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Valley Girl is the solo artist incarnation of East London songwriter, musician and producer Valerie Perkins, whose previous work as a member of Yellow Book and various studio collaborations won her high praise (“ambitious, and elegantly sophisticated” – The Times) and some influential friends, among them Tim Goldsworthy, with whom she worked for several years before he moved to New York to form DFA.

However, the distance was no obstacle to their continuing partnership, which bears fruit in two tracks on ‘Glamorous World’ being produced by Goldsworthy and James Murphy. Also working behind the boards on most of the album is acclaimed film-maker Dominic Leung, and talented pianist and all-round sound specialist David Brodie. But it’s Valley Girl’s own vocals, writing, arranging and production skills that give ‘Glamorous World’ it’s depth and emotional resonance.

Originally released on download only in December 2007, digital sales have steadily grown through word of mouth and press reaction has been so strong that it only took one spin of the promo CD for us here at Cargo to jump at the chance to partner up with Valerie for a full physical release.

This multi-textured amalgamation has been a while in the making, yet ironically, it’s arrival coincides with the return from exile of Portishead, the band who created the template sound to which ‘Glamourous World’ will be most obviously compared, but that’s not as short-sighted an indiator as it might seem, as this is no mere off-the-peg modern blues of the type that flooded the schedules in the years immediately following the release of ‘Dummy’.

Valley Girl’s vocal style carries the kind of unforced and naturally expressive range that communicates an undeniable personal truth; real depth in it’s plaintiveness, heartfelt soul in it’s desire, and the yearning ache of loves won or lost. Meanwhile, the playing and production across the album’s nine pieces ranges from smokey piano jazz to funked-out string-laden nu-spoul, from folk-infused lo-fi to swelling cinematic romance, from hip-hop influenced cut-up breaks to bass-heavy retro-electro, with each track a perfect foil for the moods and atmospheres evoked by the lyrical themes and vocal performances. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, ‘Glamorous World’ carries no excess musical baggage and stands as a concise statement of intent from an artist cleary destined for a bright future.

Valley Girl - Glamorous World

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Format: CD Album
Catalogue Number: SDLP001CD
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sick Dog
Release Date: 9 June 2008

Track Listing
2.Glamorous World
4.Dizzy Star
5.Cartoon Pictures
6.So Rare
7.Power To You Child
9.Wild Whisper Sweet


Dominic Leung ( Marsheen/ Hammer And Tong)
David Brodie(Marsheen)
Lascelle (7 Hurtz)
Tim Goldsworty(DFA)
James murphy(DFA)
Chris Bailiff (Position Normal)
Darren Morris Thomas Napper


На мой взгляд абсолютно милейшая группа, не по праву оставшаяся совсем неизвестной.
Её звучание можно охаракиеризовать по разному, но в целом это какая то фантастическая
и весьма светлая меланхолия, как если бы Portishead слезли с героина и подружились с Бьёрк )
Судите сами. Кто помогал делать эту пластинку написано выше.
Наслаждайтесь. Чертовски редкая вещь!
Отличный пассаж,как бы даже и слушать то уже и не надо.Просто взял за правду. thumb.gif
Valley Girl - Flow (Promo CDM)

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Label: Sick Dog
Release Type: Promo
Source: CD Maxi
Release Year: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Language: English
Size: 31 MB

Tracklist :
01 - valley girl - flow (valley girl album version)
02 - valley girl - addicted (valley girl album version)
03 - valley girl - flow (nwachukwu remix)
04 - valley girl - flow (dime boy remix)
05 - valley girl - addicted (7 - hurtz remix)
06 - valley girl - addicted (marsheen remix)

после таких рецензий просто выхода иного нет, как качнуть
очарован беспредельно... альбом просто супер!
альбом просто супер!

Сам стараюсь слушать его пореже, чтобы каждый раз - как в первый раз было )
Действительно очень здорово, спасибо, что познакомил=)
Спасибо. Интересное звучание - potishead+jazz, очень грубо говоря. =)
be bamboocho
очень приятный альбом. нравица
таа плюсую мне тоже вкатило wink.gif

мой ластик ^_^

power beauty soul
Порадовало Очень)) thumb.gif
действительно хороша.. надеюсь только появится побольше индивидуальности, а то, пока что, идеи многих переплетаются в её творчестве, имхо) а так гуд. зацепило! thumb.gif

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