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Aavikko - History of Muysic
(Muysic For Peoples 2003)

Selected Non-Album Material 1995-2003

01. Sibiri
02. Alas Volgaa
03. Samojedien Keskuudessa
04. Krakovan Niityt
05. Viiden Asteen Pakkanen
06. Aavikko
07. Tyttoystava
08. Siperian Rata
09. Oblomovin Henki
10. Cafe Panama
11. Seikkailu Villi
12. Holiday Inn
13. Oriental Baby
14. Oaxaca
15. Kova Laakitys
16. Boa
17. Pelihelvetti
18. Entinen Mies
19. Superlake Beat [ft. Felix Kubin]
20. Antarktis Slow Rock [ft. Felix Kubin]
21. Kumman Kaa
22. Of Stomping Men
23. Kova Laakitys [Live at WFMU]
24. My Yamaha
25. Eye of the Leopard [ft. Kabar]

AAVIKKO from finland.
one should definitely check these fellows out.
i've never heard a band that sounds similar to them.

>> GET (93mb)
what is it? smile.gif
where was you
when this bitches closed oink?
Hehe, thanks for the up.

sk2, check discogs to see what's all about. Abstract, synth-pop.
or, as allmusic.com says:

Influenced by a hybrid of '60s psychedelic rock and spaghetti Western soundtracks, the members of the Finland-based Aavikko added their own instrumental edge of free jazz and avant-garde noise.

you could simply call it "crazy electronic instrumental rock" though..
in a word, it's FUN!

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Could you reupload this album on another fileshare server please?
It's just impossible to download from sendspace now.
Either "too many users downloading right now" or "daily bandwidth limit is reached".
It drives me crazy smile.gif
Yousendit or rapidshare would be OK.

BTW, if you have any other albums of this band, I would deeply appreciate if you upload them too.
I was on the concert of Aavikko in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, and it was great.
I remember I called them "Finnish Air" then smile.gif
Of course it's not a direct comparison to Air, but they sounded similar to Air with these analog synthesizers...
I was on the concert of Aavikko in 2003 in Saint-Petersburg, and it was great.

were they dressed like this, by any chance? biggrin.gif

new link: http://storeandserve.com/download/117546/A...c_2003.rar.html

i'll prolly put up more of their stuff, sure..
Aavikko - Back From The Futer


1 Back From The Futer (1:46)
2 Rosinante (1:46)
3 Homo Futurus (3:48)
4 Una Lira Soluzione (3:31)
5 Erotica (4:33)
6 Wot Wot NeoZulu (3:00)
7 Futer City (3:59)
8 P-piste (4:15)
9 Salamapallo (3:04)
10 Capitano Argento (3:07)
11 Diamond Pyramid (5:40)

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my Yamaha - is my fav song ever of 'em
were they dressed like this, by any chance?

No, unfortunately they weren't smile.gif
Something usual like t-shirts and jeans as far as I remember smile.gif

Thanks for the album, and thanks to you Zeta_Voxx too.
I've heard that their last album is weak comparing to the previous ones, but anyway I'll give them a chance smile.gif

Another crazy server (storeandserve.com).
Let's forget about this one, but I beg you to use yousendit (preferable) or rapidshare in the future...

huh, what's wrong with storeandserve?
i'm not a big fan of yousendit - kinda goes down fast..

about their latest album - it's a bit different, yes.
they traded their old keyboards in favour of some new equipment (which they refuse to speak about).
so the audio quality is a bit more hi-fi and polished.
but that's not too bad, cause the old AAVIKKO sound is still alive and kicking..

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but I beg you to use yousendit (preferable)

YSI is the worst choice as it will be exhausted in 10 minutes with the traffic FS has. RS is better in that respect. I haven't tested the server used by doru649 as I'm not interested in getting those files.
Thanks God (and you smile.gif), I finally was able to start downloading from storeandserve.
Just a couple of hours trying smile.gif
I don't know what was wrong - after clicking on "Download" button and after that on link below "Download now" either nothing happened, or I was returned to the server's homepage. Now it seems to be OK. Some temporary problems on the server I suppose...

Of course I know about limitations of yousendit.com.
But just for trading a file from one user to another it is OK.
It is fast, supports resuming downloads, has no daily bandwith limit or restrictions for russian IPs, and there is no need to wait or to enter some codes.
Please don't be so tragic - the whole FS server surely causes a lot of traffic, but this particular topic doesn't seem to be very popular...
Yousendit would be a bad choice for storing new Atreyu album, but for some rare finnish band it's OK...

Sorry for a kind of offtopic smile.gif
after clicking on "Download" button and after that on link below "Download now" either nothing happened, or I was returned to the server's homepage.

returning to server's homepage is perfectly normal. so is having to wait a bit after clicking on the "download now" link. dunno whats the problem really. takes me an average of 10 seconds to get a file from S&Serve.
Aavikko - Derek!

1 El Cebo (2:19)
2 Galaktus (2:40)
3 Itameri (3:14)
4 Derek (2:30)
5 Klouni (2:22)
6 Panama (1:41)
7 Bolek Bolek (2:42)
8 Manoliton Vapaapäivä (2:21)
9 Kazimbalis (2:09)
10 Vaaleanpunainen Palvelu (2:55)
11 Elsku Mau Mau (1:32)
12 3000 Dollaria (1:47)
13 Kip-Kaupunki (3:45)

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Aavikko - Multi Muysic

1 Synchro Start (1:05)
2 New York-London-Siilinjärvi-Tokyo (3:10)
3 Sports Criminal (2:50)
4 Seoul'88 (2:16)
5 Omavastuualue (3:05)
6 Slalom Tripmaster (3:13)
7 Bermuda 3 (3:47)
8 Lazer Theme (2:29)
9 Viitostie (4:52)
10 Street Pilot (3:10)
11 Fyysikot Tiedottavat (1:45)
12 Torpedo Girls (4:00)

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aww, i was lookin it in a Electronic music forum (((

please, please, sum1, reup

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