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Colin Walcott-Cloud Dance/ecm rec.
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heard song #2 "Prancing" on Walcotts compilation called "Works" and i loved it so much i had to get this album, But in 94 it wasnt availible in the USA (took 6 months to get it from Japan). Was it worth it? yes

At first i was sad that the whole album wasnt the same fast and minimal Drum and Bass groove I was expecting (like prancing), but later i started really enjoying the Gateway trios work mixed with Walcotts Eastern percussion/sitar. Sadly Collin died in 84 and how i wish his work could have continued.

i recomend this album over the others for its groove. I tried Codona, it was not to my liking at all. Its the combo of Gateways groove (Dejohnette, Holland and Abercrombie) and walcotts eastern contribution that made this album so amazing to me. You should probably check out the "Gateway" albums if you end up loving this album

1. Margueritte (Walcott) - 8:25
2. Prancing (Walcott) - 3:23
3. Night Glider (Walcott) - 6:35
4. Scimitar (Abercrombie/Walcott) - 2:42
5. Vadana (Holland) - 6:59
6. Eastern Song (Walcott) - 2:32
7. Padma (Abercrombie/Walcott) - 2:43
8. Cloud Dance (Walcott) - 5:48

John Abercrombie - Guitar
Jack DeJohnette - Drums
Dave Holland - Bass
Collin Walcott - Sitar, Tabla
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Collin Walcott - Grazing Dreams [1977]
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