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Bo Gustav Stenson (mostly known as Bobo Stenson, born in 1944) is a Swedish piano player and jazz musician. Stenson was noted as early as 1963, when he stepped up from the local scene in Västerås to start playing frequently in Stockholm, where he accompanied a long line of visiting American players including Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz and Gary Burton. He also worked closely with Don Cherry from the beginning of the trumpeter's residency in Scandinavia.

The 70's was an intensive period for Bobo Stenson, playing in many constellations, amongst them the long-standing band Rena Rama with Palle Danielsson and a very popular trio with Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen, later also with Jan Garbarek. In 1988, he joined the Charles Lloyd quartet and since 1996 appeared at major jazz festivals with Tomasz Stanko's septet/sextet.


Bobo Stenson Trio - Goodbye (2005)
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1. Send In The Clowns
2. Rowan
3. Alfonsina
4. There Comes A Time
5. Song About Earth
6. Seli
7. Goodbye
8. Music For A While
9. Allegretto Rubato
10. Jack Of Clubs
11. Sudan
12. Queer Street
13. Triple Play
14. Race Face
Bobo Stenson - Goodbye [ape]
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Bobo Stenson - Indicum

Bobo Stenson - piano
Anders Jormin - double-bass
Jon Fält - drums

01. Your Story (2:52 )
02. Indikon (6:03)
03. Indicum (3:10)
04. Ermutigung (5:09)
05. Indigo (4:20)
06. December (4:55)
07. La Peregrinación (8:26)
08. Event VI (3:11)
09. Ave Maria (7:48)
10. Tit Er Jeg Glad (6:42)
11. Sol (9:11)
12. Ubi Caritas (6:41)


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Date ::: 2013-04-04
Artist : Bobo Stenson Trio
Title :: Indicum
Genre :: Jazz
Label :: ECM Records
Encode : Lame 3.98.4 -V0 221 kbps avg 12 File(s) 114 MB
Source : CDDA

Bobo Stenson: piano
Anders Jormin: double bass
Jon Falt: drums

Free playing, Danish composer Carl Nielsen’s “Oft Am I Glad”, tunes by Bill
Evans and George Russell, a Norwegian hymn, contemporary composition by Ola
Gjeilo, a Wolf Biermann protest song, Ariel Ramirez.’s folkloric “La
Peregrinaciуn”, ... Wide-ranging repertoire has become a hallmark of Bobo
Stenson albums. But it’s not just the eclecticism that is striking: Stenson,
Jormin and Fдlt take these far-flung sources and make an organic, breathing
music out of them ... Stenson, of course, has long been one of the greats of
Scandinavian jazz, and an ECM artist since the first years of the label. But
there is a balance of energies in this particular trio – clear-edged lyrical
piano playing, rootedness and keen choice of notes from the bass, and
detailed, textural drumming – that is especially satisfying. Recorded in
Lugano in November and December 2011.


1. Your Story 2:52
2. Indikon 6:03
3. Indicum 3:10
4. Ermutigung 5:09
5. Indigo 4:20
6. December 4:55
7. La Peregrinacion 8:26
8. Event VI 3:11
9. Ave Maria 7:48
10.Tit Er Jeg Glad 6:42
11.Sol 9:11
12.Ubi Caritas 6:41

Total Playtime: 68:28
The great Swedish trio of Bobo Stenson takes a stand against indecision in a decisively beautiful new album.  As ever, the trio draws upon a wide range of source materials.  A yearning title song by Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, Bartók’s adaptation of a Slovak folk song, a piece from Mompou’s Cançons I Danses collection, and Erik Satie’s Elégie are integrated into the programme,  alongside original compositions by Stenson and Anders Jormin and group improvising.  So strong is the group’s character and the musical identity of each of its members that the integration of this material always feels organic and logical.  Stenson’s lyrical touch, Jormin’s folk-flavoured arco bass and Jon Fält’s flickering, textural drumming are all well-displayed on Contra la indecision, the trio’s first new recording in six years.  Produced by Manfred Eicher, the album was recorded at Lugano’s Auditorio Stelio Molo RSI studio in May 2017.

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