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Julia Hulsmann Trio - The End of a Summer (2008)

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Исполнитель: Julia Hulsmann Trio
Название диска: The End of a Summer
Год выпуска: 2008
Label: ECM Records
Жанр: Jazz, Modern Jazz
Время звучания: 48 min
Формат | Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps
Размер: 110 MB(+3%)

01. The End Of A Summer
02. Konbawa
03. Kiss From A Rose
04. Last One Out
05. Quint
06. Senza
07. Not The End Of The World
08. Sepia
09. Gelb
10. Where In The World





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ARTIST......: Julia Hlsmann Trio
TITLE.......: Imprint
LABEL.......: ECM
TYPE........: Album
GENRE.......: Jazz
TRACKS......: 12
TIME........: 62:41 min
SIZE........: 86,5 MB
BiTRATE/MODE: avg. VBRkbps / VBR
Encoder.....: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
URL.........: http://www.juliahuelsmann.de
RIP DATE....: Feb.25.2011
STREET DATE.: Feb.21.2011


01.Rond Point 04:12
02.Grand Canyon 06:27
03.A Light Left On 05:44
04.Juni 04:12
05.Storm In A Teacup 04:15
06.(Go And Open) The Door 07:15
07.Kauf Dir Einen Bunten Luftballon 03:34
08.Ritual 05:26
09.Lulus Paradise 04:56
10.Ulmenwall 06:09
11.Zahlen Bitte 06:16
12.Whos Next 04:15


'Imprint' is the second ECM album by Germany's Julia
Hlsmann Trio, and a follow-up to the critically-lauded 'The
End of a Summer', the group's ECM debut released in 2008.
Both as a player and writer Hlsmann conveys a sense of
poetic compression. Her themes stand out in stark relief, as
if stamped or printed into the surrounding improvisation,
and are highly memorable. She says: "My music is all about
melody. It's that simple".
This is a group with a strong identity of its own, developed
steadily since the trio's founding in 1997. Hlsmann's
well-crafted melodies - drawing inspiration from classical
music and pop as well as the jazz tradition - establish the
atmospheric climate of the music. Bassist Marc Muellbauer
and drummer Heinrich Kbberling also write for the band, the
pieces they bring in adher to Hlsman's emphasis on the
centrality of melody.

Their communicative power has been felt especially in
Germany, where the group has a strong following. Their
pre-ECM 2001 album 'Scattering Poems' sold more than 10,000
copies in Germany and won them a German Jazz Award.
Subsequent exposure on ECM has brought the trio's music to
the world.

In the UK, Jazzwise magazine described Hlsmann's ECM debut
as "Full of elegantly-constructed melodies that seem natural
extensions of the thematic material at hand: there is a kind
of musical poetry at work here which is as absorbing as it
is fulfilling."

Personnel: Julia Hlsmann (piano), Marc Muellbauer
(double-bass), Heinrich Kbberling (drums)


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Julia Hulsmann Quartet - In Full View

Julia Hülsmann - piano
Tom Arthurs - trumpet, flugelhorn
Marc Muellbauer - double bass
Heinrich Köbberling - drums

01. Quicksilver
02. Dunkel
03. Gleim
04. Forever Old
05. Spiel
06. Richtung Osten
07. The Water
08. Forgotten Poetry
09. Dedication
10. Snow, Melting
11. Meander
12. In Full View
13. Nana


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