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Mugstar - ...Sun, Broken... [2010 / V0 / 70 Mb]

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Important Records wrote:

Mugstar fit well beside such Important records as Cave and A Place To Bury Strangers. Since 2003 they've issued a few full lengths, a split with Mudhoney, an etched 10" and most famously, recorded the last ever Peel Session with the late John Peel.

Mugstar are the sound of 10,000 exploding suns, pulsing with repetitive beauty and pounding like a supersonic mantra. “...Sun, Broken...”, Mugstar’s second full-length album, recalls “Saucerful…” era Floyd and echoes vintage Neu! alongside the more contemporary sounds of Oneida and Sonic Youth.
Mugstar take the sonics of heavy psychedelia and krautrock, drag it through the lenses of punk and post-rock and jettison the results into something of propulsive originality.

“…Sun, Broken…” delivers a range of power, textures and soundscapes, from the turbo-charged openers
of “Technical Knowledge as a Weapon” and “Ouroboros”, the eerie other-worldly atmospherics of
“Labrador Hatchet” and “She Ran Away With My Medicine”, through the krautrocking “Today Is The Wrong Shape” to the expansive voyage of closing track “Furklausundbo”. It is a forceful and compelling album.

Mugstar's origins begin with drummer Steve Ashton wanting a band who could play as loud as he could. Neil Murphy, from an improv. background, joined next providing noise and subtlety. Peter Smyth then answered the call bringing guitar, keyboards, vocals, and an intense stage persona. Jason Stoll came on board with his dirty bass tones. Finally Sam Wiehl arrived, adding projections to the live shows making Mugstar a full assault on the senses both sonically and visually. Steve found the band he wanted.

Mugstar is already in the studio working on their third album, two new 7” singles and a film project is also in the pipeline. They are also looking to book their first US tour in summer 2010. It looks like 2010 is to be a bumper year for Mugstar.


01. Technical Knowledge as a Weapon
02. Ouroboros
03. Labrador Hatchet
04. Today is the Wrong Shape
05. She Ran Away with My Medicine
06. Furklausundbo

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Mugstar - Today is the Wrong Shape - 2009 / EP / V0 / 30 Mb

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01. Today is the Wrong Shape
02. Technical Knowledge as a Weapon
03. I Got The Six
04. Tam Lin



Mugstar - Mugstar - 2006 / V0 / 78 Mb

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01. My Baby Skull Has Not Yet Flowered
02. CrempogSmultron
03. It Was Too Cold To Go Looking For Brancusi
04. Good Posture vs. Bad Posture
05. Floatation Tank
06. Subtle Freak
07. Man With Supersight
08. Children Of The Gravy



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и это все комментарии?)))

" ...забейте что-либо своими руками - и вам полегчает"
(с) Кровосток
песенка 06. Furklausundbo супер!!!
и вновь привлек тег Atmospheric. щас качну)
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Несколько сумбурно, но весьма интересно... Не знаю, где тут Соники, но Флойдовские клавиши действительно проглядывают кое-где
Bethany Heart Star
выложите, пожалуйста
Mugstar - Lime (2010 / Important / v0)

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Mugstar’s third album (and second on Important Records) maintains the power and heaviness of the sonic assaults laid out in their previous releases while extending musical maneuvers and textures into new territories.

“Sunburnt Impedance Machine” moves through driving riff passages with soaring guitars and a voice recalling touches of early Floyd before locking into a repetitive keyboard and drum-driven outro. “Serra” is an extended voyage through a shimmering Krautrock landscape, with continuous expectant grooves that call to mind a turbo-charged Neu! combined with heavy waves of churning minimalist synth à la Glass or Reich. Clinic’s Jonathan Hartley guests here, adding distant bursts of haunting clarinet skronk to induce flashes of Nik Turner or Beefheart. “Radar King” launches with mesmeric drums and bass while guitars weave and build to near climax before descending to an eerie space—a noise fest Sonic Youth would revel in! And finally, “Beyond the Sun” closes in a more reflective mood, with incessant rhythms punctuated by arpeggiated synths and distant vocals that evoke a feeling of pastoral psychedelia.

Take the list of band names mentioned above; add a few others along the lines of Bardo Pond, Oneida, Circle, and Kinski; wind the intensity and volume levels up to blistering; and you’ll be entering Mugstar’s universe.

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Mugstar - Lime [2010 / V0 / 72 Mb]

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Three platters in and Mugstar shows no sign of stopping, let alone taking a breath. Mugstar knocked it out of the park,  … Sun, Broken … took it into the stratosphere and now Lime {out this Fall on Important Records}, like the last track says, takes it Beyond the Sun. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know where they could, or would, go after the rocket-fueled … Sun, Broken …, but Mugstar handles the task admirably. Lime is, in every sense of the word, a stellar follow-up to the classic … Sun, Broken … . Don’t let the minimal track count {4} fool you into thinking they played it safe or whittled down their assault. With lengthy running times, the cuts from Lime showcase Mugstar stretching out a bit more than they have previously and pursuing a bit more of a throbbing, pulsating bent. Does that mean the machine has mellowed? Hell no. Think of it as full-bodied.

Lime kicks into gear with the fantastic Sunburnt Impedance Machine with an intro worthy of Piper-era Floyd. In fact, the whole song plays out like all the crucial touchstones of Piper have been collapsed into one statement. Not so much an homage to Piper and other watershed records of that ilk as much as a redefinition, Sunburnt Impedance Machine is not just a fiery showcase for Mugstar’s disciplined chaos: it firmly establishes them as torchbearers of traditions and mind-sets laid down by artists before them as much as it revels in Mugstar’s sonic envelope pushing.

Serra picks up right where the driving, surging Furklausundbo closed … Sun, Broken … . Part Krautrock beat, part drone, Serra pulses along, building layers up with washes of keys to a gentle close that will leave you wondering exactly where the last 13+ minutes went. Next up, Radar King, takes that same throb and goes centrifugal with it until a languid respite that shows Mugstar is just as adept at quieter washes as they are with the sonic crusade that wraps up the track.

Closing out Lime is Beyond the Sun, a track that takes their exploratory throb and lets it spread out into a great coda for the record. A handful of wordless vocals mirroring those from Sunburnt Impedance Machine bring the disc full circle, making those two tracks essentially bookends for Lime. Beyond the Sun seems both a perfect closer and a setting of the stage for what might come next.

As with their other outings, there’s a heady brew of influences and aesthetics running the gamut inside of Lime that could easily turn into nothing but sonic sludge in the hands of an outfit less capable than Mugstar. But it all comes together in a powerful, colossal way. A cursory listen might seem a bit overwhelming to the timid, but underneath all that frenetic energy there are little gems revealed with each listen. The expansive tracks and a slight focus on more of their nuances makes Lime gel into another thoroughly ass-kicking record from Mugstar that takes their sound one step further out. How far out they go in Round 4 is up for grabs, but I have no doubt it will be another volatile knock-out. Highly recommended.


01. Sunburnt Impedance Machine
02. Serra
03. Radar King
04. Beyond The Sun




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Lime пока нравится. трек Serra недурственно так унес. слушаем дальше.
что б поъожего послушать? околокраутого с кислотными клавишами порой..
A new MUGSTAR studio album will be released in October 2012 on Agitated Records:

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Mugstar's long awaited fifth full-length, ‘Axis‘, will be released by Agitated Records on the 29th October 2012 and will be available as a CD, LP and Digital Download. You can stream the first track from the album ‘Black Fountain’ below.


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