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Alvin Zealot - Tears Of St. Lawrence (2010) (MP3 / V0 (VBR) / CD)

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Alvin Zealot are a Swiss Indie Rock band, and not just an ordinary one! Never before a Swiss band caused so much commotion! Their debut album has been rated almost everywhere the highest possible and has beendescribed as "one of the best Swiss albums in the last 10 years". Here, in Switzerland, critics are sure that this band will get attention all over the world.
And I've gotta this album is awesome indeed. They formed in 2007 and have been touring until early 2009. Their debut album "Tears Of St. Lawrence" has been released on May 21
01. Bricks Over Bricks
02. Straight Ahead Johnnie
03. Timeline & Glasses
04. The Dust And His Massive Chaos
05. No Vibration
06. It Is All Mine
07. Sweet Frankie
08. When Flood Grosses Light
09. He Swerves
10. De Jalouse
11. Gravitation's Fool
12. Friend Or Foe
13. Around, Around And Inside


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Совсем ещё юные швейцарские инди-рокеры Alvin Zealot, выпустившие в прошлом году свой прелестный и дико энергичный дебютник Tears Of St. Lawrence, представили на недавнем местном концерте, вероятно , свою новую композицию под названием "Wald".
Новый альбом 21 сентября. rolleyes.gif
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Artist: Alvin Zealot
Album: Flux
Release Date: 2012
Genres: Indie Rock
Format : Mp3 320 / FLAC
Size: 109 / 306 MB

01 Mirrors
02 Sick Bedroom
03 Flux
04 Like The Sun
05 Mention Dimension
06 Circus
07 Wald
08 Cold Veins
09 Rigid Wall
10 Paranodigma


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