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01. Intro
02. Splatter By Tyler The Creator
03. Turnt Down By Hodgy Beats
04. Drop By Earl Sweatshirt
05. Salute By Domo Genesis
06. Everything Thats Yours By Mike G
07. Blade By Earl Sweatshirt And
08. Double Cheeseburger By Domo Genesis And Wolf Haley
09. Round And Round By Hodgy Beats , Jasper And Mike G
10. Ugly Girls
11. Orange Juice By EarlWolf
12. Cool by Earl Sweatshirt And Mike G
13. Oblivion By Tyler, The Creator
14. Alright By Hodgy Beats
15. Leather Head By Wolf Haley
16. Up By Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis And Hodgy Beats
17. Swag Me Out By Jasper And Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All


Великолепнейший пример торжества независимой музыки.. Пару месяцев назад они ещё были достаточно неизвестны, а теперь про них пишут в именитых журналах и прутся даже пацанчики с моего раёна, пускай и не понимают до конца о чём = энергия всё равно чувствуется. FREE EARL! we got to kill them all
дальше вы не пройдёте пока не получите бумаги
можеткто-нибудь залисть альбомчик тайлера криэйтора?
можеткто-нибудь залисть альбомчик тайлера криэйтора?

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Earl Sweatshirt Releases His First Fucking Album. Lyrics About Rape, Coke, And Couches Will Be Blaring In Your Ears With The Dopest Fucking Beats To Date. Featuring Production By Tyler The Creator, Left Brain And Others.



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1.) Thisniggaugly
2.) Earl
3.) Couch (feat. Tyler, The Creator)
4.) Kill
5.) Wakeupfaggot
6.) Luper
7.) epaR (feat. Vince Staples)
8.) Moonlight (feat. Hodgy Beats)
9.) Pigions (feat. Wolf Haley)
10.) Stapleton

RGHost (link from)

Who are they?
A Cali based rap collective of 10 kids, all aged between 16-20, who spit lyrics on horror films, serial killers and rape, and blend it with occult, skate and drug counterculture influenced imagery.

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Why are they dope?
Odd Future (whole group name “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All”) could very well be the catalyst that initiates a new front of hip hop who’s aesthetic is ruled in lo-fi, punk rock, & “anti-bling” (or whatever means “not just rapping about bitches, brews and blunts”) ideals. To make a bold statement (and I hate to state this, cause it really discredits the sheer originality of the group, plus it’s such a an obvious comparisons) but Odd future is the new generation’s Wu-Tang (a no brainer for anyone that spends more than 10 minutes listening/looking at them, but I guess it needs to be stated anyway). The group’s anarchic attitude presents to mainstream hip hop an ideology that is opposing to its very foundation of material excess and gangster film posturing, not to unlike the way in which grunge clashed with 80’s hair metal. Hov himself even stated that hip-hop is in it’s hair metal phase, and based on the recent failures of Jeezy, Gucci, and 50, and the increasing acceptance of all the unorthodox rock influenced shit that Wayne and Kanye have been swagging musically and visually in the past 5 years, its hard not to ignore that the masculine norm in hip hop is radically changing. I can already picture in my head vast droves of disenfranchised Middle American teens annihilating property and gateway drugging to the sounds Odd Future. Definitely don’t sleep on these guys.

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Mixtapes (Group and Solo):
Odd Future – Radical Mixtape
Tyler, The Creator – Bastard
Earl Sweatshirt – EARL
Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers

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как то так себе
как то
MellowHype - BlackenedWhite (2010) V0

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01. MellowHype - Primo
02. MellowHype - Gun Sounds
03. MellowHype - Brain (feat. Domo Genesis)
04. MellowHype - Loaded (feat. Mike G)
05. MellowHype - Hell (feat. Frank Ocean)
06. MellowHype - Dead Deputy
07. MellowHype - Right Here
08. MellowHype - Loco
09. MellowHype - Stripclub
10. MellowHype - Fuck The Police (feat. Tyler & The Creator)
11. MellowHype - Chordaroy (feat. Earl Sweatshirt & Wolf Haley)
12. MellowHype - Rico (feat. Frank Ocean)
13. MellowHype - Gram
14. MellowHype - Circus [Bonus]
15. MellowHype - Based (feat. C.Renee) [Bonus]

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реапните плиз все кроме мелоухайпа))
уж очень блэкэндуайт крут

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