artist: Kontrol
title: Deeper Meaning / Look Inside
record label: Tech Itch (TI040)
genre: Drum & Bass
media type: vinyl

Список треков:
Kontrol - Deeper Meaning
Kontrol - Look Inside

(02 tracks) (12:32 min) (19,1 mb)

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УУУ, есть чем поживиться wink.gif
ну норм...dry.gif
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Не имеет значения, что кто-либо говорит или делает Ты сам должен быть безупречным человеком Нам требуется все наше время и вся наша энергия, чтобы победить идиотизм в себе. Это и есть то что имеет значение. Остальное не имеет никакой важности.
Дон Хуан (К. Кастанеда "Второе кольцо силы")
Спасибо большое.thumb.gif
Спасибо большое. thumb.gif
Спасибо конечно, присутствует тут знакомые звуки Tech Itch, но всётаки, эти песнu как-то до конца не втягивают меня... sheep.gif
Чесно говоря я не в восторге.
альбом Diagnostics лучше!
там особенно 1310, Led, Arced - не сравнить с этими двумя.
Но даже это считаю лучшего остальных.

Спасибо за ссылки!
а понтово вообще? можт кто-нить рекомендации даст? huh.gif

still digg'n 4 dope
м-дя... с натяжечкой троичка... cool.gif

still digg'n 4 dope
Не качается...только во временную папку...ohmy.gif
Mark Caro of 'Technical Itch' fame is known for the most brutal beats, gut wrenching bass lines and sinister atmospheres in drum and bass. His tracks are pure dynamite on the dance floor.

Bristol-based duo Technical Itch make leading-edge progressive drum'n'bass, incorporating the moodier elements of jump-up and techstep with a nod toward drum-twisting junglists such as Dom & Roland and the Penny Black label. Although Technical Itch's Darren Beale and Mark Caro (the latter originally of Birmingham) have deepest roots in the late-'80s hardcore breakbeat scene, their material both apart and together has tended toward the darkside, combining dense, unsetting atmospherics with complex, bruising drum patterns and deep subbass groans. The pair's most-used recording moniker derives (as does their home-run label) from their Bristol-based Tech Itch recording studio, but Caro and Beale have also recorded as Kutta (for Rough Tone), Decoder (for Tech Itch, Back2Basics, and Ruffneck Ting), T.I.C. (for Back2Basics), and Alpha Proxima (for Au Toi). The pair's earliest tracks came toward the peak end of the U.K. hardcore scene; both Beale and Caro were noted DJs, with Beale's recorded work as Orca adding to his notoriety. Introduced by a mutual friend, they released their first record together as Plasmic Life on Bizzy B's Brain Records, and by the early '90s were moving away from the conventions of hardcore, following breakbeat into the less static realms of darkside and hardstep jungle. Still only a part-time collaboration, the pair's partnership deepened after Omni Trio's Rob Haigh heard a Tech Itch track on Kenny Ken's Kiss FM show, leading to their signing with Haigh's home-base Moving Shadow in 1996. The pair produced a number of singles as Technical Itch for the label that same year, with scores of tracks as Decoder and T.I.C. continuing to appear on their own and other labels, marking the pair as one of the more prolific (and increasingly influential) of the new crop. Though a Decoder full-length was first out of the gate in late 1998, Tech Itch's Diagnostics followed in 1999 on Moving Shadow.
~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

картинка, оставленная пользователем
1999 | 192kbps | 100mb


+ Bonus the Real from the Animatrix
а есть чтонибуть новенькое ?
технический зуд? бзз, куль, никогда не слышал про этот альбом.

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