Tobias Lilja

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Artist: Tobias Lilja
Album: Delirium Portraits
Label: N5md
Playtime: 58:58 min
Genre: Electronic
Rip date: 2011-10-05
Street date: 2011-09-27
Size: 105.44 MB
Type: Normal
Quality: 236 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

Track List:

01. Spineless ( 6:13
02. North ( 7:31
03. Love Song ( 6:53
04. Birthday Cake ( 6:10
05. All Ears ( 3:06
06. Our Noise ( 5:18
07. Ellen's Theme ( 2:20
08. No Death Star ( 5:31
09. These Bells ( 9:58
10. Morocco ( 5:58

Release Notes:

2011 release, the third album from the Ambient/experimental artist. Those
familiar with his previous release might find a few surprises on Delirium
Portraits. Tobias' omnipresent ambient elements are there, but he's expanded
his palette to include more beat oriented structures. Some songs could almost,
with a bit of good will, pass as House or Techno. But as always with Tobias,
there's more to the story. That dark element of an almost serene melancholy is
just as present as ever, but the mood has been expanded with glimpses of
something almost resembling black irony or maybe even a dark, twisted sense of
humor. The dynamics have also changed, become more subtly experimental, at
times almost playful, giving the songs a feeling of build up and elusiveness
Each plunging the listener into a parallel universe and time zone.

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Artist ...... Tobias Lilja
Title ....... North
Type ........ EP
Label ....... n5MD Records
Cat.Number .. MD190
Genre ....... Electronic
Street date . 30-08-2011
Rip date .... 13-12-2011
Source ...... WEB
Url .........
Encoder ..... Lame 3.97
Ripper ...... dedmoroz
Quality ..... 320kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
Tracks ...... 4
Size ........ 66.48 Mb

01 ... North 7:32
02 ... Carnival 6:16
03 ... The Gift 7:21
04 ... Bad Goodbyes 5:46
Total:... 26:55

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Tobias Lilja ‎– Time Is On My Side (2007) [FLAC]
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Release date: August 31, 2015
Format: Digital album
Label: Medicine Songs
Catalog #: MSD004


извините,FLAC smile.gif


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самому себе залил похоже biggrin.gif
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Цитата: (саша бу)
самому себе залил похоже biggrin.gif

неа, не самому..)

Вот что значит Tobias поймал тишину..
переехал в большее звуконепроницаемое пространство и ушел в эксперимент.
Альбом супер! вокал достал и мою душу!
".. this is medicine for the soul."
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саша бу

I wanted to explicitly thank you for sharing the lossless version of the new album. Tobias Lilja is virtually nonexistent for the majority of people, and it's refreshing to find people who share the same excitement for his work. Can't wait to hear it!


For some reason I kept looking for him in the Electronic/Easy Listening section. It bugs me a little to see him in th Techno section. I feel it's a little misleading tongue.gif

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Tobias Lilja ‎- Little Nightmares (Original Soundtrack) (2017)

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01. Lure Of The Maw
02. Parasites
03. Prison Walls
04. Hunger I
05. Lights Out
06. The Death Waltz
07. Little Lost Things
08. Six's Theme Part I
09. The Janitor Awaits
10. The Nomes? Nest
11. Cold Feet
12. Cornered
13. Moaning Drone
14. Hunger II
15. A Feeling For Meat
16. New Arrivals
17. March Of The Guests
18. The Way Out
19. Hypnosis
20. The Lady Circles
21. Hunger III
22. Six's Theme Part II
23. Beneath The Waves
24. Prison Toys
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