxophonist and composer John Surman has, in his nearly 50-year career, played and recorded in as many settings as one might imagine. Whether it's experimental free music, rockist fusion projects, large ensembles, solo, duets, concept recordings, you name it. His ECM tenure has been a fascinating one. That said, no matter how far afield his explorations have taken him, the place he always returns to, is playing jazz -- some might meritoriously argue the point that no matter what he does, jazz lies at its root. Brewster's Rooster is indeed a pretty straight-ahead jazz date. Accompanied by guitarist John Abercrombie, drummer Jack DeJohnette, and bassist Drew Gress. The sound on the recording, while contemporary, does hearken back to the heady days of ECM in the late '70s. Seven of the nine cuts here are Surman originals, the two covers are an utterly gorgeous reading of "Chelsea Bridge," and John Warren's "Slanted Sky," which opens the set. The band can swing when they need (or want) to: check the set's second cut, "Hilltop Dancer," with some beautifully understated work by Abercrombie and double-timed, Latin syncopation by DeJohnette. The lyric line is Spanish-tinged and Surman is in excellent post-bop form, extending the harmonic possibility with a gloriously knotty chorus. "Slanted Sky" is a more atmospheric tune. It's slow, but flows nearly pastorally with Surman's horn moving through the melody and taking the improvisation into subtle territory. "No Finesse" is another swinger and "Kickback," which begins with a taut, labyrinthine lyric line, quickly moves into adventurous harmonic terrain before a duet between Surman and DeJohnette move it to the stratosphere. It's kinetic, head-to-head, and a real "moment" in jazz terms. The reading of Billy Strayhorn's "Chelsea Bridge" is particularly lovely here. Surman's baritone saxophone is painted beautifully by Abercrombie's subtle chord voicings and the sparse arrangement. But it's Surman's lyricism that impresses most. It's tender and tough with that slight edge in his tone. The track loses none of its grace or elegance, but feels less nostalgic in this context. "Haywain" is slightly more out with an excellent and prolonged contrapuntal exchange between Surman and Abercrombie. Brewster's Rooster is another high point in Surman's career. This studio band is as sympathetic as his working road unit, and his willingness to place the tradition in the context of his more contemporary, sometimes ambiguous harmonic explorations reveals the roots, shoots, and branches of his art and discipline.

1. Slanted Sky Warren 6:35
2. Hilltop Dancer Surman 7:28
3. No Finesse Surman 6:51
4. Kickback Surman 7:26
5. Chelsea Bridge Strayhorn 5:51
6. Haywain Surman 6:22
7. Counter Measures Surman 10:45
8. Brewster's Rooster Surman 6:39
9. Going for a Burton Surman 6:47

если нравится Сурман - все его ЕСМ альбомы здесь, в оригин. качестве - (флак или апе)
John Surman/Karin Krog - Dance Song 1990 (cassette). no label
Может быть, у кого-нибудь есть хотя бы самопальная оцифровка? У меня кассета хоть и сохранилась, совсем посыпалась. Почему-то отличный альбом с обалденным вокалом днем с огнем нигде не найти, ни за какие деньги sad.gif при том, что в дискографиях обоих участников он присутствует

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ARTiST : John Surman
TiTLE : Saltash Bells
GENRE : Jazz
RiPDATE : 2012-06-08
ENCODER : Lame v3.97 V0 extreme
QUALiTY : 217kpbs / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
SiZE/LENGTH : 99.1MB / 58:52 min


01 Whistman's Wood 6:32
02 Glass Flower 3:13
03 On Staddon Heights 7:32
04 Triadichorum 3:36
05 Winter Elegy 8:17
06 Aelfwin 2:17
07 Saltash Bells 10:40
08 Dark Reflections 3:27
09 The Crooked Inn 2:41
10 Sailing Westwards 10:37

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*2012 / 320
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John Surman - Saltash Bells

John Surman - all instruments

01. Whistman's Wood (6:32)
02. Glass Flower (3:13)
03. On Staddon Heights (7:32)
04. Triadichorum (3:36)
05. Winter Elegy (8:17)
06. Aelfwin (2:17)
07. Saltash Bells (10:40)
08. Dark Reflections (3:27)
09. The Crooked Inn (2:41)
10. Sailing Westwards (10:37)

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