Sigur Ros - Untitled
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71 minutes of quality
No tracklist, thats why its called untitled;)

If you've been keen to the whole Sigur Ros deal, by now you know the story with their latest album. No title, no track titles, no text in the liner notes, no real words - all to put the focus on the music alone. There's good reason for this too, since once again Sigur Ros have succeeded in making what is basically some of the most beautiful, ethereal, music ever to be put to me, this is an album for everyone. It may be a bit less melodic than Agaetis Byrjun (the group's previous effort), but it's so much more inviting. It's atmospheric rock at it's best, and neo-classical at it's true birth... and it's un-f#*king-believable.

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Thanks a lot!
dear Floodland, your taste makes me green with envy smile.gif)
please, more Sigur Ros, if it's possible
Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun [2001]
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1. Intro
2. Svefn g englar
3. Staralfur
4. Flugufrelsarinn
5. Ny batteri
6. Hjartad hamast
7. Vidrar vel til loftarasa
8. Olsen olsen
9. Agaetis byrjun
10. Avalon

spb fs
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Dear Floodland, can you post again Sigur ros this album ?
it is not in brackets () album isn`t it....
thaks alot.... I appreceate your devotion of explaining this album and there beautifull music,,,
... а почему бы не выложить на
но все равно респект на тему!
у мня есть этот альюом. настоятельно советую скачать. это одна из лучших пластинок, которую я когда-либо приобретал...
I think it's () cause time of sound is equal.
thx a lot!!
Они, кстати, приезжают в Москву в апреле. Это я на тот случай, если кто не знает wink.gif.
THX A LOT....Greenwood
Sigur Ros - Untitled or () as now known.

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All 8 Tracks are untitled, so i cant understand why the said person has named them, strange. wink.gif
The tracks also seem to be mixed up and not in order when downloaded, compared to the cd album i have so ill have to list the run times of the tracks to give you a guide of there order. Hope this helps!

1. untitled . 06:38 mins
2. untitled . 07:33 mins
3. untitled . 06:33 mins
4. untitled . 06:56 mins
5. untitled . 09:57 mins
6. untitled . 08:48 mins
7. untitled . 13:00 mins
8. untitled . 11:45 mins


Sigur ros - hlemmur soundtrack
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recorded in 2002 as the score to the icelandic documentary "hlemmur", this soundtrack was first sold to the public in spring 2003 european and american tours. it is expected to be released at some point through the band's own record label, krúnk. this instrumental electronic soundtrack is composed of 19 tracks, some of which are variations of the same theme.

hlemmur is a film which revolves around the lives of some unfortunate destitute men who spend most of their time in and around reykjavik's main bus station.

1. jósef tekur fimmuna í vinnuna [3:04 mins]
(jósef takes the nr. 5 to work)
2. hlemmur 1 [1:38 mins]
3. fyrsta ferð [2:35 mins]
(the first trip)
4. vetur [1:48 mins]
5. hvalir í útrýmingarhættu [3:00 mins]
(endangered whales)
6. hlemmur 2 [0:43 mins]
7. þversögn [2:09 mins]
8. 1970 [1:14 mins]
9. jósef tekur fimmuna í vinnuna 2 [1:47 mins]
10. ég mun læknast! [1:54 mins]
(i will recover!)
11. 1993 [1:12 mins]
12. hlemmur 3 [1:19 mins]
13. síðasta ferð [2:38 mins]
(the last trip)
14. 23:20 [1:42 mins]
15. byrgið [1:36 mins]
(the shelter)
16. áfram ísland [1:22 mins]
(go iceland)
17. allt tekur sinn tíma! [2:46 mins]
(all in due time!)
18. hannes [2:39 mins]
(a male name)
19. óskabörn þjóðarinnar [4:45 mins]
(model citizens)


get tracklists here

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Это сообщение отредактировал floodland - 20.02.05 в 9:14
on sigur ros site it is said that tracks, actually, have names. that are the names the band used to write on setlist:

untitled 1 - vaka (the name of orri's daughter)
untitled 2 - fyrsta (the first song)
untitled 3 - samskeyti (attachment)
untitled 4 - njósnavélin (the spy machine)
untitled 5 - álafoss (the location of the band's studio)
untitled 6 - e-bow [georg uses an e-bow on his bass in this song]
untitled 7 - dauðalagið (the death song)
untitled 8 - popplagið (the pop song)
plz Sigur Ros - Untitled again!

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