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Artist : Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
Album : The Demon Haunted World
Label : Inependent
Genre : Hardcore
Street date : 2010-08-10
Quality : 244 kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : Lame 3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Size : 24.63 MB
Time : 13:22 min
Url :

1. Walls Made Of Glass 3:28
2. Warcry 3:16
3. Sitting On A Time Bomb In Free Fall 2:59
4. The Inheritance 3:39

This is the remixed and remastered version of this EP, enjoy!

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns have been quick to build a name
for themselves with energetic verses, epic choruses and
bone-crushing breakdowns which quickly reached out to fans
across the Northeast.

In the past year, Brighter Than a Thousand Suns appeared on
the acclaimed Van's Warped Tour and were in AP Magazine
before they released their debut EP "The Demon Haunted
World", produced by Paul Leavitt. The months since have been
very busy with regional touring, recording and appearances on
PacSun's Pactour with Saosin. With Angelika's fire-spitting
screams and soaring melodies, Alex's Haunting voice, Matt and
Randy's intricate rhythms, genre-bending guitar riffs and
ghostly ambient textures, they bring something fresh and
honest to the table with a strong work ethic to match.

With a genuine love for their fans, "The Demon Haunted World"
will be re-released this summer and remixed by Jeff
Schneeweis (Hawthorne Heights, Secret and Whisper, Number One
Gun). Catch them on their supporting tour this summer!

Name Change:
After putting a lot of thought into it, we have decided to
make a pretty big change.

We are changing our name to Brighter Than a Thousand Suns.

You see, Self Made Soul has been a band for a lot longer than
you think and we've been through some musical changes, a few
member changes here and there and have had quite a history
behind us. The truth is that the majority of you know us for
our music on our newest EP, "The Demon Haunted World" and
that's the direction we intend to grow in. Carrying the
weight of our past just didn't make sense any more, seeing
as how we have no intention of playing any of the material
from our first two albums. We felt that we planted a new seed
with "The Demon Haunted World" and wanted a name that was a
better fit for us and allowed that seed to flourish. Those
of you that have stuck by us since the beginning are truly
amazing and we're very grateful that you've grown along with
us. We're psyched to start this new chapter and hope you'll
stay with us. We're still committed to writing the best music
we possibly can and still committed to working as hard as we
can. That will never change.
As Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, we will be re-releasing
"The Demon Haunted World" and it will be remixed by Jeff
Schneeweis (Hawthorne Heights, Secret and Whisper, Number One
Gun) and it will be available soon! Also, expect a new
layout, a new tour, new merch and much more. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for all the great years as Self Made Soul and
thanks in advance for all the better ones to come.

-Angelika, Alex, Randy and Matt
thx a lot bro! they sound really tight!

название конечно прям актуально, особенно для раздела Alternative biggrin.gif
спижжено у наших между прочим)
хорошо, но орущая телка вызывает отвращение. не место бабам в пост-хк.
не место бабам в пост-хк
Правильно, пусть на кухне борщи готовят. biggrin.gif
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале
мне понравилась темка, чистый немного напоминает Broadway
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ЕР ни о чём. Удалил.
Цитата: Icerty
не грози Мадридскому Реалу, попивая сок у себя в квартале

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Artist: Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
Album: Survival Machines
Genre : Metal
Encoder : Lame v3.99 (alpha)
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Songs : 11
Playtime : 34:40 min
Company : Tragic Hero Records
Size : 53,2 MB
Streetdate : Sep-20-2011
Url :

~Release notes~

Survival Machines is most memorable because of its bulk and ferocity, both in terms of content and musicianship. If you've been looking for something on the heavy side of the scene without its more irritating components, this album is one of many answers to your prayers.

Recommended If You Like: Secret and Whisper, Oh, Sleeper, Saosin, Underoath, Counterparts, VersaEmerge.


01.Walls Made of Glass [03:33]
02.Warcry [03:19]
03.Survival Machines [03:51]
04.Crossing the Divide [04:12]
05.Long Live Impermanence [01:22]
06.The Inheritance [03:39]
07.A Creature Bred on Hunger Made Food for Hungry God [02:54]
08.Invisible [03:53]
09.The Search for Second Earth [00:54]
10.Sitting on A Time Bomb in Free Fall [03:03]
11.The Riot of Our Blood and Breath [04:00]


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Хороший альбом. В плейлисте определенно задержится.
И правда похоже на Secret and Whisper.
Хороший альбом. В плейлисте определенно задержится.

определённо thumb.gif
Хороший альбом.


гитарки действительно отдают s&w, вокалистка неплохо скримит

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призраки мерещатся.. справа крайний - джон леннон)))))
ааа, не! это из интернов левин патлы отрастил)))))

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Ёклмн, это же бывшие Self Made Soul , даже альбом выпустили... блин.
С нами Аллах и четыре английских пулемёта

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