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artist ··[ Eleventh Dream Day
title ··[ Zeroes And Ones
label ··[ Thrill Jockey
genre ··[ Rock
quality ··[ 206 kbps avg
source ··[ CD
tracks ··[ 12
rip date ··[ 2006-04-11
supplier ··[ Team LOCALs

Track List :
01. Dissolution
02. Insincere Inspiration
03. For Martha
04. Lately I've Been Thinking
05. New Rules
06. Lost In The City
07. Return Of Long Shadow
08. The Lure
09. From K to Z
10. For Everything
11. Pinwheels
12. Journey With No Maps

// 76 megs
"Zeroes and Ones presents a contrast between the
personal and reflective lyrics and the catharsis of
playing really loud. For this new set of songs, Rick
Rizzo spent the summer of 2005 vowing to write a new
song each day (although he jokingly admits that about
fifty days somehow slipped by) , many on themes of
identity and existence, "mixed with whatever flew by
the window." Zeroes and Ones is about, "the difference
between gravity and floating away, reality or dream,
looking for something to grasp or simply letting go."

Download :

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а альбом-то как? на кого похожи?
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Заказ и продажа мерча (футболок, балахонов) и CD зарубежных групп!
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а альбом-то как? на кого похожи?

Альбом хороший wink.gif ...На кого похожи - да хз, вполне обычный, но качественный инди-рок. Временами напоминает Oasis и My Morning Jacket.


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Eleventh Dream Day - Eighth [1997]

1. For A King
2. Writes A Letter Home
3. Two Smart Cookies
4. Insomnia
5. View From The Rim
6. April
7. Motion Sickness
8. Last Call

mp3 ~ 256 kbps
El Moodio - 1993

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pass - kbottopia


Review by Ned Raggett
Beveridge-Bean gets to lead off the album with the wonderful "Makin' Like a Rug," delivering her vocal with side-of-the-mouth twang and sass — it's not quite like a rural Pixies, but the combination of restrained verses and Rizzo-accompanied explosive choruses gives it the same good feeling. Sometimes the lyrics get a bit lost in the din, but close attention proves rewarding — the cryptic, tense scenario of "Murder" details what might be a romantic breakdown, or what might be something more, with sharp detail. Rizzo and O'Bannon both continue the tradition of kick-butt riffs and solos; producer Jim Rondinelli lets them explode forth just the way they should, with enveloping blasts and razor-sharp whines. The McCombs/Beveridge-Bean rhythm section keep up the rear with equally inspired vim and skilled playing, both able to convey restraint (consider the gentle moodout into lovely zone of "Figure It Out") with just as much passion as raging rush. More calmer moments surface here than on Lived to Tell, but far from seeming like a toning down songs like the power poppy "After This Time Has Gone" and the lengthy, beautifully melancholy rumination "Honeyslide" just seem to be a new way for the band's abilities to shine. As for the concluding "Rubberband," the group's love of Neil Young reaches new and impressive heights, which the fantastic solo confirms. Otherwise, as before, all Eleventh Dream Day needs to create their fantastic work are their own considerable talents.


1 Makin' Like a Rug Bean, Rizzo 3:41
2 Figure It Out Rizzo 5:10
3 After This Time Is Gone Bean, Rizzo 3:36
4 Murder OBannon 3:53
5 Honeyslide Rizzo 8:04
6 That's the Point Rizzo 3:44
7 Motherland Rizzo 4:30
8 The Raft Rizzo 6:43
9 Bend Bridge Rizzo 3:21
10 Rubberband Rizzo 5:21
Wayne - 1989

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some nice guitar work here. if you don't know about eleventh dream day here's a good intro or one to add to your collection


Biography by Jason Ankeny & Sean Westergaard
One of the most resilient and criminally underappreciated bands to rise from the Midwestern underground community, the career of the noisy guitar unit Eleventh Dream Day was a textbook study in alt-rock endurance; despite a nightmarish major-label tenure, ill-timed roster changes, and commercial indifference, the group persevered, ultimately emerging as elder statesmen of the flourishing Chicago independent scene of the mid-'90s.

Eleventh Dream Day's origins dated to 1981, when singer/guitarist Rick Rizzo met vocalist/drummer Janet Beveridge Bean at the University of Kentucky. Inspired by punk, Rizzo taught himself to play guitar with the aid of Neil Young's Zuma songbook; Young remained the group's major inspiration throughout their career, his incendiary aesthetic informing much of Rizzo's own raw, rootsy style. The couple soon relocated to Chicago, where they teamed with bassist Douglas McCombs and guitarist Baird Figi; after several years of honing their explosive live set, Eleventh Dream Day finally recorded their eponymous debut EP for the Amoeba label in 1987.

The full-length Prairie School Freakout, recorded in one six-hour span with a buzzing, dilapidated amplifier, followed in 1988, and brought Eleventh Dream Day to the attention of Atlantic Records, which signed the group for 1989's assured Beet. Despite critical acclaim, the record failed to find an audience; Lived to Tell followed in 1991 and suffered the same fate as its predecessor. In the middle of a tour to promote the album, Figi abruptly quit, and was replaced by Bodeco's Matthew "Wink" O'Bannon prior to 1993's superb El Moodio. After three commercial strikes, Atlantic unceremoniously dropped the group.

Following a hiatus that allowed Rizzo and Bean to concentrate on raising their newborn child, Eleventh Dream Day enlisted co-producers Brad Wood and John McEntire (McCombs' partner in the post rock supergroup Tortoise) for 1994's Ursa Major, released on City Slang. After another break — during which time Rizzo returned to college, Bean focused on her country side project, Freakwater, and O'Bannon exited to return to Bodeco — Eleventh Dream Day signed to the Chicago-based indie Thrill Jockey to record 1997's Eighth.

Stalled Parade followed in 2000, but at this point Eleventh Dream Day was a part-time venture at best. Rizzo was teaching and Bean and McCombs both had other musical ventures. They continued to play live in Chicago occasionally, ably assisted by former Coctail Mark Greenberg on keyboards. In 2003, Thrill Jockey reissued the long out of print Prairie School Freakout paired with the Wayne EP, and Baird Figi joined the band for a one-off reunion show in November of that year. 2006 saw the release of Zeroes and Ones, the band's first new material in six years and the first album recorded with Greenberg.


1 Go Bean, Rizzo 4:50
2 Southern Pacific 5:04
3 Tenth Leaving Train 11:19
Eleventh Dream Day - Prairie School Freakout/Wayne EP
Eleventh Dream Day - Beet
Eleventh Dream Day - Borscht
Eleventh Dream Day - Lived To Tell

El Moodio - 1993

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Drugs,alcohol,and all the things that make me out from this reallity!!!!!!!

Sonic Youth rules ..........
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Drugs,alcohol,and all the things that make me out from this reallity!!!!!!!

Sonic Youth rules ..........
Zeroes and Ones (2006)
90,5 mb
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anyone have the new album that's out this month?
Riot Now! (2011)
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VBR V0 || 77 mb

01. Damned Tree
02. Cold Steel Grey
03. Satellite
04. That's What's Coming
05. Divining For Water
06. Tall Man
07. Sonic Reactor
08. Away With Words
09. Maybe This Time

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