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Gulag Orkestar - 2006

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1. "The Gulag Orkestar" – 4:38
2. "Prenzlauerberg" – 3:46
3. "Brandenburg" – 3:38
4. "Postcards from Italy" – 4:17
5. "Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)" – 3:15
6. "Rhineland (Heartland)" – 3:58
7. "Scenic World" – 2:08
8. "Bratislava" – 3:17
9. "The Bunker" – 3:13
10. "The Canals of Our City" – 2:21
11. "After the Curtain" – 2:54

The Flying Club Cup - 2007

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1. "A Call to Arms" - 0:18
2. "Nantes" - 3:50
3. "A Sunday Smile" - 3:36
4. "Guyamas Sonora" - 3:31
5. "La Banlieue" - 1:58
6. "Cliquot" (Zach Condon, Owen Pallett) - 3:52
7. "The Penalty" - 2:22
8. "Forks and Knives (La Fête)" - 3:34
9. "In the Mausoleum" - 3:11
10. "Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)" (Zach Condon, Kendrick Strauch) - 2:51
11. "Cherbourg" - 3:33
12. "St. Apollonia" - 2:59
13. "The Flying Club Cup" - 3:05

Pompeii EP - 2007

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# "Fountains and Tramways" - 4:01
# "Napoleon on the Bellerophon" - 3:31
# "Monna Pomona" - 2:07

Lon Gisland EP - 2007

1. "Elephant Gun" – 5:48
2. "My Family's Role in the World Revolution" – 2:07
3. "Scenic World (Second Version)" – 2:53
4. "The Long Island Sound" – 1:18
5. "Carousels" – 4:23

Elephant Gun EP - 2007

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# "Elephant Gun" - 5:49
# "Transatlantique" - 3:37
# "Le Moribond / My Family's Role in the World Revolution" - 4:09

March of the Zapotec and Realpeople Holland - 2009

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Beirut bitrate: v2
Beirut 320kbs
Beirut rapidshare.com

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Gulag Orkestar
Ba Da Bing! 2006

01. Gulag Orkestar
02. Prenzlaurberg
03. Brandenburg
04. Postcards from Italy
05. Mount Wroclai (Idle Days)
06. Rhineland (Heartland)
07. Scenic World
08. Bratislava
09. The Bunker
10. The Canals of Our City
11. After the Curtain

While it may sound like an entire Balkan gypsy orchestra playing modern songs as mournful ballads and upbeat marches, Beirut's first album, Gulag Orkestar, is largely the work of one 19-year-old Albuquerque native, Zach Condon, with assistance by Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel, A Hawk and a Hacksaw) and Heather Trost (A Hawk and a Hacksaw). Horns, violins, cellos, ukuleles, mandolins, glockenspiels, drums, tambourines, congas, organs, pianos, clarinets and accordions (no guitars on this album!) all build and break the melodies under Condon's deep-voiced crooner vocals, swaying to the Eastern European beats like a drunken 12-member ensemble that has fallen in love with The Magnetic Fields, Talking Heads and Neutral Milk Hotel.

>> GET (52mb)

again, i wasn't too sure where to post,
but i think the people checking this subforum will appreciate it best.
hmmm.... very temptingly. need listen smile.gif
carpe diem! ;)
имхо Neutral Milk Hotel поинтересней
well imho NMH is different anyway
i reckon this is more like a gypsy version of david byrne
doru649, thank you. awful record, beautiful and pathetic
genetically still
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Britten's War Requiem
Strange description w8r, now I'll have to get it...hehe...

Это сообщение отредактировал DrNil - 10.05.06 в 23:40
вообще как фон хорошо идет, когда устаешь от гитарной музыки и надо переключиться на чтото совершенно другое
awful record, beautiful

you'll have to decide, mate biggrin.gif
They are different, but not my cup of tea.

As far as weird-folk, psy-folk, neofolk, et al, have you heard of Stone Breath?

Truly excellent.

BTW, do you like ISAN ? This is a great advance release.

Это сообщение отредактировал DrNil - 11.05.06 в 2:36
yeh, i gave the isan a couple of spins,
but after listening most of their albums,
they just don't do much for me anymore..
although they seem to experiment
more than on other releases.

i guess it's me and w8r loving the beirut then smile.gif

Это сообщение отредактировал doru649 - 11.05.06 в 2:46
Yeah, they sound too American for my taste. You know how these American indie bands want to sound "really" weird? I can't stand them. Six Organs of Admittance is awesome, but just because he doesn't want to pose as overtly strange, he is just like that in real life.

It's not that I hated Beirut, but I have seen so many bands just like that playing for free at Golden Gate Park and trying so hard to be global and weird, that I just dislike the attitude, so the music fails to reach me.

Это сообщение отредактировал DrNil - 11.05.06 в 2:55
you know, i think the one thing that struck me about this record
was rather its amazing simplicity..

i know what you mean about bands trying to sound cool and "world" and sophisticated
but this kid actually dropped out from school to travel through europe
and the balkans especially, soaking up his influences..
so there's this rather loose sound about his music
and i think very authentic as well, considering he plays dozens of instruments here..

plus, like i said on my blog, this music has LOTS of volume to it,
it just grows and breathes alot of energy..
that's probably the thing i like best.

i mean, really - for a 19y.o. kid, this stuff is genius..

Это сообщение отредактировал doru649 - 11.05.06 в 3:08
Strange description

you'll have to decide, mate
ha-ha, I've just noticed that I've typed "awful" instead of "awesome", such a dumb mess-up ) sorry.

smile.gif you can consider it as a revenge for radical cover and album title - why gulag? why russian car with russian number?
genetically still
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Britten's War Requiem
And why such name - Beirut?
No sence at all:D
А ножки ничаго biggrin.gif

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