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The Bright Light Social Hour - The Bright Light Social Hour (2010) FLAC

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The Bright Light Social Hour is an American rock band from Austin, Texas. Born out of a university art-rock collective, The Bright Light Social Hour has evolved into an unabashedly wide-screen rock group, melding fists-up rock and roll with muscular funk, soul, and psychedelia.

Named 'Best Indie Band' at the 2010 Austin Music Awards, the Central Texas-raised young men of The Bright Light Social Hour have built their growing reputation through several EPs and exhilarating widely-acclaimed live shows, including the 2009 Austin City Limits Festival. In culmination of their long, studied development, the band is releasing this debut full-length album, simply titled "The Bright Light Social Hour." Recorded in five studios around Austin during summer 2010, the album is founded on sun-drenched optimism, raucous youth, and an innovative brew of American music of varying types - classic rock, contemporary indie, rhythm and blues, dance, and soul. Producer Danny Reisch of Good Danny's utilized the best elements of vintage and modern recording to achieve a sound both forward-looking and evocative of 1970s hi-fi.

The first track, "Shanty," pairs southern rock with hard disco, featuring the searing slide licks of guitarist Curtis Roush. Following the lean, exuberant stomp of "Bare Hands Bare Feet," the band settles into the dark psychedelic-funk of "La Piedra De La Iguana," led by keyboardist A.J. Vincent's dusky vocal and Farfisa organ work. Throughout the middle of the record, the solemn rhythm and blues of "Detroit" is juxtaposed with "Back And Forth," a four-on-the-floor disco-funk romp. On "Garden Of The Gods," the album's penultimate 10-minute epic, the band evolves from stately ballroom Americana to an expansive, ensemble anthem, conjuring up their limber and unrelenting live sets. The fiery "Rhubarb Jam" closes out the record, featuring the agile, booming funk of bassist Jack O'Brien and drummer Joseph Mirasole.

The Bright Light Social Hour will be touring nationwide in support of their debut album throughout 2011. Replete with their vital sound, deep brotherhood, and ever-growing facial hair, the band is steadfast in their singular aim - enduring rock and roll.
01 Shanty
02 Bare Hands Bare Feet
03 La Piedra De La Iguana
04 Detroit
05 Men Of The Earth
06 Back And Forth
07 Men Of The Sea
08 Garden Of The Gods
09 Rhubarb Jam

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забавная группа, кстати. Треки: 01. Shanty, 03. La Piedra De La Iguana, 06. Back And Forth, 09. Rhubarb Jam - просто зашибись thumb.gif
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The Bright Light Social Hour-Self-Titled-2010-FiH

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Release Info


F o r e v e r I m m o r t a l
H o s t s P r e s e n t s: Artist: The Bright Light Social Hour
Album: Self-Titled
Year: 2010
Ripped: 2010/10/12 Source: CD
Retail: 2010/09/21 Lang: English
Genre: Indie Size: 59.16 MB
Label: DIY Ripper: TEAM FiH!
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 198kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy V0.99 beta 5
Track: Track Titles: Length:

01- Shanty 5:45
02- Bare Hands Bare Feet 3:23
03- La Piedra De La Iguana 4:40
04- Detroit 5:04
05- Men Of The Earth 2:34
06- Back And Forth 3:53
07- Men Of The Sea 1:05
08- Garden Of The Gods 9:43
09- Rhubarb Jam 3:33
Time: 0h 39min

Austin, TX FTW!


TEAM FiH 2010

Raging Fires Of Hell
Burning Through My Soul
My Love For A Dead Fuck I Cannot
Control The Child Soon Will
Rise All Evil Will
Survive Birth Through Death

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01- Shanty 5:45
02- Bare Hands Bare Feet 3:23
03- La Piedra De La Iguana 4:40
04- Detroit 5:04
05- Men Of The Earth 2:34
06- Back And Forth 3:53
07- Men Of The Sea 1:05
08- Garden Of The Gods 9:43
09- Rhubarb Jam 3:33

забавная группа, кстати

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The Bright Light Social Hour - Back and Forth [2008] [EP] 320 kbps

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1. Back and Forth Part One
2. Back and Forth Part Two
3. Rhubarb Jam

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