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Who or what is Alex Clare? We don't mean necessarily that he's created some hitherto unheard-of hybrid of extreme genres, but for some reason he has reduced us to silence when all we really want to do is tell you what he's like. The fact is, we're struggling today, and it's not a meteorological thing, it's a pigeonhole thing. There's one song that sounds like reggae metal – meggae? rettle? – and another comprising four notes repeated over a buzzing, wobbling bass note. Which isn't all that unusual. It's just that Alex Clare isn't being trumpeted by his record company as a new dubstep artist; no, we were told we had to write about him because he's this amazing new soul-blues man. Huh?!


Relax My Beloved
Up All Night
- Alex Clare - I Love You (Live)
- Alex Clare - Relax My Beloved
- Alex Clare - Sanctuary (Live)
- Alex Clare - Too Close
- Alex Clare - Up All Night
- Magnetic Man ft. Alex Clare - Getting Nowhere

Bitrate: 192-320 Kbps
Thanks so much!
This guy is great!
А есть полная версия ремикса?
Too Close is out officially next week. There is a fantastic looking 12" vinyl available from all good record stores as well as the digital download which both feature the Nadastrom remix.

A new remix has just been finished by the amazing Distance which will also be up to buy on iTunes in the next couple of weeks.

Any finally the album 'The Lateness of the Hour' is now up for pre-order at play.com (Due for release on 11 July 2011).
The final artwork will be revealed in the forthcoming weeks.
Too Close had it's official release this week.
Очень ожидаемый релиз.

Alex Clare - Too Close - 2011 (WEB - AAC - 256)
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Alex Clare – When Doves Cry (Prince cover) 128 kb Soundcloud rip sad.gif but tune is awesome!
and one more rip
Alex Clare - Treading Water

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