Sam Rivers

Avant-garde,jazz,Free jazz

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Sam Rivers
Fuchsia Swing Song
Post Bop
Blue Note 2003

Sam Rivers — tenor sax
Jaki Byard — piano
Ron Carter — bass
Tony Williams — drums

01. Fuchsia Swing Song 06:03
02. Downstairs Blues Upstairs 05:33
03. Cyclic Episode 06:57
04. Luminous Monolith 06:31
05. Beatrice 06:13
06. Ellipsis 07:43
07. Luminous Monolith [alternate take* 06:39
08. Downstairs Blues Upstairs * 08:09
09. Downstairs Blues Upstairs * 07:47
10. Downstairs Blues Upstairs * 07:49

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Sam Rivers
Avant-Garde,Free Jazz,Free Improvisation
Impulse 1974

Sam Rivers — flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, arranger, conductor
Sinclair Acey — trumpet
Ted Daniel — trumpet
Richard Williams — trumpet
Charles Greenlee — trombone
Charles Stephens — trombone
Joe Daley — tuba
Fred Kelly — soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, baritone saxophone, piccolo
Paul Jeffrey — tenor saxophone, flute
Joe Ferguson — soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute
Roland Alexander — tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Gregory Maker — bass
Harold Smith — percussion
Warren Smith — drums

1. Exultation 8:26
2. Tranquility 8:59
3. Postlude 2:32
4. Bursts 6:53
5. Orb 9:37
6. Earth Song 4:07

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Sam Rivers
Trio Live
Free Jazz
Impulse! 1998

Bass - Arild Andersen, Cecil McBee
Drums - Barry Altschul
Saxophone [Tenor, Soprano], Flute, Piano, Composed By - Sam Rivers

1. Hues of Melanin (Soprano Saxophone, Flute and Vocal Sections) 34:08
2. Hues of Melanin (Ivory Black — The Piano Section) 4:12
3. Hues of Melanin (Violet — The Tenor Saxophone Section) 5:39
4. Suite for Molde — Part One (Onyx & Topaz — The Soprano Saxophone and Flute Sections) 8:01
5. Suite for Molde — Part Two (The Tenor Saxophone Section) 11:16

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Sam Rivers
Contemporary Jazz
ECM Records 1980 /FLAC

Sam Rivers : Soprano and Tenor Saxophones, Flute
George Lewis : Trombone
Dave Holland : Bass
Thurman Barker : Drums, Marimba

As an icon of creative endeavors, the ECM label is world renown for its releases by such heavyweights as Dave Holland, Jan Garbarek, Keith Jarrett, and Jack DeJohnette, to name just a few. Probably much less acknowledged however are those little trinkets of musical pleasure that have fallen through the cracks over the years, several of which also happen to be unavailable on compact disc. In this latter category belongs one of the last major label releases that saxophonist Sam Rivers produced prior to his brief tenure with BMG in the late ‘90s. In a trio of dates ECM produced that featured major American jazz saxophonists (the other two albums being George Adams’ Sound Suggestions and Dewey Redman’s The Struggle Continues ), 1979’s Contrasts serves as a cornerstone among Rivers’ many works as well as a key item from the ECM catalog.

The antithesis of the label’s general inclination towards pastel shades, Rivers and crew paint in wide strokes of bold colors with an avant-garde flair very much in evidence. Rivers and trombonist George Lewis often engage in collective banter, tossing phrases back and forth at one another. Bassist Dave Holland not only holds down the bottom end but also contributes to the melodic fold by bowing his own lines that intertwine with the lead voices. Rendered across the full stereo spread by engineer Martin Wieland, drummer Thurman Barker becomes a full participant capable of thematic and melodic variants that go far beyond the role of just time keeping.

All seven of the pieces heard here are Rivers originals and each one boasts a one-word title that sums up the mood of performance. “Circles” opens up with some free collective improvisation, although things simmer on a low heat with Barker sticking to brushes throughout. A number like “Zip” recalls Rivers’ Blue Note years with its forceful swing, the tenor man getting into his own version of the archetypical “sheets of sound” approach. Somewhat more melancholy, “Solace” finds Barker switching to marimba, with Rivers’ soprano and Lewis’ trombone floating over an ethereal landscape. As an added treat, “Verve” offers a taste of Rivers on flute with a hybrid boogaloo beat that beams with sunny hues.

Although the overwhelming majority of items from their expansive catalog remain in print, ECM still has several items that have yet to make it to compact disc with Contrasts being at the top of this reviewer’s list. Coming off his series of remarkable, if erratic Impulse recordings from the ‘70s, this ECM date serves as a summation of Rivers’ virtues up to that point in time. by — C. Andrew Hovan

1. Circles / 4:10
2. Zip / 4:47
3. Solace / 6:57
4. Verve / 7:15
5. Dazzle / 9:16
6. Images / 3:53
7. Lines / 7:09

Sam Rivers – Dimensions And Extensions (1967)

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01. Precis
02. Paean
03. Effusive Melange
04. Involution
05. Afflatus
06. Helix

Sam Rivers – Dimensions And Extensions (1967) FLAC cool.gif
Sam Rivers - Crystals (1974)

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1 Exultation
2 Tranquility
3 Postlude
4 Bursts
5 Orb
6 Earth Song

Sam Rivers - Streams (1973)

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Spoken Introduction
Tenor Saxophone Section/Beginning of Flute Section
Conclusion of Flute Section/Piano Section/Soprano Saxophone Section

Sam Rivers - Waves (1978)

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1. Shockwave
2. Torch
3. Pulse
4. Flux
5. Surge

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Dimensions And Extensions (1967)


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Date ::: 04.06.2013
Artist : Sam Rivers Trio
Title :: Reunion: Live in New York
Genre :: Jazz
Encode : Lame 3.98.4 -V0 ~ 239kbps 09 File(s) 148,66 MB
Source : CDDA



01. Part 1 08:07
02. Part 2 09:41
03. Part 3 15:45
04. Part 4 08:37
05. Part 5 09:32


01. Part 1 08:55
02. Part 2 14:46
03. Part 3 04:10
04. Part 4 07:23

Total Playtime: cd1:51:42 / cd2:35:14
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Disc 1 - "Offering"

Disc 2 - "Progeny"

Disc 3 - "Edge"
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A New Conception
Recorded on October 11, 1966
anyone have A New Conception in mp3 not flac? thanks in advance thumb.gif

all good i found it if anyone else wants it heres a link
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