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Progressive metal outfit MISH at last release their long-awaited debut album 'The Entrance'.

The produce of 4 years writing and recording, the band have produced the defining moment of their career thus far. With stellar production courtesy of Clayton Segelov (Brain Studios) and Alan Douches (Dillinger Escape Plan), the album has picked up distribution through Grindhead Records and the support of progressive rock promoter Bird's Robe.

Mish have featured heavily in the growing underground progressive scene, with repeat performances at Progfest, support slots with acts including Meniscus, Helm and sleepmakeswaves - as well as numerous headline shows at Sydney's foremost venues.

In October, they proudly return to the Annandale Hotel to launch their album, with support from a who's who of the local prog scene: instrumental post-rock legends MENISCUS, psych-prog-jammers CAPTAIN KICKARSE AND THE AWESOMES and tech demons NOBODY KNEW THEY WERE ROBOTS.

Rowls Hines - vocals, guitars
Gazi Otewi - bass
Henry Bidwell - keys
Mark Johnstone - drums


2011 - The Entrance

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Style: Progressive Metal / Experimental
Time: 00:41:33
Bitrate: CBR 192 kbps
Size: 54 mb

1. Precocial 04:04
2. Janitor 03:56
3. Resilience 06:24
4. Fire Inside 06:54
5. Altricial 05:00
6. Cosmo 08:36
7. Telepathetic 03:58
8. The Entrance 02:41

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Весьма интересные и атмосферные дяди, мечтательный прог метал с элементами мата и пост-рока, думаю понравится любителям Tesseract, Isis, Periphery и еще чего-нибудь в этом роде.
p.s. вокал прекрасен thumb.gif
«C белочками эта земля не так пустынна...»
p.s. вокал прекрасен 

мне наоборот все понравилось, кроме вокала.
Инструментал шикарный, особенно в Cosmo

The 6-year wait is over. Mish are back with 'Entheogen.'

Their second full-length album and the follow-up to 2011's debut 'The Entrance.'

'Entheogen' is a tour de force from this legendary progressive metal outfit. Their rare but much-talked-about live shows, their incendiary reputation and storied history are all evoked on this new record.

Sonically, Mish recall Mastodon by way of Isis and Meshuggah. However, it's their cathartic personal relationship with music that informs this record.

To some, Mish are just another heavy rock band slogging it out in obscurity.

To others, Mish are the epitome of what it means to be saved by music.

Listen and decide yourself.

releases April 21, 2017

tags: alternative, experimental, math rock, post metal, post rock, progressive, mastodon, progressive metal, Sydney

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Цитата: AlexzanderVL
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Mish - Entheogen (2017)
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01 Artax
02 Red Fortune
03 Catacomb
04 Lyre Bird
05 Entheogen
06 Pinata
07 Socrates
08 Lung
09 Vertebrae
10 Thylacine

MP3 320 kbps

Release Date: April 21, 2017
2020: DVSR - West Technique - total fuckin` destroy

Только узнал об этой банде. Новый альбом отлично вкатывает! Что-то среднее между Isis, Intronaut и Meshuggah.
Очень сочный саунд! Дух Mastodon ощущается.

Это сообщение отредактировал Punk13Cross4444 - 02.05.17 в 16:32
After over 15 years of making and performing music, we are going to take a break from Mish. It has been a difficult decision to make, but one we feel is in the best interests of all involved.
Вот и все.

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Какие-то ноунеймы распались, кошмар!!! Удачи им в творческом пути) thumb.gif
«C белочками эта земля не так пустынна...»
Цитата: @Michazar
Какие-то ноунеймы распались, кошмар!!! Удачи им в творческом пути) thumb.gif

Ну мне понравились, чо уж. И удачи, чо уж.
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