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Artist: Meursault
Title: All Creatures Will Make Merry
Label: Song, By Toad Records
Genre: Alternative
Bitrate: VBRkbps
Time: 00:45:28
Size: 61.60 mb
Rip Date: 2010-04-09
Str Date: 2010-05-24

Track List:

01. Payday 1:00
02. Crank Resolutions 4:45
03. All Creatures Will Make Merry 3:50
04. Weather 4:22
05. One Day This'll All Be Fields 3:30
06. What You Don't Have 5:16
07. Another 4:42
08. New Ruin 4:30
09. Sleet 4:50
10. For Martin Kippenberger 6:51
11. A Fair Exchange 1:52

Release Notes :

This album is rather different from its predecessor, and I genuinely
have no idea what Meursaults growing army of fans are going to make of
it. Its denser in many ways, dirty and noisy, and yet as sad and
heartbreaking as youd expect from the band

When we were writing all the press blurb, Neil decided to describe the
album as epic low-fi and even thought that is an almost totally
meaningless term, it still seems to describe this record pretty well
With two new band members joining, there was a danger that the cello or
the electric guitar would end up swamping this record, but its all
been handled very carefully

I think the first time I heard this album through I pretty much summed
up what I felt about it in a single sentence: theres not so much as a
weak twenty seconds on here, anywhere







до альбома были записи, ипишка точно cool.gif
я бы скачал, альбом показался мне интересным
картинка, оставленная пользователем
картинка, оставленная пользователем
я бы сказал что очень здорово

9 из 10
да, они хороши!
EP нереально найти, кажется. нашел всего одну, которая полностью состоит из дрона и вообще не похожа на LP.
Meursault - Sleeping Debris
а у них еще дивный дебютник, между прочим, есть.

Meursault - Pissing on Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues [2008, Song By Toad Records]

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1. "Salt (Part One)" 6:23
2. "Statues Of Strangers" 2:11
3. "The Furnace" 3:46
4. "Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues" 3:52
5. "Salt (Part Two)" 3:18
6. "The Dirt And The Roots" 3:46
7. "A Few Kind Words" 3:09
8. "A Small Stretch Of Land" 4:58
9. "Ampersand After Ampersand" 1:07
10. "Lament For A Teenage Millionaire" 3:35
11. "Oh, Neighbourhood!" 3:15

mp3, VBR, ~192 kbps

обратите внимание: заглавная песня - своеобразный оммаж "neutral milk hotel" и их "song against sex" rolleyes.gif
новый EP Nothing Broke есть у кого?
только не такой уж он и новый wink.gif

Meursault - Nothing Broke EP [2009, Song By Toad]

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1. Nothing Broke
2. Red Candle Bulb
3. Love or Limb
4. William Henry Miller Pt.1
5. William Henry Miller Pt.2

супергруппа с участием сабжа: Cold Seeds
Meursault - Something For The Weakened [2012, Song by Toad]

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01 – Thumb
02 – Flittin’
03 – Lament for a Teenage Millionaire
04 – Settling
05 – Hole
06 – Lightning Bolt
07 – Dull Spark
08 – Dearly Distracted
09 – Mamie
10 – Untitled

mp3, 320 kbps

электроники и всяких лофайных украшательств куда меньше, чем обычно, но альбом тем не менее замечательный, на мой вкус.
слушаю новый, отлично идёт thumb.gif команда заслуживает внимания, их музыка кажется знакомой, но в то же время они крепкая боевая единица и имеют свой лик
Талант всегда себя проявит, дорогуша (с) Фредди

режьте меня на ремни, но пока что это мой альбом года номер один. fittin', settling, hole, dull spark, untitled - ну это же все чудеса какие-то просто. слушаю их сейчас вперемешку с новым Grizzly Bear и пребываю счастлив.
Listen to the dead.

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: Meursault
Album: Something For The Weakened
Bitrate: 223kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Song By Toad Records
Genre: Indie
Size: 73.74 megs
PlayTime: 0h 43min 11sec total
Rip Date: 2012-11-04
Store Date: 2012-00-00

Track List:

01. Thumb 3:15
02. Flittin 4:25
03. Lament For A Teenage Millionaire 4:02
04. Settling 5:34
05. Hole 5:26
06. Lightning Bolt 1:15
07. Dull Spark 5:03
08. Dearly Distracted 7:34
09. Mamie 4:05
10. Untitled 2:32




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Artist : Meursault
Album : The Organ Grinder's Monkey
Year : 2014
Genre : Indie Folk
Codec : Fraunhofer
Quality : mp3
Bitrate : 320K/s 44100Hz Stereo
ID3-Tag : ID3v2.3
Hoster : Uploaded.net/Zippyshare


1. Game Of Pricks (Guided By Voices) [ 3:56]
2. Dearly Distracted [ 5:27]
3. Dinosaur Act (Low) [ 4:01]
4. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Traditional) [ 2:51]
5. No Children (Mountain Goats) [ 3:21]
6. One Day This'll All Be Fields [ 4:09]
7. Whole Wide World (Wreckless Eric) [ 3:20]
8. A Kind Of Cure [ 2:43]
9. Rabid Bits Of Time (Chad VanGaalen) [ 4:24]
10. I Believe In Anything (Wolf Parade) [ 4:21]
11. Poor Old Christopher Robin (PAWS) [ 5:33]
12. Fare Thee Well (Willard Grant Conspiracy) [ 5:05]
13. Was Ist Das [ 9:43]
14. Asleep And Dreaming (The Magnetic Fields) [14:50]

Total Playing Time: 73:53
Total Size : 170,8 MB



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