Jon Hassell / Farafina-Flash Of The Spirit 1989//Intuition REC
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Jon Hassell-Aka_Darbari_Java
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World Music is now a buzz term, but the interest in this concept began with players like Bela Bartok, Modest Mussorgsky, and in jazz, Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. The 1970s saw so much of this kind of thing going on - one thinks of John McLaughlin with his solo projects like My Goal's Beyond and then Shakti, Oregon, Don Cherry playing bizarre instruments from Tibet on projects like Eternal Now and Relativity Suite, and then Hassell.
This record was one of the earliest CDs,from 1983, and its Hassell's use of precorded samples and computers to create compositions in a modular way that makes this album so interesting. The music is like a soundtrack for a film, extremley gentle and slow moving, with dense textures of precorded raga and gamalan rhthms embellished by Hassell's (backwards?) trumpet and Abdou Mboup's percussion. The engineer Dan Lanois plays as big a part as the musicians.
The personel and cover art by Mati Klarwein, who painted the popular cover art for Santana's Abraxas album and did a few covers for Miles, indicate this album was really a continuation of the ideas he explored in Earthquake Island, which was made five years ealrier (also with art by Klarwein). There are liner notes by Hassell which explain the technical and artistic realites involved in this project which sound incredibly dated now, but must have been massively difficult at that time.

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Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street (2005)

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Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street

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Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street , Magic Realism Vol. 2 anyone have?
"Now half the world hates the other half
And half the world has all the food
And half the world lies down and quietly starves
'Cause there's not enough love to go 'round...
And sympathy is what we need my friend."
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Jon Hassell - Maarifa Street - Magic Realism Vol. 2 (2005)

Jon Hassell - Power Spot (1984)

Jon Hassell - Fascinoma (1999)

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and here is forth world vol 1 - possible music (mp3@192kbps)
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Jon Hassell - Fascinoma (1999) @320



Jon Hassell - "Aka Darbari Java. Magical Realism vol.1" @320


Jon Hassell / Brian Eno - "Possibly Musics. Fourth World vol.1" 1980 @320


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